2.42 – Small Vignettes

Alec only had three levels of the latest PlumbobQuest™ game until he had completed it, and he knew that there was no way he was going to leave his seat until he had completed the three of those levels. Making sure he had enough to drink, eat and emptying his bladder, Alec sat down and firmly placed his hands onto the keyboard. “Right, I’ve only got to go inside of the castle, rescue the princess and find the Golden Plumbob. Simple!”

However, things are always easier said than done as Alec found himself dying countless times while on these levels but he did not give up!

"Let's do this!"

“Let’s do this!”

Two hours later, and Alec found himself conquering the last boss just before his mom told him that it was time for him to leave for school. He quickly packed up his backpack, and ran for the school bus before it decided to leave without Alec. At school, Alec told everyone about his triumphant victory over the Demon Lord and how he got the Golden Plumbob and it certainly gained him some popularity within the school. At the end of the school day, the teacher also announced that Alec had moved up a grade so he was now a Grade A student! Alec felt so proud of himself and it was truly the best day of Alec’s life so far.

"Honour Roll, here I come!"

“Honour Roll, here I come!”

In other news, Callum finally thought it was time that he took the Potion of Youth that he had been able to procure a while ago. There’s still a lot that Callum felt that he had to do, and his back had already began to ache more often. Taking a deep breath, Callum took the Potion of Youth and drank it in one go as he began to felt the youthful vigour return back to his body.

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