TDFL – Achievements & Whims #6

So, where we ended off with The Devine Family Legacy was pretty tough, Nathan and Marisa had died, a fire started on the lot and everyone was in mourning and crying. The new heir was born, Dorian Nathan Devine and that means we’re closer to the Third Generation beginning. After a year of playing this legacy, we’ll be at Gen 3 which means 3 years of my legacy and we’ll be finished, haha!

Nevertheless, there are still some things for us to talk about, like the scoring side of the legacy. Currently, the Devines are on 28 points which is so awesome because I can just be more laid back and relaxed about my playing now and just casually play the game. I want to try and get June and Wesley to the top of their careers and then I’m done until next gen! I’ve also got a small storyline coming up which’ll casually work it’s way into the game, which makes me quite excited!

So, I’m going to get right to my Whims with June!


Aspiration Goals: I want to get June’s Nerd Brain Aspiration finished and then move onto the Leader of the Pack aspiration because it’s super easy to complete which means an extra aspiration added and taken care of. Meanwhile, I want to continue the Angling Ace aspiration with Wesley and also capture as many fish as he can.

Social Life & Personal Goals: I want June to raise Dorian with Wesley and also help him with his childhood aspiration, whatever it might be. I think I also want June to build her rocketship and upgrade it to some extent before flying it for the first time, once she reaches the top of the Rocket Science skill, I hope that she’ll be able to travel to another planet! For Wesley, I want him to try and get quite far in his doctor career, and hopefully max it out!


Aspiration Goals: Still on the Party Animal Aspiration which is SO HARD to get through, I have to throw parties which I never have time for. I might just dedicate a week where I just throw party after party after party to complete the aspiration and I’ll be glad when I’ll never have to do it again unless you know, someone rolls it again. Veronica’s family aspiration should hopefully be completed once she has a child and they’re a teenager, which I should then move onto either another family aspiration or maybe something else.

Social Life & Personal Goals: Baby. They need to have a baby, but only if they want to. Knowing Veronica though, they’re definitely going to want a baby. I want Veronica to take up the baking skill and then I want to transform Snapshot into a bakery because even though the store brings in a lot of money, I feel like I don’t use at as much as I should so having the bakery will ensure that the shop is definitely being used. For Callum, I really want him to max out the Charisma skill because it will help him with social interactions plus if I get the chance to do another aspiration, I probably want to do another popularity one.

Maven Devine

Aspiration Goals: Complete Fabulously Wealthy, although I’m not sure how close that’s going to be.

Social Life & Personal Goals: Get married to Savannah! It’s about time that Maven gets married, and hopefully Savannah would say yes. But, after they get married I think it is time to move Maven out with Savannah into their own home. I know, without a child? But, I might bend the rules slightly and quickly play in their household just to get Savannah pregnant so I know that Maven’s genes won’t just die out.


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