Y2 – Sappy Couple Selfies

Returning home from the gym gave me an unexpected surprise. When I walked in, I found Piper dancing in the living room by herself. I guess I came in at the time where the popular Windenburg breeze came over our University.

“What exactly are you doing?” I asked Piper as she continued to dance, but she didn’t answer me and just kept dancing. It was a way of expressing herself, and how she was feeling. At least, that’s what I got from the way she danced. She was feeling quite excited, and when she noticed my presence, she gave me room to dance.

“Okay, I’ll join in!” I smiled as I started to dance to the beat of the song.


“Is this part of your Performing Arts Major? The dancing?” I asked but Piper shook her head.

“Nope, I just feel like dancing. It’s great for calming myself down, when I need it.” Piper explained as she turned the stereo off and came closer towards me. She pressed her lips against my cheek and stared right into my eyes. “I missed you today, you know.”

“Yeah, I had a feeling. We should go on a date soon, and I think I know where.”

“Oh really? Let’s see how good it would be.”

“Oh! Leah, my sister, said she wanted to see your face since I told her about us. Do you mind if we take a selfie?”

“You mean, one of those sappy selfies that couples take?” I nodded and Piper laughed, “Sure!”

01-10-16_3-38-31 PM

“Is that good enough?” Piper asked as I looked at it and smiled.

“It’s perfect! I can’t wait for our date soon.” I replied as I quickly sent the picture over to Leah.

“Me too.” Piper smiled before the ran up to her bedroom. She’s so cute.

Y2 – Neil Powers Up

After telling everyone about my adventures with the Powerhouse Club, Neil wanted to see if he could join! So, I took him along with me to our next club hangout to meet Marcus and see if he’d let him join us, and he accepted. He said something about not being able to refuse other people because it’s an open invitation.

“Thank you so much, Marcus!” Neil smiled as the both of us headed right on a treadmill and started to run.

"You know, this is hard work."

“You know, this is hard work.”

“No pain, no gain my friend. I want to try and reach my maximum body potential!” I smiled as I continued to run on the treadmill.

Y2 – Powerhouse

The second year continued to pass by faster than the first. Before we knew it, the first semester ended and we rolled straight into the second semester. I couldn’t believe that time had passed this much, and our dormitory remained pretty quiet for the most part.

Piper and I have remained together for the most part, we even watched a film the other day about these two girls who were fighting over the same guy. It was the same old generic plot, apart from the fact that the guy was actually an alien! It was a pretty good film, and Piper and I are going strong.

However, there was something that had bugged me for the most part. I lost my fitness drive. I hadn’t exercised for about five days now and I had already began to feel myself get lazier and lazier. It was at that point that an email popped up on my phone, with the subject title of ‘Powerhouse’.

“Hey, we’re looking for new members to join our Fitness Club and after hearing about you, we’ve decided to give you an invite. We’re having a hangout this afternoon in Windenburg at the gym. See you there. -Marcus.”

"Powerhouse? Windenbug?"

“Powerhouse? Windenbug?”

Indeed, it did intrigue me. Emma’s breakfast lunch gave me the right amount of energy to get up off of my butt and head down on the next train to Windenburg. Newcrest was only roughly ten miles from Windenburg which only was about fifteen minutes by train. I managed to make the meet up just in time.

I would’ve taken in the sights of the city as well, but I wanted to wait until I spend the summer here to actually take in all of the sights that Windenburg has to offer. Although, I was super excited!

“Noah!” I heard a very deep voice call as I turned around and found a bunch of people in workout gear before me.

"I'm Marcus and welcome to Powerhouse, the club for fitness enthusiasts like us!"

“I’m Marcus and welcome to Powerhouse, the club for fitness enthusiasts like us!”

I have to admit, Windenburg was full of clubs and cliques which confused me slightly. But, the goal and the point of Unity intrigued me greatly. Even though I was doing great with my fitness grade wise, I wanted to reach my maximum body potential by the end of this year but nothing seemed to be working so far.

“So, I’m new to this whole club thing. How does it work?” I asked, before Marcus ushered everyone else inside and then began to explain to me.

“Simply put, our club works to energize each other for exercise and give boosts to our fitness skills, we drive ourselves to have a healthy and long life. Other clubs will have other boosts and other goals but ours seem to align with yours the best.” Marcus explained and the idea of clubs sort of clicked in my mind then. It’s like a mini community build to support other sims, how fun!

