2.39 – Take Flight

June worked tirelessly to complete every upgrade on the rocket possible.

June worked tirelessly to complete every upgrade on the rocket possible.

She was completely driven by the fact that she would soon be able to see beyond the world, and beyond what any normal sim could ever see. June was privileged and proud of everything she had achieved. Dorian was also quite encouraging of June as well, since he told June that as soon as she thought he was old enough, he was going to go exploring a bit in space himself.

“BOOM.” Part of the gas cannister of the blow torch that June was using exploded in her face as she was knocked back by it. It dazed her slightly, and her face definitely showed that she was not okay.

"Zea weeby fae?"

“Zea weeby fae?”

But, June powered through the dazedness and continued to work on the rocket. She wanted something for the future generations to look upon and instantly be reminded of June and her efforts. Thus, she decided as well as figuring out her mother’s past, she’d also collect all of the space rocks that she could. Hopefully she could assemble a collection!

And, with only a few more hits of the hammer, the rocket was fully upgraded. June couldn’t believe that it was time for her to change into her spacesuit and launch the rocket into space. She giggled as she walked out with her spacesuit and opened the rocket pod as she began to step inside. June took one last look at her home, before heading inside, just in case she didn’t make it back.

"See ya later, landwalkers!"

“See ya later, landwalkers!”

And then, she was up and gone.

See that dot? That's the rocket!

See that dot? That’s the rocket!

Dorian stared at the empty rocket pad and instantly became excited as he looked up to the sky and saw the rocket ship just before it left his field of vision. He couldn’t believe that his mom had actually build and was now flying a rocket ship. He couldn’t wait for her to return to tell him all of the stories that she experienced in space, he couldn’t wait to see space for himself.

Dorian was just excited about everything, but he also began to miss his mother as well.

But, he knew that she would be back soon.

But, he knew that she would be back soon.

Now, to end on a dramatic note…

02-18-16_7-43-16 PM

“Burn, baby burn. Disco Inferno!”


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