2.45 – Vacation of Recovery

Wesley had lost his first ever patient yesterday, and the shock had hit him pretty hard from discovering that the operation hadn’t been successful. Everyone reassured Wesley that he did everything he could, and that he couldn’t have changed anything but Wesley still felt that it was his fault that Jacob died, it was his inexperience which caused the death of someone’s loved one. The hospital decided to give Wesley two days off as June decided to get out into the forests of Granite Falls for a little bit of a family vacation for Dorian’s upcoming birthday.

"Now everyone, keep calm. I'll get us checked into our cabin."

“Now everyone, keep calm. I’ll get us checked into our cabin.”

Everyone began to explore their immediate surroundings. Veronica found herself becoming attracted towards some of the wild plants that were growing in the vicinity; while she wanted to find out what type of plant they were, she didn’t want to taste them and suddenly become ill. Alec and Dorian decided that they were going to play a game of tag in the woods, and that Dorian was ‘it’ for now. Alec began to run deep within the forest as Dorian chased him, laughing at how serious Alec was taking the game.

“Don’t stray too far!” June said while she looked around for the park ranger. She gazed over at the pond where she saw her husband fishing where there was likely to be some good catches. June had tried to be supportive, and she had tried her best to cheer up Wesley but how can you cheer up someone when they think someone’s death was their fault? She watched as Wesley threw the line back into the pond, after an unsuccessful catch.

02-19-16_12-53-32 AM

June had finally managed to find the park ranger, to which she immediately ran over to him to greet him. “Hey! We’re the Devine Family and we’re supposed to be staying in your largest cabin for three days and two nights.”

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to arrive so timely. This is perfect, you can move right on in!” The park ranger smiled as he ushered June near the front door, while June waited before going in so that she could ask him a few questions.

“Is there a horseshoe rack around the back? I promised my son and my nephew that we’d play together and I’d hate to break a promise because they’re so sacred and spe–“

“Yes, there’s a horseshoe rack.” The park ranger interrupted while June confirmed a few last minute things before waving goodbye to the park ranger and moving into the home.

"See ya soon!"

“See ya soon!”

Let’s just say that June’s horseshoe game wasn’t as extraordinary as everyone thought it was going to be.

Everyone retired for the evening as they headed into their own separate bedrooms and slept until the sun began to rise on the horizon. June awoke while Veronica had already began preparing breakfast for people; Callum’s favourite scrambled eggs and the boys’ pancakes with maple syrup. Veronica had saved the best ingredients for June and herself, cooking them a nice English breakfast. After breakfast, June headed out where she was momentarily blinded by a white light and when it disappeared, she only saw a book on the floor.

“Huh, what’s this?” June muttered to herself as she took a closer look at the book.

02-19-16_1-18-20 AM

 Picking it up off of the ground, she looked at the title and felt her hands shake as memories began to flood back to her. Marisa’s autobiography was somehow right in front of her. June wasn’t able to find it after Marisa died and found it weird that it wasn’t with the majority of her belongings but now it made sense as to why it wasn’t with her. June guessed that their relatives from out of the world decided to pick up Marisa’s last words and see if it would teach them anything about our world, and June could only hope they learnt good things.

Meanwhile, Wesley had just caught a really massive fish ever! He raised it in the air as he flung his hand up to catch it. He watched as it’s body flew, and thought about how much money he could get from selling it.

02-19-16_1-19-31 AM

And it was then he heard a voice calling his name, “Wesley.”

All of a sudden, Wesley felt himself being pulled through a tight tube and he found himself in somewhere completely different.

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