"Plus, the maker wanted you to join our club!"

“Plus, the maker wanted you to join our club!”

“…Where are you staring at?” I asked Marcus before looking to where he was staring to, it was a complete and utter mystery to me.

“I’m looking at the–“ He said before pausing himself. “Let’s go in and exercise!”

Walking into this gym was like walking into a brand new universe. The layout of the gym was different from any other gym I had seen before, everything was laid out perfectly. Plus, I saw celebrities walk past from time to time, famous athletes, actors and actresses who wanted to keep fit! I couldn’t believe that I was exercising in the same place as them.

I decided to test my strength at the weights machine, which definitely proved itself to be a challenge because I think Marcus put double the weight I usually use on this machine.

It was quite the challenge to pull the bar down. But, I did succeed a few times.

It was quite the challenge to pull the bar down. But, I did succeed a few times.

After a while, my arms just couldn’t pull the bar down any longer and I decided to run on the treadmill for a while to allow my legs to get some exercise. Although, I didn’t expect to see someone suddenly pull up on the treadmill nearest the wall and start running. I was quite scared to see them there to be honest, no one needed him at the moment but he just randomly appeared here to exercise.

However, the more I looked at him, the more I realised he had put on some weight from somewhere. Had he eaten too much ambrosia which robbed poor ghosts of their resurrection? The Grim Reaper definitely had put on a few pounds.

01-10-16_2-42-59 PM

Him being at the gym even attracted a crowd over to my area where we all began to share fitness tips with each other.

01-10-16_2-44-27 PM

“So, I’ve been trying to lose weight lately but it’s not working. Reaping souls apparently isn’t a good enough workout for me, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong!” Grim complained before everyone else gave it a good thought before responding.

“What have you been eating?” I asked Grim before he shrugged his shoulders.

“Salad, Ambrosia, Chips.” He listed. I was right about the ambrosia, but what he was eating was completely wrong. There was no protein in his diet!

“Grim, you need to eat more meat. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build up your muscles and also, you should try and cut down on the greasy foods too, they won’t help.” I advised Grim and he nodded his head while taking notes on his Death Freezer Bunny notepad.

“Right. Are you a Personal Trainer here? Because I’d love for you to coach me sometime. Oh my plum, that sounds like a pick up line. I’m so sorry. But the request is serious.” Grim pleaded, and even though I wasn’t actually a trainer, the thought of training the Grim Reaper sounded fun.

"Okay then! I hope to see you here again soon then, Mr.Reaper!"

“Okay then! I hope to see you here again soon then, Mr.Reaper!”

I felt that my fitness mojo had come back, and that I was prepared for this semester. There was also a lot of things I had to address this semester too. I wanted to hang out with Bobbi and Gabrielle more since I never really talk to them as much as I should, I want to go on a date with Piper somewhere in Windenburg and I want to pass this year.

Y2 – Angel of Food

After my lectures today, I felt so tired and hungry because the school’s canteen got shut down temporarily due to a rat infestation. I came home and I sat down in the kitchen, depressed and deprived of the food that I desperately needed to survive. Emma walked in a few moments after I did and gazed down at me and tapped my head.

“Noah? Noah! What’s wrong? Do I need to call an ambulance?” Emma asked and I shook my head.

“Nope, but if there’s a foodbulance, can you call them? I’m so hungry.” I moaned and Emma laughed.

“You’re hungry? Why didn’t you just say so?! I’ll have something ready for you within the hour. Let me just get the ingredients.” I felt like an angel had come down from Heaven and was about to bless me with some yummy food. I’m so glad that a cooking major came to stay now, YAY!

After Emma collected the ingredients, she set out right away to bake whatever she was going to bake for me.

11-29-15_10-54-44 AM

11-29-15_10-55-19 AM

11-29-15_10-55-43 AM

11-29-15_10-56-41 AM

“Whatcha making?” I asked Emma as she picked up the mixing bowl and grabbed a baking tray. She moulded the dough into circular rings and placed them down on the baking tray. “Doughnuts?!”

“Nope!” Emma smiled as she placed them in the oven. “I’m making Bagels.”

I waited as I watched the bagels cook in the oven. Gabrielle came down the stairs and into the kitchen as well after she smelt the bagels being cooked. “I want some of whatever I’m smelling.”

