JR 1.3 – The Search For Snapdragon

When I returned back to the lot, everyone was still wide awake and full of energy! I suspected someone dealt around some Zzz potion while I was gone, so everyone would stay awake during the night. I was busy cleaning the counter tops over in the kitchen area while I saw Amelia and Free-Jon over by the bed with homework and a book.

“I read the end of The Pruett Legacy, how about you Free-Jon?” Amelia smiled as she opened the book to a random page, Free-Jon looked over to Amelia and then looked up to the sky.

"Did I finish it? Jumping Freezer Bunnies, I think I need to catch up!"

“Did I finish it? Jumping Freezer Bunnies, I think I need to catch up!”

“Don’t worry Free, I won’t spoil it for you. But, things end in their own special way…” Amelia lingered the last syllable on and smiled as Free-Jon couldn’t contain his excitement for reading the end of the legacy.

Meanwhile, I decided to make a late night snack for everyone who was still awake. Fried fish that me and Mina caught just a couple of hours before. Everyone seemed to love the smell as I placed the fish on the dining table for everyone to eat, and they came straight to the dining table to eat. And, that’s where everyone began their discussions with each other.

Rory began to talk to Olive about her day, “I had to chase down this one guy today, since he didn’t want the citation that I wrote him. Oh my plum, it took quite a lot out of me!”

02-20-16_4-18-50 PM

“I’m glad you’re okay though, we don’t need a gravestone on this lot right when we’ve started!” Olive replied while I turned to face Free-Jon as he sat down next to Mina and began to speak to her about her alien heritage.

“So, Aliens come from Sixam?” Free-Jon asked Mina, who nodded her head.

“Yeah, most of the aliens you see are either born on this planet from Alien parents or born on Sixam and they teleport or fly here!” Mina explained while Free-Jon looked up to the sky, and then back at Mina once more.

"We should build a rocket, and then fly to Sixam!"

“We should build a rocket, and then fly to Sixam!”

“That seems like a great idea Free! Let’s wait until we get a bit more money before we start though. Maybe Aya can help us since she’s working as an Astronaut!” Mina elaborated on the subject, and Free-Jon grew even more excited at the fact that he had his own personal goal set for him. He wanted to explore everything and have grand adventures over the entire universe.

Speaking of Aya, she started speaking to me about a time in work where she caught two people woohooing in a bush! You can probably tell by the way I’m looking at Aya that I’d want her to stop speaking right away since Amelia was right next to her, although, she did bleep out most of the bad stuff.

02-20-16_4-21-46 PM

“You could see the hearts coming out of the bush and everything!”

The sink broke when I tried to wash the dishes, so I had to fix it. CathyTea did offer but I wanted to raise my handiness skill.

02-20-16_4-24-07 PM

Meanwhile, it was reaching up for 4am when I finally decided what I needed to do. To raise money for our clubhouse, I think that growing dragonfruits might bring us an amazing source of income once we evolve them to a high enough level of perfection. it seems to have worked in other places before, so I thought we’d give it a shot too.

We all also want to write novels and publish them too, so that’ll be fun to do! A writing room might be the first thing I want to add to our club house once we’ve got somewhere.

Before I could start growing Dragonfruits, I needed to find a snapdragon which wasn’t anywhere around our general vicinity. So, I recruited a specialist to help me find this illusive plant!

“Free-Jon!” I shouted over to him, and he looked over to me, “Want to go on an adventure?”

"Gee whiz! Let's go, Joel!"

“Gee whiz! Let’s go, Joel!”

After Free-Jon got changed, we left on our adventure to Willow Creek near the BFF household. Free said that there’s a snapdragon flower located near here and we might be able to harvest it if we’re lucky.

"Let's go find it Free-Jon!"

“Let’s go find it Free-Jon!”

However, our efforts were in vain as we soon discovered that the plant had no harvestables ready for us yet. It was still just growing up to an adult plant.

“Oh no, we’re too early!” Free-Jon sighed as he looked down to the plant. I admit, I was a bit disappointed myself, but that didn’t put down my spirits. I stared down to the plant and smiled, this was a young plant waiting to blossom into something amazing. Once it blossoms, we’ll be ready for it!

"You grow little plant!"

“You grow little plant!”


"Let's not lose hope, let's look for another plant!"

“Let’s not lose hope, let’s look for another plant!”

We continued to look for more snapdragon flowers, however the more we searched, the more we failed to find any that were ready to harvest. So, me and Free returned home with nothing but Free did hug me before we fully returned back to base.

“I had such a fun time, thanks Joel!” Free-Jon smiled before he ran to join Amelia who was eating breakfast. The sun was just rising over the horizon while I began to read the Skill Book that Cathy Tea gave me. It was full of amazing tips such as how to present characters better and how to write with more confidence . It really helped myself become better at writing!

"This is so awesome CT! Thank you!"

“This is so awesome CT! Thank you!”

Then, I realised that it was time for me to put myself behind the scenes and let someone else write their perspective while I make myself better at writing and charisma. I knew just the person I wanted to ask, and after I sat down with them, I got to business straight away!

“Hey, would you mind writing in our club journal for the next couple of days? I want everyone to at least have a turn in writing their perspectives and I think you’d be great to go next.” I said to them as shock rose upon their face, they were a little scared but also really excited about writing in the journal for the first time.

"Do you think that I'll be able to do a good job?"

“Do you think that I’ll be able to do a good job?”

“Think? Rory, I know you’ll be able to do a good job. It’s in your coding!” I assured Rory as she began to think of the many things she could write in the journal.

“I could write about that, ooh and that AND ALSO YES! That sounds freaking awesome!” Rory thought out loud as I only began to imagine the ideas that were in her head.

“See, I knew you could do it! Just be yourself and you’ll do well.” I smiled as I looked up to the sky and thought about all of the things I could get done while I was behind the scenes.

"Hello? Why're you staring into the sky?"

“Hello? Why’re you staring into the sky?”

So, goodbye for now! I’ll write in this journal sometime soon!

"Why didn't I get the next perspective?"

“Why didn’t I get the next perspective?”


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