2.36 – Instant Best Friends

Veronica smiled as the time had finally come for her little boy to age up into a young child. She was a little afraid that her son might turn out evil but nevertheless, she walked over to the bassinet and smiled at her little boy. He was growing up, and Veronica knew that she’d have a lot of fun times with him while he’s a child but it also made her hope that he’d never grow up.

“Come on out, my little boy!” Veronica commanded as she stared at the bassinet as it began to shake and little Alec was launched into the air as the confetti burst and sparkles surrounded him as he turned into a little child. And, Victoria found him so adorable!

"Woah, who's this cutie!"

“Woah, who’s this cutie?”

“Mom, I’m clearly your son. And, are you trying to compliment your own looks while saying I’m cute? Hehe, Mom you’re the most beautiful person on this planet!” Alec smiled at his mother while she hugged her little boy, but then realised something.

“I’m the only person you’ve seen so far!” Veronica turned her head, but then Alec nudged his head forward and whispered in Veronica’s ear.

“I don’t need to see anyone else. Mom is beautiful.” Alec said as he ran out to find Dorian, his older cousin. He found him in his parent’s room looking for a book on his mother’s desk. Alec snuck up behind Dorian and when he turned around…

“BOO!” Alec shouted and Dorian screamed in fright and the pair of them laughed. Dorian looked at Alec afterwards, perplexed about why a random person was in his bedroom.

“Who… are you?” Dorian asked and Alec sighed.

"I'd think your people skills were better. It's your cousin, Alec!"

“I’d think your people skills were better. It’s your cousin, Alec!”

“Alec? My oh my, you’ve grown up!” Dorian high fived his cousin. “It’s so great that you’re a child now, we can be best friends and go on fun adventures together!”

“YES. That’ll be so much fun. Shall we take a best friend selfie?” Alec asked and Dorian nodded, and both of them positioned themselves in front of the fireplace and Alec smiled as he took the picture, “Say Cheese!”

These two are adorable children.

These two are adorable children.

“I just realised, you’ll probably be in my class which means that you have homework everyday.” Dorian informed Alec, who looked to find that there was a homework book on the dresser with his name on it, and a homework assignment inside.

“I haven’t even started school yet, and I’ve already got homework? How bogus.” Alec commented while he sat down on the bed while Dorian sat down in the overhanging egg chair. “What’s the homework on anyway?”

“It’s a colouring page homework, simple enough.” Dorian smiled as he threw Alec some colouring pencils and the pair of them smiled while they coloured in their pictures together, and afterwards Alec closed his book in victory while Dorian tried to analyse what the picture meant to him.

"I like homework, it seems easy!" Oh yeah, you say that now.

“I like homework, it seems easy!” Oh yeah, you say that now.

June walked into her bedroom and was surprised to see Dorian talking to a boy she instantly recognised as Alec and walked over and hugged him. “Aw, my little nevvy is now a child and so adorable!”

“MOM. I’m way cuter, right?” Dorian smiled at his mother, who patted his head and winked at him.

Just let the kids believe what they want to believe, June thought as she looked down to Dorian, proud that he was being a good role model to Alec now that he’s become a child. “I think I might have to give you something special soon.”

“Really, Mom? Thank you!” Dorian cheered as he reached over and hugged his mom. “I love you.

“Love you too, Dorian.” June kissed his cheek and then continued to hug him.

02-18-16_5-49-27 PM

Afterwards, June and the boys went outside. The boys went over to play on the jungle gym while June went over to continue upgrading the rocket further since she wanted to ensure total safety of her trip. June didn’t want to crash and die, so she made sure that everything that she could upgrade, was upgraded.

Most of all, she was looking forward to discovering Marisa’s history and where she came from and the family that June never knew. She hoped that there would at least be something for her to find. But until then, the upgrades continued, and June continued to work on the rocket all the way up to level 10!

02-18-16_5-54-49 PM

The boys on the other hand, swung on the monkey bars together and played games such as who could stay hanging for the longest.

“I bet I can stay hanging longer than you!” Dorian chuckled as the pair of them began their game, and immediately they felt the world turn upside down on them. Dorian felt a bit sickly, but continued to hang onto the monkey bars. “Are you struggling yet, little cousin?”

“HA. I bet you want me to. I shall never give up!” Alec laughed as he crossed his arms and continued to hang there while humming a little tune to himself. They continued hanging there for five more minutes before Dorian couldn’t take it and fell off onto the floor. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah! Let’s race across the monkey bars now.” Dorian suggested and they both agreed to do four laps forward and back and whoever does it first would win the last slice of cake in the fridge.

02-18-16_5-56-12 PM

They began on opposite sides, and it looks like Dorian is winning so far!

However, Alec did catch up to him after a while and did overtake him!

However, Alec did catch up to him after a while and did overtake him!

Alec won the match between the both of them and earnt his slice of cake in the fridge and decided to save it for tomorrow after he came home from school. Racing on the monkey bars tired him out, and so he went up to his bedroom (he’s sharing with Dorian), and tucked himself into bed and went straight to sleep.

He even sleeps cutely!

He even sleeps cutely!

In the morning, Callum came to the bedroom to wake up his son but when he laid his eyes on him, he couldn’t help but see the resemblance he has to both Veronica and himself. It made him miss his childhood years, but he was equally as excited to see Alec live out his own.

“Alec? Son? Wake up!” Callum shook the bed as Alec fell out, to which Callum quickly picked him up and helped him stand properly.

“Dad, is that you?” Alec asked, with blurred vision from only just waking up from his bed.

“Yeah, it’s me. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with your uncle and cousin after school today. We’re gonna do a father-son hangout!” Callum replied, and Alec accepted straight away. He was looking forward to see if other kids at the place that they were going to. He was also looking forward to spending more time with his best friend.

“Love you dad!” Alec smiled as he hugged his father.

"Love you too, son!"

“Love you too, son!”

“Dad, your facial hair colour isn’t the same as your hair colour.” Alec pointed out, which alarmed Callum straight away.

“What facial hai-“

"OH. I grew it out. I think it looks quite nice actually."

“OH. I grew it out. I think it looks quite nice actually.”


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