2.34 – So Many Celebrations

“What? What did you say?!” Callum asked after Veronica told Callum her current situation. The baby was coming and it wanted to be out of Veronica as soon as it could, and Veronica could feel it.

“My water is broke. Now, you can either stand there and so nothing or move aside and get me some water and some towels because I’m having this baby here.” Veronica nodded her head as she looked to Callum, who had his coat on ready to go to the hospital. “I want it here, it’s not like I’ll be able to move much anyway since he wants to get out— NOW!”

The little one really was kicking around, trying to get out.

The little one really was kicking around, trying to get out.

Veronica screamed as she waddled over to the bassinet, she held her stomach as she felt the baby kick and kick and she knew that it was time. Thinking about her little child she breathed as she began to push the baby out, she wanted her baby in her arms and she wanted to tell him hello.

“Push!” Veronica told herself as pushed with all of her might.

02-18-16_4-20-24 PM

Callum ran up with the towels and dabbed Veronica’s head as she smiled at him but then returned to a face full of pain. Callum began to scream to help Veronica adjust a rhythmic pattern to her screams, and it did help Veronica pace her pushing.

After a while, and help from June and Savannah, Veronica was able to push the baby out into the bassinet and get herself cleaned up before coming back to see her baby. As she picked him up and held him in her arms, she discovered that it was a boy! Veronica giggled as she touched his nose and smiled.

“Hello, little Alec!” Veronica smiled to her son as she cuddled him in her arms, he was so warm that it made her smile as sparkles burst from the bassinet.

02-18-16_4-21-48 PM

02-18-16_4-22-11 PM

Later on in the evening, everyone was downstairs preparing Wesley’s birthday party while Dorian was in his onesie in the dining room warming his hands up to the fire. Veronica had just finished eating and had turned to Dorian and smiled.

“You know, you have a little cousin you can play with now!” Veronica smiled as the idea popped into her head. A smile grew on Dorian’s face as he discovered he’d have someone he could play with all the time.

“Awesome! We’ll become best friends straight away!” Dorian fantasized as he stared right into the fire, and it distracted him while Veronica smiled at him.

"I hope my son grows up as cute as Dorian", Veronica thought.

“I hope my son grows up as cute as Dorian”, Veronica thought.

Meanwhile, there’s was a little surprise for the Devine Family as they looked towards the Piano and found her sitting there, ready to play the Piano for her children once again.

"I could never miss my son-in-law's birthday, could I?"

“I could never miss my son-in-law’s birthday, could I?”

The party went along soothingly well, as there was a lot of jokes, conversations and stories being spread along to all of the guests. And soon, the cake was finished and Wesley walked over to the Hamburger Cake as the blew out the candles, made his wish and spun into the world of Adults.

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