2.35 – Wed At Last

Uh oh! It looks like someone didn't have a great day in school today!

Uh oh! It looks like someone didn’t have a great day in school today!

Dorian came home from school after a terrible day. Prince invited everyone to a party and Dorian didn’t receive an invitation so he confronted Prince about it who got very defensive, saying that he put one in his locker but Dorian couldn’t find it. It turns out it fell into Dorian’s Math textbook, which he found before he went home.

“Ugh, our friendship is totally destroyed!” Dorian sighed, although he remembered what June taught him about apologies and smiled. “Maybe if I apologize to Prince, we’ll return to being best friends again!”

Dorian smiled as he ran inside of the house, and into the living room where he found Diamonds Are For Sims on the television. Even though it was rated Teen and up, Dorian thought he was mature enough to watch the film!

02-18-16_4-55-25 PM

Meanwhile, the sun set and Savannah waited outside the door for Maven to get home from work, and when he appeared she waited for him to get to the door. “Hey boo!”

“Hey Sav.” Maven kissed Savannah on the cheek as they both looked into each other’s eyes and Maven became filled up with such confidence that the words he uttered next were pure instinct, “Sav, let’s get married right now.”

“What? Why? Don’t you want a big ceremony?” Savannah asked and Maven drew closer to Savannah, and smiled the way that made her giggle.

“Of course I do, but I can’t wait for the ceremony and everyone to turn up. I want to be your husband right this second, because I love you that much.” Maven replied, and to Savannah she thought at first that it was a crazy idea. She wanted to wear the dress and wanted to feel beautiful as Maven looked at her. But, she then thought that if Maven wants to get married with her now, then he must already think she’s beautiful enough, and so she conceded.

"Okay, let's get married."

“Okay, let’s get married.”

Like his parents, Maven had chosen to elope with Savannah instead of having a grand ceremony, and it was quite quick as well. And, in the wrong order. The pair of them began with exchanging the rings, and then a little bit of kissing before Maven began to say his vows.

“Savannah, when I met you at the club, I never knew that you would change my life the way you did. We instantly grew close and we grew fond of each other straight away. There’s no one else who knows me like you do, and no one else who can replace you in this lifetime or the next. I really love you Savannah, and I hope that you know that.” Maven said as he nodded to Savannah to begin her vows, and Savannah smiled awkwardly.

“Well, I haven’t really got anything prepared since you suddenly sprung this on me but… Maven, you are my rock. You hold me down when I get too crazy while partying and you are always there for me when I need you. Although we may have our ups and downs, we always come back to each other in the end. Also, you’re the one that’s cooking the food everyday since I almost burnt a kitchen down.” Savannah laughed and Maven nodded as he drew Savannah in and kissed her on the cheek.

"You may now kiss the bride."

“You may now kiss the bride.”

“I guess I’m Mrs. Savannah Devine now, right?” Savannah giggled and Maven nodded as he held her hand, signalling to go inside but she let go of his hand. “I need to quickly send a text message, I’ll be back.”

Maven went inside and Savannah instantly opened her phone and started clicking on the internet and began searching for jobs. Since she was moving from Windenburg to Willow Creek, she wouldn’t be able to keep her job so she was hoping she could get a transfer to Willow Creek or at least a temporary transfer.

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