Soon enough, the bagels finished cooking and me and Gabrielle feasted upon them. They tasted SO good!

11-29-15_11-07-09 AM

“Thanks Emma!” The pair of us said in unison. Best meal ever.

Y2 – A Much Needed Discussion

11-29-15_10-48-42 AM

“So, we need to talk.” I explained to Piper after dragging her out to the outdoor area of the dormitory. Piper stared at me with obviousness as she held her cross tightly.

“Obviously, you numbskull. What do you need to say?” Piper asked as she began to look at me in a meaner way, or was it one full of hope? I couldn’t read Piper’s body language half the time and since Piper keeps herself to herself, it’s hard to figure out what she was truly feeling.

 However, in that moment, I realised that it might not be that what Piper is feeling that I need to focus on. It’s what I’m feeling. I like Piper and I needed to know what she felt for me too. So, after taking a deep breath, I shimmied closer to Piper and wrapped my arm around her, and she smiled as she blushed and turned away.

11-29-15_10-49-07 AM

“What took you so long?” Piper laughed as she turned to face me. “After you kissed me, I was confused. We are such good friends but I knew that there was something about you that I liked and I couldn’t put my finger on it. That is, until you kissed me. That confirmed my feelings for you.”

“Oh really? So you’re saying that I’m a great kisser?” I teased and Piper pushed my face away as she began to laugh.

“Keep dreaming.” She teased back.

“What, so there’s others that were better than me?”

Piper was silent for a couple of moments, “OF COURSE!”


“NO! Was it yours?” Piper asked and I slowly nodded her head. She looked shocked, and so I took the opportunity to pull her closer to me as I replied to her.

11-29-15_10-49-17 AM

“I wasn’t as… confident before I came to University. I was in a place where people’s impressions of you meant everything and if you didn’t meet up to their expectations then…” Piper held my hand as I tried to explain, but she shook her head towards me.

“You don’t need to say anything else. “ Piper tightly held me as she seemed to continue. “I mostly raised myself and so I had no expectations of me. We come from separate worlds but we’ve managed to create a common ground. It’s so beautiful, I did use that word. I wonder if I’d be able to match my current emotion to music?!”

“Shh, you can talk about that later. For now, there’s a much more important thing that we’ve got to discuss.”

“Oh really? What is it that you’ve got to discuss with me, Mr Chung?”

11-29-15_10-50-28 AM

“Well, Miss Angelo. I wanted to ask you if you’d give me the greatest pleasure of becoming my girlfriend?” I blushed a TINY bit as I asked Piper. She bit her lip as she thought about it but then laughed as she turned to me.

“No. You’re disgusting. Ew.” Piper laughed and I was deeply hurt about what she said. I mean, we just kissed an– “Just kidding! Of course, I would be happy to.”

“You know what I want now?”



11-29-15_10-51-31 AM

And that’s how Piper and I managed to have our much needed discussion.

Y2 – Noah’s Spa Day

After my first day of lectures, I came home at midday to see Adelaide waiting by the door. She quickly took my wrist with her hand and took me upstairs into her bedroom and threw me on the chair. She turned to me and ordered, “Stay there.”

She quickly placed a canvas on her easel and stared at me carefully before beginning to sketch out my face on the canvas.

“Your face has changed a bit, that’s great.” Adelaide smiled as she started to paint my portrait on the canvas. I stared at Adelaide as she brushed the paint across the canvas in strong motions, it was brilliant!

11-13-15_8-56-23 PM

“So, what happened between you and Piper after you took her outside?” Adelaide asked and my face instantly went red. I didn’t really want to mention it until Piper and I talked about it, and we haven’t had a chance to since the event occurred.

“Oh nothing, we just talked about… stuff.” I replied to Adelaide, and I could tell her eyebrow raised.

“What stuff did you talk to Piper about?”

“Oh, our summer vacations. Piper told me she went backpacking up the mountains and that she would do it again next year, but she might be going to the Windenburg trip.”

“Oh really? Piper told me that her Summer Vacation was completely plum, and that it was uneventful.”

“D-Did she? Ugh.”

“So, Noah. What did happen?” I breathed deeply as I looked towards Piper and told her.

11-13-15_8-58-10 PM

“We kinda, sort of, maybe… kissed?” I told Adelaide and her face instantly rose with excitement. I could tell that she had been waiting for this day ever since she saw Piper and I together. Not like together but together in one place.

