2.32 – When the Question Pops

02-18-16_2-47-30 PM

Maven asked Savannah to meet him at the pub in Windenburg.

02-18-16_2-57-52 PM

He whispered into her ear, “I’ve got something to tell you.”

02-18-16_2-58-24 PM

But, he gave her one condition, “You have to come outside for it!”

02-18-16_3-03-43 PM

He gave Savannah an unexpected kiss.

02-18-16_3-04-33 PM

And took quite a deep breath to prepare himself for what he was about to do next.

02-18-16_3-04-50 PM

He knelt on one knee and presented a ring, “Savannah, will you marry me?”

02-18-16_3-05-24 PM

Savannah of course, accepted.

02-18-16_3-05-44 PM

She even jumped right into his arms!

02-18-16_3-06-53 PM

Savannah looked up to the sky and smiled, hoping that she’d be able to let Marisa and Nathan know that Maven would be safe with her.

(Random Girl, but she's so interesting!)

(Random Girl, but she’s so interesting!)


02-18-16_3-39-52 PM

Maven then came home to an angry, ghostly Marisa who complained about Nathan apparently flirting with another ghost at a bar.

02-18-16_3-40-08 PM


02-18-16_3-41-54 PM

Maven calmed down Marisa straight away, telling her that Nathan would never cheat on her. Also, Maven told Marisa about his engagement which she was the most excited about.

02-18-16_3-42-46 PM

He even showed her the selfie they took after the engagement. “Aw, the two of you are so adorable together!”


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