2.49 – The Dragon Ages Up

Dorian rose from his bed feeling jolly and overjoyed. He slipped on his favourite clothes and skipped around his bedroom, and later he woke everyone up as they all gathered in the living room and delivered Dorian his presents. He was so excited to see what his family had given him for his birthday and when he saw all of the presents that he was about to open up, he was even happier!

From his mother, he received some clothes he could fit into when he turned into a teenager, a few cookbooks plus some starting funds for his restaurant. From his father, he received a new computer, plus a TV. And then he saved the rest of the presents from Callum, Veronica, Alec, Maven, Savannah and his school friends for later, since the party was going to start in a few hours and June had to head to work quickly to sort a few things out. Overall, Dorian was having such a fun birthday so far.

"Yep, I'm the birthday boy."

“Yep, I’m the birthday boy.”

When June got home, she immediately got into making the birthday cake and while she did that, she finished the Leader of the Pack aspiration! So, she decided that next she wanted to try Mansion Baron an– Oh wait, she just completed that as well! June was astounded at the fact she had automatically completed an aspiration, it put her into utter shock which made her accidentally drop an egg shell into the mixing bowl. She left her aspirations alone for now, just in case she accidentally completes another.

"No one saw me drop that egg shell in, right?"

“No one saw me drop that egg shell in, right?”

And when the cake had come out of the oven, June waited for it to cool before applying the icing on top. Dorian came over and began to cheer when he saw his cake in front of him.

“It’s the Sugar Free Carob Cake! That’s my favourite cake!” Dorian cheered when June finished applying the sprinkles on top.

“Yes! Now, let me put the candles on so you can blow them out.” June smiled when she placed the candles on top of the cake, and then set them alight with the lighter she uses for the fireplace. Everyone gathered around Callum as they sang the Birthday Song to him. Dorian felt himself tingle as he moved closer to the candle, he felt himself growing and changing as he breathed in to collect air within his lungs.

“Happy Birthday to you, Dorian!” Everyone cheered as Dorian blew out the candles and made his wish.

"I want to have a highly successful restaurant!"

“I want to have a highly successful restaurant!”

Dorian watched as the sparkles surrounded him and he spun around, and became surprised when he saw himself becoming taller and then when he saw his reflection in his phone, he was even more surprised when he saw that his face had changed.

“I like it! I love me!” Dorian giggled but when he saw the cake and Maven’s face, he felt the need to smash Maven’s face into the cake. Oh no… don’t tell me. Dorian gained the Evil Trait! (WHY?!) He walked out into the backyard where he saw everyone gathered around the Bar.

*He's going to look different after this chapter since I longer have his skin*

*He’s going to look different after this chapter since I longer have his skin*

Here’s a few extra moments from the Birthday Party!

After Dorian finished the Birthday Party and thanked everyone for coming, he moved into the kitchen where he got started on cooking Mac & Cheese, since he rolled the aspiration of Master Chef Aspiration after his grandfather. Dorian threw the ingredients together and stuck them in the pan.

"So, is this how you do it?"

“So, is this how you do it?”

And with that, it became the end of another day in the Devine household. But, change would be arriving soon, as there were only a few days left now until Generation 3 begins.

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