2.44 – Tough Illnesses

Wesley returned to work once again as he checked in, changed into his scrubs and shut his locker door before heading downstairs to check the vitals of some of his patients. He enjoyed working in this hospital, as everyone was calm and there wasn’t usually any problems. Wesley’s new thesis on treating certain illnesses was widely accepted by the Hospital and the Simlish Medical Boards and they had decided to award Wesley with few promotions himself, which allowed him to excel within the workplace.

He had a few interns of his own, and while he sent them away to check on some of his patients, he began to run tests to diagnose a new patient called Jacob. Jacob had called in earlier due to him feeling a bit of a pain in his stomach, and burning at the back of his throat which was an unnatural combination and Wesley thought that things didn’t look good.

“Could you open your mouth for me?” Wesley asked and as Jacob opened his mouth, Wesley began inspecting the inside with a light, while also measuring the temperature inside of his mouth.

"Woah, it says 38 degrees on here!"

“Woah, it says 38 degrees on here!”

“Do I have a fever, Doc?” Jacob inquired while Wesley considered a few options. Jacob had a fever, but there were no visible signs of sweating anywhere, nor any signs of him even acknowledging the fever’s existence. And there was also the fact that he had a burning pit inside of his stomach. Wesley couldn’t put his finger on it, and it annoyed him so much. Still, Wesley had to put on a smile and tell Jacob what he thought about his current situation.

“I think we’re going to have to run a few more tests because I can’t seem to pinpoint what’s wrong with you. You have too many symptoms so I believe you might have a combination of illnesses, which means that you’ll be hard to treat.” Wesley told Jacob, who laid back on the seat and wondered if he was ever going to get past this illness. Jacob felt his eyes beginning to blur as Wesley continued to speak to him.

"I think if stay here, I can closely observe you and see what route is best when it comes to treating you."

“I think if stay here, I can closely observe you and see what route is best when it comes to treating you.”

The sudden shift changed when Jacob lost consciousness as he fell onto the seat and felt the heat rise and overcome him. Wesley had started to shout for a nurse to help him, while Jacob’s body began to sweat and sweat, expelling all of the internal heat Jacob had been keeping inside of him this entire time. Wesley watched as Jacob began to cough, and sneeze, and he watched as Jacob cried out in pain while cradling his belly. And then it hit Wesley, that there’s something inside of his stomach making him feel all of these symptoms come to be.

“Get me an operating table, I need to extract something out of this patient Nurse Fray.” Wesley had instructed but the nurse remained where she was.

“Doctor George might not be pleased with that, he is the doctor on call, after all.”

“I don’t care, this man is dying! GET ME AN OPERATING ROOM.” Wesley shouted with all of his might. He wasn’t going to let a man die tonight.

02-19-16_12-33-03 AM

“You’re going to be okay.”


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