2.30 – Little Kids & Big Ghosts

It became time for little Dorian to age up into a child! Wesley moved upstairs into the bedroom as he held up little Dorian and smiled at him as he tapped the Crib. The crib began to shake as little Dorian smiled and shot out of the crib with sparkles all of around as a child Dorian stood by his father.

Dorian rolled the Outgoing trait and the Artistic Prodigy Child Aspiration. Say hello to Dorian Nathan Devine!

(He's a cutie, isn't he?)

He’s a cutie, isn’t he?

It was also time to give Nathan his own bedroom, so that he could have his own space to create and draw things to pursue his aspiration. So, June and Wesley decided to redecorate Nathan and Marisa’s old bedroom into something for Dorian. However, they did keep the mural that the room did have, as a reminder of Nathan and Marisa.

Wesley looked down to Dorian and smiled at him, he had his mother’s blue eyes and he also had slight indications that he would have his father’s nose when he became older. Wesley knelt as Dorian to get to the same height as him. “Hello, my boy!”

“Wait… dad? Hi Dad!” Dorian spoke, he remembered all the times his father fed him and showed him off to everyone.

“How’re you feeling?” Wesley asked and Dorian looked at both of his shoulders and smiled to his father.

“I’m feeling good!” Dorian replied as he jumped and hugged his father tightly, who returned the hug with all of his warmth.

02-17-16_11-52-26 PM

“Dad! Can we watch movies with mom?” Wesley suggested and Dorian nodded his head and smiled, he liked the idea of having a Movie night with June. It could be the first time they hang out as a family.

“Sure. We bought a popcorn maker recently so I’ll make some popcorn for us. Let me just get changed out of my hospital clothes and I’ll cook some popcorn.” Wesley replied as Dorian walked out of the bedroom to let his father get changed.

After getting changed, Wesley travelled down to the kitchen to set up the Popcorn Maker in which you did. He even noticed it was made by the same brand as the Ice Cream Machine which talks. So, when he turned on the Popcorn Machine, he wasn’t surprised when he heard a robotic voice speak to him.



“Okay, I think buttered popcorn will be best.” Wesley smiled as he filled up the Popcorn Machine with popcorn kernels and a bit of butter and closed the lid and allowed the Popcorn Machine to begin popping the kernels.



Wesley filled up three bowls of popcorn and took them into the living room where he saw June and Dorian. He gave them both a bowl each and sat down next to Dorian, where they were looking on Simflix for a film to watch.

“Ooh, let’s watch Superkids: Cortex Catastrophe!” Dorian suggested as he immediately put the film on before anyone else make any more suggestions. The film began playing as everyone dug into their popcorn.

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Overall, all three of them thoroughly enjoyed the film that they watched, and Dorian made sure to leave a review on Simflix just in case any other kids wanted to watch the film in the future.

In other news, Maven invited Savannah over to the house because he wanted to see her again. They hadn’t really spoke since Nathan and Marisa died and so now that he had finally gotten on with his life, he wanted to see Savannah and make sure things were alright between the two of them. Savannah of course, came over straight away since she missed Maven.

“Hey you! How’re you doing?” Savannah asked Maven, who replied in a way that made Savannah roll her eyes.

"Better now that you're here."

“Better now that you’re here.”

“Oh Maven, I still see you have that sense of humour that I remember. How’re you feeling at the moment?” Savannah asked, and Maven replied saying that he was okay, and he also appreciated that Savannah asked him.

“Hm, I think I’m going to have to reward you.” Maven smirked as he grabbed Savannah’s hand and took her inside of the house. He asked her to strip off and place a towel around her, to which he did and then he sat her down on the massage chair as he grabbed one of her hands and began to massage them.

“Oh, this is what you meant?” Savannah smiled as she looked to Maven who was working on making sure her hands were massaged properly. It was one of the best massages she had ever gotten.

"Thank you."

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem at all.” Maven smiled but Savannah looked to him and almost began crying. She couldn’t be there with him when she needed him most, and she wasn’t there with him when he was crying and upset. And. she’d probably never forgive herself for that. But, she was now even more determined to make Maven happy, because she loved him.

“I love you, Maven.” The words escaped Savannah’s mouth sub-consciously and when she realised what she had said, she froze. She didn’t know how Maven would reply and she couldn’t move. However, Maven smiled and replied,

"I love you too, Savannah."

“I love you too, Savannah.”

Night rolled along and June and Wesley were in the kitchen together when it happened. Green smoke appeared on the floor when a translucent figure popped out from beneath. It looked just like him, the same hair, face, clothes and glasses, but June couldn’t believe it. To think that he was a ghost was just unbelievable, but she knew it was him.

“Dad?” June muttered as she stared into the ghost’s eyes. He nodded as he smiled to his daughter.

“Hello, Junebug.” Nathan said with a familiar voice and June held back the tears and looked to Dorian. “It’s your grandson behind you.”



Nathan turned around and looked at Dorian, and when he looked into his eyes, the resemblance he saw not only in June but himself was uncanny. “My grandson! You’re so handsome, and you’re quite confident too I see.”

“Yeah! I’m going to be the best son ever!” Dorian smiled as he took his grandfather’s hand and led him into the spa area where Savannah had finished changing back into her normal clothes. “So Granddad, explain something to me. Why is my middle name Nathan?”

Nathan smiled at his grandson as he patted his head. “My name is Nathan Devine, the founder of the Devine Legacy.”

"What's a legacy?"

“What’s a legacy?”

Nathan thought that June would’ve told him already, but he was unaware that Dorian had only just been turned into child. Nevertheless, Nathan thought he should tell Dorian about the legacy now rather than later. “You should probably sit down.”

“Okay granddad! Since I became a child today, I’m ready to understand big people stuff!” Dorian smiled as he sat down on the massage chair and began telling Dorian about the legacy.

“So, a long time ago, I arrived at this lot with nothing but a suit of armour and some money to buy things that I needed to live. But, through effort and hard work, I managed to help make myself a lot of money and make this home for you to live in. But, I knew that the maker intended more for me than making money, so I decided to have a legacy where this estate would be passed down to the heir when they come of age. You’re the next heir, and your daughter will be the next next one.” Nathan explained and at first it was a lot for Dorian to take in, but was quite excited.

"Oh yeah! I can't wait to become an adult!"

“Oh yeah! I can’t wait to become an adult!”

Meanwhile, Maven came storming into the spa after Dorian left and gave Savannah a very warm and tight hug.

“That’s my boy!” Nathan smiled as Maven and Savannah then left the room to take a picture together.

They're so cute together!"

They’re so cute together!”


6 thoughts on “2.30 – Little Kids & Big Ghosts

  1. Jes2G says:


    Hmph! How rude! Impertinent machine…


    I can’t get over Dorian’s eyes! They are so bright and noticeable in every picture. I hope the Devine legacy never loses them. I have replaced the default eyes with some cc eyes that I really love. I like them because they look a bit more realistic, but still very much like the Maxis eyes. However, because they are more realistic, they aren’t as bright and vibrant as the default eyes. I miss those colors sometimes.


  2. raerei says:

    Pop pop pop. I know it was saying those words. I know it.

    Awwww such a heartwarming reunion. I’m glad Dorian got to hear about the legacy from Nathan. Who better?


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