“WHAT?! How could you keep this from me? Has our friendship taught you nothing?” Adelaide argued, but then began to laugh as she continued to paint. “I might have to get one with you and Piper soon. Ooh, maybe I could paint your wedding portrait!”

“Woah, hold on a second! I’m not even sure about a wedding yet.” I replied and then Adelaide perked her head up and stared over at me.

11-13-15_8-59-17 PM

“Ah. Okay. Well, your painting is finished!” Adelaide managed to smile as she revealed the painting and my mouth dropped. It was another masterpiece that I couldn’t take my eyes off. It’s not conceited, I just appreciate Adelaide’s art a lot.

11-13-15_9-12-58 PM

“I guess I’ll be taking the portrait now.” I smiled at Adelaide before picking up the dry canvas and taking it back to my bedroom. Adelaide and I worked on making fast drying paint with a few of my herbs that I picked up over at Granite Falls. It was perfect for Adelaide as she loved to paint multiple things per day.

I placed the painting from last year and the painting from this year right next to each other, and my oh my, the change was phenomenal.

11-13-15_9-13-32 PM

I remembered just then that today was supposed to be the day I was going to go over to the spa and check out all the facilities they had on offer. I quickly packed away a few items into my desk and drawer, before heading out of the University and following the directions on my map app on my phone to find the spa.

After giving up and resorting to taking a taxi, I arrived at the spa within a matter of minutes and my breath was taken away with how perfect it looked.

11-13-15_9-51-15 PM

I quickly got to exploring the spa very quickly.

11-13-15_9-53-00 PM

I even joined a yoga class! The instructor quickly introduced me to Yoga and I followed all of the poses that she displayed to me.

“Welcome our newest student, Noah Chung as he discovers the path of yoga! We shall be starting with the Brain Boosting Exercise today, and so everyone, with me.” The Yoga Instructor welcomed as we went through the different poses!

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After the yoga session, I wandered over to the meditation garden where I placed myself down on a meditation table and began to focus on… the air. I read in a meditation book that focusing on the air really helps to open the mind. However, the more and more that I meditated, the more and more bored I got. There wasn’t anything fun about meditating, you just had to sit there and breath in and out.

11-13-15_10-00-00 PM

I love Wellness, it’s something that can help remove my inner worries, and can provide myself with inner peace. It’s something I’ve been seeking for many years, and I’ve finally found it.

Y2 – Culinary Upgrade

The workmen were in the dormitory all day while we went to our first lectures of the year. Emma felt a bit frustrated because she wasn’t able to make her favourite breakfast in the morning but she calmed down as soon as she had her first cooking lesson at the University. She loved it so much, that when she got home, she was astonished at how much the kitchen looked. I stood right behind her and looked into the kitchen, surprised myself.

“Woah! This looks so awesome.” I smiled and Emma nodded as Dean Cavanaugh came out of the kitchen.

“Look inside why don’t you?” She smiled as Emma and I stood outside and began to walk in and examine the kitchen.

11-13-15_8-51-27 PM

11-13-15_8-51-50 PM

11-13-15_8-52-02 PM

11-13-15_8-52-12 PM

11-13-15_8-52-18 PM

11-13-15_8-52-29 PM

Oh yes, I loved this kitchen.

Y2 – Chocolate Doughnuts

Later on in the day, the sun had set and it was almost time for the Greenwood Gathering to begin. I travelled to the kitchen to find Emma at the cupcake machine, placing flour into it and pulling many levers and pressing many buttons. I walked over to her and stared at everything she was doing. She turned around and saw me and jumped backwards.

“You scared me!” Emma shouted and I laughed, she laughed too. She turned back around as she continued to bake whatever she was making in the cupcake machine. Whatever it was, it smelt really good.

10-27-15_7-03-29 AM

I think Emma could tell they smelt good too. She kept smiling up to the ceiling and she always took deep breaths as well.

10-27-15_7-03-49 AM

I soon departed outside, where Adelaide, Piper, Neil, Bobbi and Gabrielle were already waiting for me, they even saved a space for me right next to Piper.

“You’re late.” Adelaide said as she gestured me to the seat next to Piper. I sat down as Emma came out a couple of minutes later and sat down next to Gabrielle.

