2.31 – Dorian’s First Play Date

Dorian had made many friends at school, but his best friend was a boy named Prince. One day, June allowed Dorian to ask Prince if he wanted to come over for a play date, in which Prince accepted and so when they both got off the school bus, Prince was excited to see Dorian’s home.

Of course, it took his breath away.

"Welcome to my humble home!"

“Welcome to my humble home!”


02-18-16_1-52-22 PM

I had to take this picture, he’s too cute in this.

Dorian and Prince then ran around to the back yard together, where they began to play on the Monkey Bars that were near them. It was great fun for the both of them.

02-18-16_2-29-47 PM

“I bet I can get to one end and back faster than you!”


02-18-16_2-30-49 PM

“You’re on!”


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