2.46 – Forgiving Yourself

Wesley crashed onto the ground, to which he immediately identified as sand. He stood up, looked around and found an old woman fishing along the beach, she looked like she was awaiting something. Wesley began to walk over, and he watched as the woman slowly looked over to Wesley and smiled, as she held her arms out and welcomed Wesley into her arms. “You have come, and I need to give you a reality check.”

“Excuse me?” Wesley was perplexed, a random woman had Wesley teleport right to her, where she’ll give him a piece of her mind? Wesley was about to continue speaking, but the woman pressed a finger to his lips and smiled, to which he did the same because he weirdly felt calm around this woman.

“Be quiet and listen. You may refer to me as the Hermit.” The woman’s soothing voice spoke as she gave Wesley a new fishing rod. Wesley accepted it eagerly as examined it, then cast the rod into the spring that was before him.

"Now that I sort of have your attention."

“Now that I sort of have your attention.”

“Your cosmic energy is unbalanced because of your guilt over what happened to young Jacob. But, it isn’t your fault as the world had already decided that the young one was to die then, you only tried to prevent it. He’s happy where he is, and you should start to move on from this and continue your life as June has done. I’ve been watching the Devines for quite some time, and I believe that they’ll change our world in generations to come.” The Hermit explained and Wesley took in everything he was hearing. How did she know so much about the family, and how did she know what was troubling Wesley?

“How?” He simply asked.

“It’s a secret that’s existed since the creation of our world. I would tell you, but it would probably destroy your very being.” The Hermit warned as Wesley shrugged his shoulders, being more focused on catching his fish and also taking in what The Hermit said about Jacob’s death not being his fault. But, wasn’t it? It’s a doctor’s duty to save people, and to make sure they’re fit and healthy, and Wesley failed in that duty. However, doctors can’t save everyone, and it was something that was new to Wesley, and something he had to become somehow used to.

"The brightest star shines beautifully."

“The brightest star shines beautifully.”

Wesley looked up at the sky and felt the sun rays rain down upon him, and he was filled with an unknown happiness which brought a smile to his face. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sun, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself right by June.

“That Hermit sure knows a thing or two.” Wesley muttered to himself as he snuck up behind June, “Boo!”

“AH!” June turned around to slap Wesley’s arm. “I told you never to scare me, oh my plum.”

“Come here. I love you.” Wesley said while he pulled June towards him and wrapped her in his embrace. From his experience with Jacob, Wesley had learnt that life could end at any moment, and that people will always feel guilty about someone’s death. Now, he wanted to make sure that when he eventually leaves this life, he wants to make everyone know that they shouldn’t feel guilty about it, by having lots of happy memories. He had finally forgiven himself about Jacob, and had started to move on from it.

"Aww, you better not be leaving me!"

“Aww, you better not be leaving me!”

Later on in the day, Veronica decided to bake some brownies for everyone while they were in the living room,where there was a heated debate over Voidcritters going on.

“My Veild would totally beat your Suintor! It has incredible attack power and also it’s more adorable than your pig.” Dorian spoke with confidence as Alec gasped at Dorian’s comment. Clearly Suintor was a better Voidcritter, was he not?

“My Suintor would beat your Veild and my Pleuro would beat your Meduso as well. Face it Dorian, you will never ever beat me in Voidcritters or any other game!” Alec argued but Dorian wasn’t going to take it from Alec and he immediately replied.

"I would beat you in Don't wake the Llama!"

“I would beat you in Don’t wake the Llama!”

“Oh really! I don’t think that’s true. I believe I’m the best Don’t Wake the Llama player in this family!” Alec boasted while Dorian thought about ways he could silence Alec, many of them very evil! June turned to Alec in astonishment as she saw him being so boastful about himself, and she assumed it was the part in a child’s life where they need as much self-confidence as they can.

“Hm, how about we have a game of Don’t Wake the Llama then, dear cousin?” Dorian suggested and June laughed, she couldn’t take how serious the kids were being about such trivial things.

"Of course! Let's just confirm how better I am than you are."

“Of course! Let’s just confirm how better I am than you are.”

“Oh and by the way, I swear I saw the Park Ranger burn your Voidcritter Cards earlier…” Dorian laughed evilly while rage boiled on Alec’s face as he screamed.



“ALEC! Language. I won’t tell Veronica, so shh.” June warned and Alec covered his mouth while Dorian continued his fit of laughter, falling off of the chair and laughing on the floor. After a while, the two boys headed upstairs to where they found the Don’t Wake the Llama table. Dorian had begun setting up the game while Alec sat down at the table, flexing his hands and arms and preparing himself for the game. This was no longer a game between children, it was the beginning of a war.

Dorian prepped himself before drawing out the first stick off of the pile.

"You can go first, dear cousin."

“I shall go first, dear cousin.”

Dorian relaxed as the pile had only shifted a little. Alec outstretched his hand as he begun to take out one stick as well. He carefully withdrew it from the pile and saw it wobble, which made him worry a little.

"Please don't fall... please don't fall!"

“Please don’t fall… please don’t fall!”

It didn’t fall, and this time it was Dorian to take a stick out once again. Turns and turns later, and the pile had started to become harder to withdraw from, and when it became Dorian’s turn once more, he withdrew a stick and with it, the pile wobbled and wobbled.

"Uh oh."

“Uh oh.” “Is that the sound of victory, I hear?”

And crashed.

"Uh oh. Rematch?"

“Uh oh. Rematch?”

"Of course, I can just beat you all over again!"

“Of course, I can just beat you all over again!”

2 thoughts on “2.46 – Forgiving Yourself

  1. makplays says:

    Aww, those were some good lessons. That’s so funny that Alec won at Don’t Wake the Llama like he said he was going to (though I do feel bad for Dorian since it meant so much to him).


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