“They’re cooling off, so I’ll get them in a couple of minutes.” Emma informed us all, and soon enough, the Greenwood Gathering began.

10-27-15_7-07-46 AM

Adelaide: Welcome everyone to the first Greenwood Gathering of the year! How is everyone?

Me: I’m feeling excited! I’m so happy to be back with everyone. I’ve missed you all so much.

Piper: Yeah, you missed me the most though, right? I’m feeling alright, I guess. I’m just glad to be here.

I felt that Piper was glad to be here too, I didn’t think she had a nice break from the school at all. Oh and that missing her the most comment? That was true but at least no one else thought it was!

10-27-15_7-08-02 AM

Emma: I’m new here. My name is Emma Lockhart and my summer was awesome! I spent it looking at interesting recipes to show off my cooking talents this year, and hope that I can fulfill everyone’s hunger needs!

Adelaide: Well, I’m glad your back Piper. I missed you a lot. And welcome Emma! I hope you fit in wonderfully with us all. How about you, Bobbi? How are you?

Bobbi: I’m perfect! I can’t wait to get right back into studying Music and becoming the best I can be.

Piper: Even then, you won’t be better than me. It’s just a known fact, sorry to burst your bubble.

Bobbi: HEY YO-

I hoped someone stop them from arguing again, the last time it happened the house almost exploded. It wasn’t good, we all had to spend an entire day removing sharp instrument pieces off the walls.

Gabrielle: I’m good. But beware this year, because I feel like I’m going to become even more mischievous, mwhahaha!

Thanks, Gabrielle! But, I wasn’t looking forward to her pranks unless I got to do them with her! She was a really good prankster last year and I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for all of us. Plus, I had a few ideas here and there of what pranks we could pull together.

10-27-15_7-08-19 AM

Neil: Oh no. Well, I’m safe to say that I’m brilliant. I just can’t wait to continue tending to my garden, but I hope they’re not all dead!

Emma: Oh no! I hope that they’re not dead either. I was hoping to try and get some fresh ingredients for my cooking this year. I’ll look forward for what you have to give me, Neil.

Me: I think we can all say that we’ve had an excellent summer and that we’re all freshened up and prepared for the Fall. The leaves are starting to change colour and I feel that we all need to change into our autumn and winter clothes soon!

10-27-15_7-08-39 AM

The meeting continued as everyone continued to discuss things that they were doing this year and also about how we could help other people in our dorm. I liked our little community of support because it was always easy to get help whenever we needed it.

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Emma: Ooh! I think the chocolate doughnuts are ready to be served! I’ll be right back!


Piper: Noah, stop overreacting. They’re just doughnuts.

Me: JUST DOUGHNUTS?! They smelt amazing Piper, you don’t even know.

Emma departed only to return a couple of minutes later with a plate of doughnuts and placed them down on the glass table in the centre of the chairs. Everyone took a few and began to eat one, and they tasted so awesome!

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Bobbi: Woah Emma gurl, where did you find the recipe for this? These are simply divine!


Gabrielle: Okay, I may exempt Emma from my pranks only if she keeps making me delicious treats like these! That’s my only condition.

Emma blushed as she felt pleased with everyone’s compliments and I felt that she found herself even more encouraged to train in her cookery skills and become a better chef! Although, I hoped that everyone else wouldn’t take Emma for granted and they would actually learn cooking from her, like I’m going to do!

Also, I caught Emma’s eyes. She kept on staring over at Neil as he ate the doughnuts that she baked. I’m not sure why Emma kept staring at Neil… maybe she was interested in his thoughts about how they tasted? Maybe she thought he had an idea about a different ingredient that she could put into the doughnuts. Nevertheless, she kept staring.

10-27-15_7-12-07 AM

Emma: Say, who can help me paint some paintings for my bedroom? I looked for some nice paintings in something called Build and Buy and Beyond but there was nothing good there.

Adelaide: I guess I’m the only art student here so I guess I can help you.

Emma: Really? That’d be wonderful!

Me: YES! Adelaide is so awesome at painting, she even painted my portrait and it looked awesome. I need to get a few more pieces off her this year actually.

Piper: Yeah, I bet you do.

Emma: So, you’ll do it for me?

Adelaide: Of course! What’re friends for?

