2.33 – Best Parents Ever

Early the next morning, Dorian woke up in a panic as he had forgotten to do his homework from the previous day. He quickly ran with his homework book to his parent’s room where he found his mother on the computer filling out some paperwork to do some Programming Freelance Work.

“Mom, can you help me with my homework?” Dorian asked June, who looked over to her son and smiled.

“Of course! What is it; Maths, English or Science?” June asked and Dorian held up his homework book to June who saw that it was a piece of extended writing on what the student’s parents did for a living. June smiled, thinking she knew an accurate answer for Dorian. “Sit down over there and write down what I say.”

"I'm listening, Mom!"

“I’m listening, Mom!”

And with that, June began telling Dorian all about what she did for her job, and also about how she takes care of the family by making sure everyone is happy in doing what they’re doing. Dorian was both impressed and astounded that his mother was doing so much, while his father was a doctor at the hospital.

Speaking of Dorian, he had been climbing up the career ladder quite quickly and was already almost half way through the doctor career! His latest patient however, was one that he recognised straight away!

“Prince! What’re you doing in the hospital?” Wesley asked Prince, who shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m not sure, I’ve been feeling pains all over and so my mom brought me here! She said that she refused to have me treated by anyone else but you since you know me best.” Prince told Wesley, who felt honoured that Prince’s mom put so much faith in Wesley. It was the type of confidence boost that Wesley needed.


"Okay! Let's see what's wrong with you."

“Okay! Let’s see what’s wrong with you.”

Wesley grabbed various medical equipments from the locker next to the bed and tried several types of medical examinations to try and deduce what illness Prince did have. It was quite hard, trying to see his symptoms as Wesley was still a bit inexperienced in trying to find some illnesses but he was doing a pretty good job.

“Let me check your ears and then I think I might have to put you in for an x-ray scan.” Wesley suggested as Prince looked up at Wesley, worried.

“The x-ray scan isn’t going to clone me, right? Or turn me into an alien? Or turn me into a skeleton?” Prince panicked but Wesley placed his hand on Prince’s shoulder and smiled.

“Nope, everything will be fine. Trust me! Now, tilt your head so I can put this in.” Wesley smiled as Prince obeyed his command straight away.

“Well, it looks like you’ve got a Bloaty Head, Prince! All you need is a shot and you’re free to go.” Wesley told Prince, who smiled and nodded as he laid down on the bed.

“Will it hurt?” He asked as he held his right arm tightly.

“Nope, not at all!” Wesley said as he shot the vaccine into Prince’s arm, and Wesley watched as he saw what the vaccine did to Prince.

"Feeling better?"

“Feeling better?”

It took about ten minutes before Prince looked up to Wesley and cheered. “I’m feeling oh so good! I can’t wait to go see Dorian and tell him how amazing you are as a doctor. Thanks Mr.Devine!”

“It’s nothing! But, if you’re feeling really thankful, make your mom drop off one of her famous raspberry pies at our house tomorrow.” Wesley chuckled as Prince nodded his head as he left the hospital room. Another case solved, and another person happier in the world.

But, this wasn’t the end for the Devine’s medical troubles as back at the household…

"Callum. My water broke.

“Callum. My water broke.” (She’s holding non-alcoholic juice!)


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