2.37 – Fathers & Sons

Wesley, Callum and their sons, Dorian and Alec, headed out to a park in Windenburg for the day as part of their father-son hangout day. Dorian and Alec were especially excited since they heard the rumours at school that the League of Adventures gather at this location and play on the jungle gym. Both of them were eager to gain entry into the prestigious children’s club.

“Woah! It’s so pretty here!” Dorian smiled as he ran around the park with Alec, while Callum and Dorian sat down on the bench together and began chatting about normal day to day things. Alec decided that he wanted to become the Captain of the Spaceship Orion, and lead the attack against the aliens who are trying to corrupt the Universe!

“All hands on deck! The Freeze Dried Aliens are coming to get us!” Alec shouted and he dramatically slammed his hands down on the bubble cannon and began to shoot bubbles out at the aliens.



Dorian was below deck, checking the oxygen levels and making sure that the bubble cannon had enough ammunition in it so that it could hit the aliens. However, a red light began flashing on the control panel which made Dorian frightened. There was something big coming, and it seemed like it was bringing along a friend.

“ALEC! Are you there?” Dorian shouted, but Alec was more concentrated on celebrating his recent victory rather than looking at what was coming for him.

"I'd like to thank my mother for giving birth to me, and allowing me to win this medal of bravery."

“I’d like to thank my mother for giving birth to me, and allowing me to win this medal of bravery.”

“Alec, for crying out loud, will you listen?!” Dorian shouted and Alec turned around to Dorian and smiled. “You do know that there’s two giant aliens coming for us right now, right?”

“What?” Alec said and turned around to find two aliens flapping their arms about and screaming at Alec, which made him shriek in fright. In that moment, a blonde haired girl jumped onto the ship and looked up to Alec.

“I’ll drive once you clear a space for me on the wheel, you shoot them now!” She smiled as Alec took aim at one of the aliens and smirked.

"Let the lady have her space!"

“Let the lady have her space!”

“Thanks!” The girl smiled as she placed her hands on the wheel. “My name’s Elsa, and I’m head of the League of Adventurers. Get us out of this mess, and I’ll allow you to join us.”

Suddenly, one of the aliens grabbed the wheel which made Elsa scream as she began to try and pry the hands off of the wheel.

“ELSA! LET IT GO!” Alec shouted as Elsa did as he said, and then Alec shot a bubble at the Alien which caused him to retreat back a few steps. Elsa clasped the wheel once again and the battle began once again.

"Turning away from these nasty creatures!"

“Turning away from these nasty creatures!”

However they were ready for anything, and even though Elsa couldn’t see them, they were planning an attack below the ship.

*evil chuckles"

*evil chuckles*

However, Dorian clearly saw the Aliens below the ship and his face rose in horror as he discovered the ship’s defences on the bottom to be destroyed. He didn’t know what to do, various calculations were going throw Dorian’s head as he tried to figure out what to do with these Aliens. But, there was only one option that Dorian could think of, and it was costly.

02-18-16_6-34-44 PM

“I’m going to sacrifice the cargo!” Dorian shouted up to Alec, and Alec looked down at Dorian.

“NO! We need that cargo to get paid. Don’t you want to get paid?” Alec asked, and Dorian pushed his argument further.

“Not if it means I’ll die instead. I’m doing it, and you can’t stop me.” Dorian breathed deeply as he pushed his hand onto the button, and heard the cargo hatch on the bottom of the ship open as the Aliens were knocked off the ship by the cargo and were left to float in space.

"What's done is done..."

“What’s done is done…”

Even though they were safe from the Freeze Dried Aliens, Dorian wasn’t safe from Alec’s ranting about the loss of the cargo.

“I was going to buy a diamond ring for myself, and give it to this lovely person I met on the last planet we went to. I was also going to try and buy something for you as well. But no, I can’t now because you decided to sacrifice the cargo!” The rant continued for another two minutes before Dorian interjected a sentence into the conversation.

“You do know it was either that or die, right?”

"Don't try and backtalk me! I am the captain, and I know what's the best for our crew!"

“Don’t try and backtalk me! I am the captain, and I know what’s the best for our crew!”

“Maybe it’s time for a mutiny…” Dorian whispered to himself while Alec continued to praise himself and the crew for the work they did today. Being tired out, Callum and Wesley sat on the bench together and looked at their sons and felt proud that the pair of them are very capable children.

“I’m proud of our boys.” Wesley said as he looked at Callum, who was quick to agree with him too.

“Imagine, they’ll soon be grown up and we’ll be getting old.” Callum laughed.

“Yeah, but I bet I’ll still be able to beat your ass at chess!” Wesley laughed and Callum stopped laughing, he slapped Wesley across the head lightly and looked at him in the eyes, before closing them.

"Oh, it's on."

“Oh, it’s on.”



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