10-27-15_7-14-09 AM

The Greenwood Gathering ended twenty minutes later and I travelled upstairs to my bedroom where I acquainted myself with everything once again. After changing into my gym clothes, I felt it was best if I had a quick training session on my treadmill, it’s been a while since I’ve ran on this thing. I think it missed me.

10-27-15_7-15-04 AM

Afterwards. I fell asleep. There were so many more adventures to be had tomorrow and I couldn’t wait.

10-27-15_7-16-14 AM

Y2 – Sophmore

You know, when I returned back to Greenwood in the fall, I never expected everything to look exactly the same. Apparently, the workmen had to delay their work on the kitchen for a week and– Wait a second, I haven’t even returned yet and I’m acting like I’m already there! Haha.

The car rolled up onto the driveway as I opened the door and got out, I waved to my sister as she drove off once again. Leah had a competition to get to and she only drove me because it was on the way to her competition. I breathed in the fresh air around me as the familiar scents of Greenwood came back to me. I was back, with a brand new look and a brand new me.

10-27-15_6-41-09 AM

I noticed just after I turned around that there was another girl walking down towards the dorm. I had never seen her before, and she was just the right age to be a student. Maybe she’s the new student that’s supposed to be coming into our school this year. She’s studying the Culinary Major, right?

She seemed really nice, with her hair tied up into two small pony tails, and her striped blue and white t-shirt. Although, I hoped that she packed some clothes for the winter because it was going to get REALLY cold here soon. If not, maybe someone can lend her something or we could all go clothes shopping together! Okay Noah, stop. You sounded like a girl.

Nevertheless, I thought that girl would be awesome!

10-27-15_6-42-06 AM

 “Hey you, over there!” I called out to the girl before she turned around to face me. I quickly caught up to her as we shuffled to the side near a tree and I smiled towards her as we dived right into the conversation. “Hi! I’m Noah Chung and I’m going to assume that you’re staying in Greenwood Dormitory too. You must be the new Culinary Major student, right?”

“You’re right at that. Oh! You live in this dormitory too? That’s splendid. Name’s Emma Lockhart by the way. Do you know what room I’m staying in?” She asked me and I nodded my head.

“You’re on the top floor, with your room next to the Dean’s. She’ll show you around when she’s here. OH! Don’t approach her if she comes home before 9pm on Wednesdays, it means her blind date didn’t go well.”

“Thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to follow it! How’re you feeling today?”

“I’m feeling excited, it’s been two months since I’ve seen everyone and we’re all adults now and it’s exciting! I need to widen my vocabulary, I can’t keep saying exciting all the time.”

10-27-15_6-42-59 AM

“I’m excited, nervous and a bit nauseous at the same time. Haha! It’s just, I don’t know how everyone in this University will treat me and I’m scared that if I don’t deliver the right impression then I’m doomed.” Emma looked down to the ground but I took her chin and lifted her face to face me.

She reminded me of myself last year, where I was so nervous about meeting everyone and didn’t no one even knew. I made myself feel confident and I took that new beginning as the chance to reinvent myself.

“Show everyone you. Be yourself, show them who you are. You’re a culinary major right? Well, we’re probably having a Greenwood Gathering tonight, so bake something for us. Everyone loved the cupcakes you baked last year, so how about baking something new?” I advised Emma and a bright smile appeared across her face.

“I’ll make something! But, what’s a Greenwood Gathering?”

“It’s basically a dorm meeting, Adelaide Gibson leads it and we just speak. It’s a great way to remain close as a dorm.” I smiled at Emma and she smiled right back at me.

10-27-15_6-44-38 AM

“Thank you so much for helping me. I’m going to get going inside now! See you soon!” Emma thanked before she headed inside of the grand doors into Greenwood Dormitory. I could even hear her gasp when she looked around. I remember I did that!

I quickly got inside and ran upstairs to my bedroom, and boy was I surprised. I put down my suitcases by my bed and I made sure I was silent because someone was sleeping on my bed. Although, looking at his bleach blond hair, I could tell that it was Neil. How long had he been waiting for me that he fell asleep?

10-27-15_6-46-22 AM

I tip-toed over to my bed and poked Neil several times before he turned to face my direction.

“Neil. Neeeeeeeil. NEIL, GET UP!” I shouted before Neil flinched awake on my bed and got up, he looked around before looking right into my nose. “What, do you want me to smell your face?”

