2.43 – A Mother’s Birthday Wish

"Happy Birthday Auntie Veronica!"

“Happy Birthday Auntie Veronica!”

“It’s nothing really, I’m only becoming an adult and… oh my god, an adult! My life is practically almost over and I’m not ready for that!” Veronica despaired while she took a bite of her cookie. Veronica had begun to become quite proficient at baking, with the neighbours coming round asking for her recipes which she kept hidden. She promised herself she’d only pass them down to her son or Dorian, if either of them took up cooking or baking and from hearing Dorian say that he’d open a restaurant, she was sure that they would go to him.

“So, what’re you doing tonight then?” June asked with anticipation, while she hinted to Dorian that he should stop looking like he’d set someone on fire.

“I think I’m staying in with Callum and Alec and watching a film together with some popcorn, something sweet!” Veronica had said while June shook her head, wanting to debate on having a party instead.

“Let’s have a party! Maven wants us to use his house, since he had finally bought everything to furnish it and he wants people to see it without him throwing a housewarming party.”

“Hm… I’ll think about it. I’m going to get dressed and then I’ll go see Alec! Excuse me.” Veronica got up from her chair, went into her bedroom and put on her favourite outfit. Today was her day and she was too excited for it, she knew that they wanted to throw her a party at Maven’s and she was looking forward to it. She headed out into the garden areas to find her son right by the plants.

"Aww, he looks so jolly playing over there!"

“Aww, he looks so jolly playing over there!”

“Alec, come over here and give the birthday mother a hug!” Veronica shouted as Alec ran over and gave his mother a massive hug.

"You're my best friend mom, you know that?" "I do, and you're my best friend too." "Yes! Dad will be so jealous."

“You’re my best friend mom, you know that?”
“I do, and you’re my best friend too.”
“Yes! Dad will be so jealous.”

Veronica was very pleased with her son, he knew exactly who to ask when he wanted something and he knew that mothers always were the best friend of their children… sometimes. “What do you want then?”

“Whaaaat? Who said that I wan– OK, Simtendo have brought out a new Voidcritters game and I really, really want it! Will you buy it for me Mom, please? I heard that you’re supposed to treat your children on your birthday.” Alec smiled at his mother, who then thought about it for a while before replying to her son.

“Okay then, I guess I could spare a few simoleons to get you the game!” Veronica replied and the look on Alec’s face was full of appeasement that he couldn’t help but jump up and down.

"Thanks Mom! You're really the best!"

“Thanks Mom! You’re really the best!”

“Ok, head inside and get ready for the party! Maven and Savannah are coming around soon to take us there.” Veronica told her son as he nodded and went inside. After, Veronica made her way over to the graveyard where she saw Nathan and Marisa’s graves before her. She told herself not to cry as she smiled and began to speak. “It’s my birthday today, and I’m becoming an adult! It would’ve been nice if you would’ve been here but I guess life has plans for all of us. I don’t even think I’ll be around for when my son becomes an adult, but I wanted to tell you that Callum has grown into an impressive young man and I can see in Alec’s eyes that your grandson won’t disappoint you either. I still wish the both of you were here though.”

Veronica smoothed both of the graves with her hand before she turned around, but the rising pollen in the air made her sneeze again and again.

"There's so much pollen!"

“There’s so much pollen!”

Using one of Nathan’s recipes, she had made a strawberry pie and managed to keep it hidden for long enough that she could take it to Maven’s with her once they were ready to leave. Not long after, Maven had come around, wished Veronica a happy birthday and led them on a journey to his house and everyone was certainly shocked when they saw the house appeared before them. It was smaller than the Devine house, but it didn’t stop it from looking as homely as it did.

*que :OOOO sounds*

*que :OOOO sounds*

Everyone inside had wished Veronica a happy birthday and had also helped themselves to the pie that Veronica cooked but luckily Veronica had another one in the oven as they took more and more from the pie. She had also found herself talking to Elsa Bjergsen as she began to tell everyone about the time she wrestled a bear in Granite Falls.

“It came up behind me, and I was scared at first, but then I saw it’s eyes met mine and I was no longer afraid. I hugged it’s body and threw it onto the ground. It clawed my leg, which healed spectacularly well since the doctor said it would scar.” Elsa said while Wesley began to laugh.

“Actually, she had fainted from the shock of seeing the bear and I said she would be okay.” Wesley corrected and everyone began to laugh, but Elsa wouldn’t lose this battle.

02-18-16_11-55-41 PM

“Yeah right! My doctor was way more handsome than you.” “I’m married, I’m not interested.” “HAHAHA!”

When the cake was cooked and cool enough, June placed candles on it and called Veronica over as she began to sing Happy Birthday, to which everyone joined in. Veronica didn’t know her birthday wish at all, since all she had wished for was a good life, and now that she had it, she didn’t know what was next. But, when she saw her happy son singing happy birthday, she knew that she should wish for him to have a good life now. And so, she closed her eyes and blew out the candles.

02-18-16_11-56-50 PM

And then…

"MY HOUSE!" "Sorry Maven!"

“Sorry Maven!”


3 thoughts on “2.43 – A Mother’s Birthday Wish

  1. Jes2G says:

    Awwww lol. Poor Savannah.

    It’s funny. In America, if you description something or someone as being “homely,” it’s an insult, but “homey” is a compliment lol.


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