Season 1 – Episode 10

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Standing in this room reminds me of the happy endings that I promised to bring everyone. Two months had passed since the funeral of Heather and the investigation ended with the fact that they couldn’t find her killer, nor could they find any evidence to point at any specific person. People did call Carl under suspicion, but his alibi was proven to be true so he was spared. I promised myself that I would bring justice to him, but I wasn’t sure of how I would do it.

I gave myself a makeover as well, after Penelope’s constant comments about the way that I look. I’m beginning to think the reason that she hates me is because I was spending time with Luke, which was clearly over when he made fun of Alexander. For the two months, I had spent them adding to the board, which was now filled with enough information on everyone that even I was surprised at the new things I had discovered.

Oh crap! It’s Luke’s birthday today, which means that he’s going to have a party. I guess his birthday is a good enough that I can forgive him today, but I’ll go buy him a present as well. I left the house after I checked that the room was locked properly, and I heard his voice call from behind me.

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“Evelyn!” Luke shouted as he ran towards me and he was catching up with his breathing when he continued to speak. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been great. Happy Birthday, by the way.” I replied with an under layer of coldness towards him which I did feel apologetic for.

“I’m sorry for how I judged Alexander. He’s actually a great guy, now that I’ve gotten to know him. We even message each other everyday, haha.” Luke mentioned and I was shocked. Luke and Alexander almost never really became close at all in the show and now, they’re talking to each other everyday? Things were certainly changing into an unknown world.

“I forgive you, and now I can tell you that I’m heading into town to buy your birthday present so you can’t come with me!” I laughed as Luke sighed in disappointment but laughed afterwards.

“Damn! I guess I’ll be seeing you tonight at my party then?” That was just an invitation, right?! I got myself invited, yes! I played it cool as I accepted his invitation, and smiled.

“Yeah, totally!” I replied as we finished up our conversation.

07-01-16_5-01-36 PM

I took a taxi over to the shopping centre where I saw a variety of shops that I could get Luke’s present from. I ventured to the middle of the shopping centre and made a mental note of all the shops I had to visit. But, I felt something tap my shoulder and when I turned around I was honestly surprised. Alison was standing before me, and I stood dumb-struck as she began to speak.

“I know it’s weird seeing me, but I wanted to tell you that I do want to be your friend, no matter what Penelope says. Penelope is a little hard to deal with, but she’s been a really good friend to me, so I hope you can understand why I’m friends with her.” Alison explained, and of course I understood. Penelope was the person who saved Alison’s life from her abusive father, and gave her a place to live, and Alison had felt that she hasn’t repaid Penelope’s kindness so far.

07-01-16_5-12-56 PM

“I think I can understand, and I’m glad that you’re honest with me so I think we can be friends.” I replied with joy and Alison smiled as she hooked her arm around mine and led me to various shops. Most of them were for girls, but the ones for guys that we went into, Alison helped me find some high quality items that were sold for quite cheap. I knew that Luke needed a new lamp after it almost exploded in his bedroom one night, so I bought a really nice one that would go with his bedroom aesthetic.

“See, you’ve now got a ton of good presents to give to Luke now.” Alison commented as she looked into my bags, and she grabbed hold of something in one of the bags and withdrew some underwear that I bought. “And something for yourself, ey?”

“Alison!” I snatched it from her and placed it back in the bag while the both of us began to laugh. It was so loud that people kept looking at us while they passed, but I didn’t care. I had found a friend that I could go shopping with, would look at art supplies with me (She was so interested in the different types of paint!) and give me a few tips on make-up where I was weakest.

“Well, what do we have here.” I hear the cold voice climb up my spine as I turn around to reveal Penelope, who also had some kind of makeover, walking over to me and Alison, and Alison gulping as Penelope’s eyes dagger towards her. “A traitor, and the idiot who doesn’t listen. Didn’t I tell you to leave this town?”

07-01-16_5-15-39 PM

“Technically, you didn’t but you told her you’d do things to ruin her.” Alison reminded us and instantly felt guilty towards me. I didn’t mind however, but Penelope seemed to feel upset at something that I couldn’t pinpoint.

“Shut up! I thought you were going to be there for me, Alison! I thought after everything that’s happened to me, with my mother dying and my father becoming more angry these days, I thought that you’d be there for me. But, I see you with Evelyn and I just feel that you’re replacing me, that everyone just wants me gone and out of their life! I know I’m mean, and I know that I’m angry but it’s because it’s the only way I can stop people from trying to take advantage of me!”

Well, I knew that Penelope became nicer later on, but that was only because of what happened at the end of Season 2. But with what’s happening now, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Penelope’s broken her own character open and allowed me to explore her inner thoughts and feelings, and I actually feel sorry for her. I took a step closer to Penelope as I tried to cheer her up.

“Look, everything will be okay. I promise. I haven’t stopped working to make sure that everyone’s happy, and that includes you.” Crap, what did I just say?

07-01-16_5-18-15 PM

“What’re you on about? How can YOU of all people make me happy? I can’t be here, I’m going home!” Penelope pushed past me and ran off while I looked to Alison who was as dumbstruck as I was, however she came closer to me and gave me a hug as well. I didn’t want it but I felt like I needed it.

“Don’t worry, Penelope will be at the party tonight so you can sort everything out then.” Alison reminded me, which seemed like the ideal opportunity because I think I want to become friends with Penelope as it seems like a good way to get into her house to find evidence against Carl.

“Awesome. It was fun shopping with you today, Alison! I hope we can do it more often.” I smiled at Alison, who agreed with me and we hugged again before we both went home to get changed for the party. However, I had the lingering feeling inside of me that after tonight, everything would change for me.


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