2.29 – Getting Back On Top

Time had passed since the death of Nathan and Marisa, the Devines had mourned and mourned over their deaths and they had finally reached the point where they could finally move on and go on with their lives. Winter had transformed itself into Spring as the snow melted, and the sun shone bright into the sky.

June was determined more than ever to try and get to JR-501, and so she spent countless days and nights building the rocket that would take her there, it was one of the only things she had to remind her of her mother left. June continued to pound the hammer on the rocket and twist extra bolts with her wrench.

June hoped that one day, she’d be able to go back to her mother’s home planet and tell them everything that she did. Hopefully then, they’d finally be able to accept her and accept aliens who want to live as humans.

Meanwhile, Callum and Veronica were in the bedroom together. After seeing Dorian in his crib, and holding him in his arms, Callum finally realised that he might want a child of his own. And so, when he suggested the idea to Veronica, it wasn’t a surprise when she jumped onto the plan straight away, took him into the bedroom and they tried for a baby!

Children, cover your eyes!

Children, cover your eyes!

Afterwards, the pair of them hopped out of bed, where they both looked at each other and smiled.

“That was spectacular.” Callum said to Veronica as he made the bed and Veronica giggled, she began to hear Dorian crying and looked back at Callum.

“It looks like the little one is hungry, I’ll go feed him.” Veronica smiled before walking towards the door. June and Wesley both were called back into work straight away, so Veronica offered to take care of Dorian while they were at work.

For Veronica, holding Dorian was like holding a bundle of light in her arms. He looked so bright and so happy, the smiles on his face were pure and innocent. She held up the bottle near his mouth and laughed. Callum meanwhile, was watching outside while he saw Veronica feed Dorian, he thought she’d be a great mother.

"Aww, he opened his mouth!"

“Aww, he opened his mouth!”

After feeding the baby, Veronica quickly rushed to the bathroom as nature was calling. She predicted that Callum might’ve wanted to try for a baby once he saw little Dorian, so she had the pregnancy test ready.

After taking the test, Veronica waited on the toilet seat for the results, she was hoping for a positive result quite badly, and she hoped that the confetti would burst out of the pregnancy test like it did for June when she was pregnant with Dorian. The pregnancy test beeped as a little tube popped out of the test, and with that a burst of confetti flew into the air and Veronica’s face lit up once she saw the confetti.

"YES! I am having a nooboo! I'M SO HAPPY!"

“YES! I am having a nooboo! I’M SO HAPPY!”

Veronica couldn’t wait. She ran to find Callum straight away after flushing the toilet, and she found him in the upstairs bathroom, where he had just finished changing after his shower.

“GUESS WHAT?” Veronica shouted to Callum, who could already tell why Veronica was excited but he decided to play dumb and act along.

“What is it Veronica? Did Dorian say his first word?” Callum replied and Veronica shook her head.

“He said his first word already, while June was holding him. He said, ‘Mama!'” It was a joyous occasion for both June and Wesley, who knew that their child would hopefully grow up to be quite the intelligent one. Veronica on the other hand, just told Callum the news.

"I'm pregnant!"

“I’m pregnant!”

“That’s great! Although, I hope you won’t go through dramatic mood swings.” Callum replied as he walked out of the bathroom. However, judging by Veronica’s face, the mood swings had already taken effect.

"What do you mean?!"

“What do you mean?!”

Callum, wanting to support his wife’s pregnancy, decided to make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to help her soon-to-be cravings. It also helped boost his cooking skill a little, using the recipes that Veronica has been writing in her cookbook that Nathan left her for her birthday. It helped Veronica feel closer to her step-parents, as they were more her parents than anyone she’d ever known.

“I made you some food!” Callum took Veronica to the back yard as she saw the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and also some Frank and Beans that Veronica made for dinner yesterday.

“Aw honey, thank you.” Veronica smiled as she kissed Callum on the cheek, sat down and began eating. It tasted… satisfactory but Veronica acted like she loved it, she really appreciated Callum’s gesture.

02-17-16_10-28-23 PM

Also, guess who just got promoted to a Medical Assistant at Plumbob Hospital?



Meanwhile, Veronica decided it was time to visit Nathan and Marisa’s graves. June always went every Sunday with Wesley, and Callum and Maven went together yesterday. But Veronica hadn’t gone to the graveyard since they died, she thought that seeing their graves would make her upset. But today, she thought it was time to say hello.

Veronica stood between their graves, and tried not to cry as she looked down to face them. “Hello, Nathan and Marisa.”

02-17-16_10-42-29 PM

Veronica felt the tears welling up in her eyes, but she wiped them away as she began to talk. “I’m sorry for not coming to see you in so long. I’ve been busy with tidying the house, and also I’ve been taking up the cooking and baking skills with that cookbook you gave me Nathan. June’s been focused on trying to finish her rocket, but she’s been taking care of Dorian really well. He’s never been crying for more than five minutes when June’s in the house! What else? Oh! I’m pregnant, Callum finally agreed Marisa. I can’t wait to give birth and raise this little one, and I know just what to call him. Alec or Alexandra.”

Veronica knew the name of her baby if it was a boy or a girl, since she had been thinking of baby names since she was little.

“I’ll come back to speak to you soon, Mom and Dad.” Veronica smiled, but it faded when she realised they wouldn’t reply.

02-17-16_10-43-07 PM

Maven liked Dorian, he was quiet and handsome. However, when Maven looked into Dorian’s eyes, there was both a light and a dark to Dorian. But, Maven realised that someday, he’d want kids of his own and that would mean that he’d have to seal the deal with Savannah.

“WA!” Dorian cried as Maven snapped out of the trance he placed himself in.

“It’s time to feed you little one. Come here!” Maven smiled as he fed little Dorian with his bottle. He thought the face Dorian made when he drank his milk was so cute!

Callum also tried his luck at the Wishing Well and succeeded as roughly $25,000 was added to the household funds!

“Oh yeah, I sort’ve won the lottery.” Callum told June on the phone as he watched the simoleons fly into his pocket and into the household’s bank account.

And finally, June finished the rocket that she had been working on for some time. It felt like a big achievement when she looked at the grand structure standing tall. Although, she knew her job wasn’t done yet as it still had to be upgraded fully for her to be able to fly the rocket safely through the sky. But, she was just so excited!

"YES! Hehehe!"

“YES! Hehehe!”


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