2.41 – Mothers

“Mom, is there a monster lurking under my bed? Everyone in my class has a monster, and I don’t and I sort of feel left out because everyone’s making friends with their monsters and I have no monster to be friends with.” Alec sighed as he sat down at the breakfast bar and ate a bite of his popcorn. Veronica laughed as she opened up one of Alec’s favourite storybooks and began to read from the page that was bookmarked.

“The old man shook his head as he looked down to the young boy, ‘If you want something to happen, you should only wish for it and if you truly believe that it will come true, then it will.’ The boy took this advice, ran home and wished for a dog to come into his possession.” Veronica looked over to Alec, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Read on! I want to see what happens!"

“Read on! I want to see what happens!”

“The next day, the boy woke up to find a pug snuggled up right next to him. He tried to contain his excitement to not wake up the pug but the boy couldn’t help but squeal and thank the Maker for making his wish come true. — Alec, if you want the monster to appear, maybe you should just wish for it to appear?” Veronica explained to her son, in which Alec took careful consideration in his decision. He’d gain his own monster, but what if it wasn’t a nice monster and was really mean to him and scared him? Alec couldn’t deal with something like that, it could take all of his cheerfulness away!

“Maybe I’ll wait and see later if I really want a monster under my bed…” Alec reconsidered as he stepped off of the stool to head upstairs to get changed for school. Veronica closed the book and headed outside to the where the new Wishing Well had been placed as it had been decreed by the Simlish Council that the Devines now had to own a Wishing Well because they need some place to put their loose change without it overflowing their banks. Holding a spare simoleon in hand, Veronica tossed it into the fountain and wished for a little bit of help with knowledge.

Suddenly, the fountain began to emit a golden light as strands began to surround Veronica and warmly embrace her.

"Ooh, what's happening?!"

“Ooh, what’s happening?!”

As the warm light enveloped Veronica, she found her mind opening up and allowing knowledge to flood right into it, enriching her mind with facts and statistics that she had never known before. Did you know that 1 in 5 goobleck is slightly radioactive? Veronica smiled as she walked back into the house with a mind full of knowledge that she was desperate to use and so when she saw Dorian struggling with his homework, she immediately ran over to see what was wrong. “Hey Dorian, what’re you stuck on? I BET I can help you!”

“Well, we’re supposed to write 500 words on what we want to achieve by the time we’re an elder, and I’m not sure of my own personal goals. I know I’m a child, and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me but if I have some idea of what I want to do, then maybe it’ll make me happier later on in life.” Dorian explained to Veronica, who ran though algorithms that were programmed into her head by the Wishing Well to think of a solution.

“Why don’t you take inspiration from jobs that your mom, dad and grandparents had? Your grandfather, Nathan worked in the Restaurant Industry and he was this close to getting his own restaurant before… you know.” Veronica sighed as she looked down to the ground but looked back to Dorian as she continued.

"Or maybe there's something else that might interest you just as much."

“Or maybe there’s something else that might interest you just as much.”

“Auntie Veronica, I think I’m going to complete Granddad’s dream for him. Why don’t I own a restaurant, and one day become a world-renowned chef owns a five star restaurant where all of the top celebrities come and eat at? I think it’s a great way of making me happy, because I can make someone else happy. Plus, I’ve got Granddad’s name as my middle name for a reason, so maybe this was it!” Dorian became firm in his plan as he began to write down his plan of action for owning a restaurant while Veronica stood triumphant as she believed that it was due to her wisdom that Dorian was able to be led down this path.

“Let me know if you need any of my cookbooks, I still have some of Granddad’s as well that he gave to me!” Veronica smiled as she began to think about the restaurant that Dorian wanted to open.

"He's going to need some professional help. Luckily, I can fill that position perfectly!"

“He’s going to need some professional help. Luckily, I can fill that position perfectly!”

Later on, June journeyed to the kitchen to begin adding upgrades to the oven which was a very careful process as the oven could potentially explode while June was using it, so she had to have her full concentration on upgrading it. However, the silence that June needed was soon to be thwarted when Alec arrived in the room and walked over to June with a smile on his face.

“Hi Aunt!” He beamed as June made the final adjustments to the stove as she slowly screwed the last screw back into the frame of the stove, which then made her feel a sense of relief as she knew that the stove had been fully upgraded.

02-18-16_9-42-14 PM

“Hey Alec.” June smiled as she opened the fridge and began to look for upgradable parts. The fridge could be upgraded so that the quality of food kept within the fridge would improve, and she could also upgrade the fridge so that it would never break, by installing tough metal within the inner frames of the fridge. “Hm Alec, would you prefer an unbreakable fridge or a fridge that keeps the food cool at a higher quality?”

“Higher quality! I’m so hungry right now that I think I could eat an entire feast whole!” Alec groaned as he felt his stomach rumble, but then his bladder also filling up really quickly, making him bursting to want to go to the toilet. He tried to hold it in, but it was no use as he had already began to move to avoid the feeling of wanting to go.



Meanwhile, June was too fixated on improving the fridge to notice Alec’s disappearance, she had kept herself focused for the past couple of weeks as she knew that Dorian’s birthday was coming up which meant that she would gradually have to pass the torch over to Dorian. Because of that, she wanted to make sure that Dorian had nothing major to worry about while he took over as the head of the household. Alec felt that he needed to go to the toilet in that instant, so he looked over to June.

“Right, I’ll be right back Aunt!” Alec smiled as he gave his Aunt a wave before running right over to the toilet.

02-18-16_9-38-59 PM


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