Nathan & Marisa Devine

Nathan Marisa







Words cannot describe how it felt when I saw Nathan and Marisa die at the same time, it was like watching Orion and Athena die all over again. You grow attached to these sims, know how they feel, act and react to many things and then seeing them die just adds a whole new level to things.

Nathan was the founder to my legacy, and seeing him on the empty legacy lot for the first time made me quite excited for the future of the legacy, he was quite a funny guy in the beginning and even though he thought it was a calling from the Maker, he still believed in the foundations of what a legacy stood for, staying strong as a family, no matter what happens.

01-05-24-15_2-48 PM

Now, when Nathan met Marisa for the first time was a different story. Nathan tried to get Marisa to notice him first of all, but that didn’t work. However, they did get to talking to each other and they did start seeing each other, where Nathan learnt that Marisa was in fact an Alien. That was a fun twist to the legacy!

The pair of them contributed so much to the legacy, Nathan built a stable house for everyone to live in and he grew a garden with fuels the main source of income for the household. He also became the sim to master both the cooking and mixology aspirations in one single generation, and he always kept a bright smile on his face.

"Aha! THIS is my crowning jewel of bar tricks."

“Aha! THIS is my crowning jewel of bar tricks.”

Meanwhile, Marisa contributed around the same amount as well! She stood by Nathan no matter what, she mastered writing, and the violin skill. Marisa also completed two creativity aspirations which made me proud, she always helped June, Callum and Maven with their homeworks and helped raise them into the beautiful adults you see today. Marisa also allowed June to go build a rocket and go seeking the planet where she came from, JR-501 which is Sixam’s twin planet.

"I feel like my life is now ready to move onto the next level."

“I feel like my life is now ready to move onto the next level.”

You two will always be remembered, and I hope that you’ll return to the Devine Legacy house in another form, if you can. ❤


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