2.40 – Maven’s Farewell

Night fell on the Devine Household as June and Maven sat outside together and looked up at the stars. It was a clear night, and June was excited to explore each and every one of the stars she had saw in the sky. However, Maven also wanted to tell June something important.

He had been discussing with Savannah over the last couple of days and had decided that it was time for the both of them to get their own house to live in and have some children. They had found a house in Windenburg that they really liked, and they bought it. All that was left was to tell June and the others that they were leaving. For Maven, it was tough as he was leaving his childhood home, and he wasn’t going to be living with his siblings any more.

“Hey June.” Maven smiled to his sister, who turned to him and adjusted her hat a little.

"What's up bro?"

“What’s up bro?”

Maven took a deep breath, “We’re leaving.”

“Really? Where are we heading too?” June asked, but by the look on Maven’s face, she could tell that he meant something else. “Oh, you mean you’re leaving?”

“Yeah, we found a nice house in Windenburg and we decided that we’re going to move there.” Maven explained and June felt saddened that her brother wasn’t going to be around the house any more but she was also glad that he was ready to take the step into a new chapter of his life.

“That’s exciting! When’re you planning on moving out?” June wondered and Maven replied with only one word.


“Oh, well that’s g-great!” June stuttered while Maven looked down onto the ground, and laughed.

"You know, when we were kids, we would always talk about living here forever."

“You know, when we were kids, we would always talk about living here forever.”

“Yeah, we were going to build a large treehouse and have fun adventures everyday! I guess, we grew up too quickly for that to happen.” June laughed, and looked into Maven’s eyes. Her brother was about to start his new life with his wife and future kids, and she couldn’t stop him. June decided it would be best to cheer him on, “You’re always going to come round, right?”

“Always. I’m only a phone call away! Plus, we’re always going to hangout when we’re at Club Hangouts, right?” Maven reassured June that she’d see him even if he was living a few miles away.

“Do you want your paintings or…?” June asked, but Maven waved his hand.

“Keep them, it’s like my own living legacy in this household. But, I’m sure there’ll be another artist in your household soon. Either Dorian or Alec might take up the amazing painting skill.” Maven giggled and June stared right into his eyes. Her older brother was someone that she looked up to. He ran a business, and he managed to accomplish so many things and now with him leaving, she was going to miss him dearly.

"I'm going to miss you living here, but just know that you're always welcome back here."

“I’m going to miss you living here, but just know that you’re always welcome back here.”

“Thanks June. You’re also always welcome over at our new home.” Maven replied, and June slapped Maven’s shoulder and laughed.

“So, what does this new home look like then?” June inquired and Maven pulled out his phone, and showed June the pictures. It was large, spacious and full of many different rooms. June was quite happy that Maven had found a home that he could fully establish his creativity in, and she was happy that he was building a life for himself.

"Haha, you've surely got a nice home there!" Ours is still bigger though...

“Haha, you’ve surely got a nice home there!” Ours is still bigger though…

“Okay, well I’ve got to go break the news to Callum.” Maven said as he stood up.

“I think they all know now anyway.” June replied and Maven tilted his head in curiosity as June explained, “Dorian ran inside the door when you told me that you were moving out. Everyone probably knows by now.”

“Your own son is a gossip! Like mother, like son.” Maven laughed and June slapped Maven’s shoulder and laughed along with him. “Right, I guess I’ll just go show Callum the house then!”

Maven walked inside of the house where he met Callum by the fireplace, and he was looking at the wall of pictures. “You know, there’s one of us as teenagers up here. You should take a copy of it and hang it up in your new home. Y’know, because you need my handsome face to brighten up the room?”

“HA! I’ll probably take it. It’ll probably scare away the poltergeists that might be lingering in the household.” Maven laughed and Callum pulled his brother into a hug. “Aww, Callum.”

"Although we're still going to see you, I hope your new house is filled with happiness."

“Although we’re still going to see you, I hope your new house is filled with happiness.”

“Thanks Bro, it might be you moving out next though!” Maven said, and Callum shook his head.

“I think Veronica loves living here, so I don’t think she would want to move. Plus, her and June are more sibling-like than we are, so imagine if they were separated for a second!” Callum thought and immediately pushed the thought out of his head. “Plus, Dorian and Alec need each other at this point, like we had each other, they need another child friend to play with.”

“So, you’re saying Dorian and Alec are the new us?” Maven wondered and Callum shook his head.

“No one will ever replace us, we’re all unique and special. Our memories in this household will be unique, and plus Dorian is the heir and you’re a spare. How can they be the new us?” Maven wondered if the last part that Callum said, was an insult or not. Nevertheless, he remembered why he came in.

"Oh! Do you want to see what the new house looks like?"

“Oh! Do you want to see what the new house looks like?”

“I am not the new Maven!” Dorian protested behind Callum and Maven, while Maven took his phone out and began showing Callum pictures of the new home.

“Woah! It’s certainly perfect for you.” Callum complimented as they watched June and Wesley walk into the dining room. June lit the fire and stared right into it, not saying a word. Wesley could tell that there was something wrong straight away, and he didn’t say a word. He immediately showed up behind June and gave her a hug.

02-18-16_8-35-19 PM

“Thank you, honey.” June smiled as she felt Wesley tap her back. She felt that she was much happier now, and that she should take a trip in space to boost her happiness. And also, she looked into the kitchen where she saw Veronica happily baking a cake.

With the shop now becoming vacant, Veronica thought that it would be awesome if she could knock down the building and build up a café where she’d sell baked goods of sorts. It was a brilliant idea that everyone supported, all that Veronica needed was a boost in her baking skills.

"Sugar and Spice and everything nice!"

“Sugar and Spice and everything nice!”

And the next morning, Maven and Savannah moved out of the Devine Home to their new home in Windenburg, with the help from the rest of the Devines.


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