“What? No Noah, I don’t want to smell your face. Wait a second, Noah? NOAH!” Neil shouted as he wrapped his arms around me, and I did the same. I missed my best friend, and I could tell that he missed me as well.

10-27-15_6-47-20 AM

 “How have you been, bro?” I asked Neil as we hugged. We both split apart before he answered me.

“I’ve been great! My family are good, and my brothers are slowly recovering from their defeat in The Bachelorette. How about you, how was your holiday?”

“Same old, same old. I just spent it away from my parents again. Although, I was forced to attend a few family events I didn’t want to be a part of. Oh well, life happens.” I laughed and Neil scratched his head.

“Well clearly, you got something new as well. New jumper, new hair, new piercings!”

“Yeah, I let my hair grow throughout the Summer and I bought some new clothes for the autumn too! I hope you have warm clothes, it’s going to get really cold soon.” I warned Neil before he nodded his head.

“Of course I don’t!” We both laughed, I really missed Neil’s sense of humour.

10-27-15_6-48-12 AM

“Oh! Do you know that the kitchen’s construction has been delayed because of scheduling? It’ll be constructed from tomorrow.” Neil mentioned.

“Yeah, I know. It’s really really sad. Although, there’s more chance that our Dean will order us food!” I celebrated with Neil and he realized something and tapped me several times.

“OH! I hear they opened a new asian restaurant in town, and I think it’s right down your alley!”

“I don’t have an alley.”


“Kidding! I know what you were trying to say and IT SOUNDS AWESOME!” Queue Celebratory Pose.

10-27-15_6-48-57 AM

Although, now thinking about it, I realised how much I changed. Looking at my pictures from last year, I realised that this year, I would be gaining many more fun memories and many more fun opportunities will come my way this year.

Also, looking at the pictures reminded me that there were many more people that I still had to see and catch up with. Adelaide, Piper, Gabrielle and Bobbi, I needed to catch up with them all and I couldn’t wait for the Greenwood Gathering tonight. Nevertheless, I made a small goal that I would replace the photos of last year with photos of this year and the ones from last year would go in a special photo album.

10-27-15_6-49-20 AM

I ran down to the Kitchen straight afterwards and noticed that everyone else seemed to be into the kitchen. I saw that Bobbi was busy eating breakfast, she probably forgot to eat breakfast on the way here, I saw Adelaide also eating breakfast, but she probably got here too early for breakfast to be eaten, since that was her usual self. Gabrielle was getting cereal from the fridge.

Emma… was taking a picture of her food, the wrong way. The flash was in her direction, oops.

10-27-15_6-49-41 AM

“Oh darn it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to work my way around this.” Emma sighed before figuring out where the reverse camera button was. She smiled as she took a picture of the cake. Now, I hope that’s a new cake and not the cake we ate at my birthday party last year because… that’s naaaasty.

“NOAH!” I heard Adelaide shout as the got up from her chair and I dashed right over to her. “Oh my plumbob, your hair!”

“Yeah, I changed it a little, and I also got myself some new clothes!” I cheered and Adelaide sighed.

“I didn’t have time for that during the Summer, I was busy being an intern at an Art Gallery. It was so fun, I got to watch an artist’s thought process as they painted and it felt so inspiring!”

“I’m so glad you had an awesome Summer!” I said before I went into hug Adelaide, Adelaide’s hugs are always so warm and comforting. I realized then that Adelaide has been much more confident recently, and I’m proud of that. Maybe she became even more confident over the summer!

10-27-15_6-51-00 AM

“So, I hear that you switched subjects, Mr.Wellness.” Adelaide smirked as I nodded my head.

“Yeah, I changed Handiness for Wellness. I really do think there’s something in there that would be awesome for me. You never know, I could learn how to teleport or something! Haha!” I laughed and Adelaide’s face remained unchanged. “What?”

“Well, there has been reports of people who’ve studied the art of Wellness and Meditation being able to teleport and even levitate.”

“REALLY?! THAT’S AWESOME!” I shouted before I returned back to my casual self. I had a hint of insanity there and I shouldn’t let that be shown again. “So, are you making any changes to your room?”

10-27-15_6-51-33 AM

“Probably not, I like the same old and I prefer to know where everything is now, just for ease of access. How about you?”

I thought about whether I wanted to change the way my room looked all summer but I couldn’t think of anything. And now that SummerFell and autumn has come, I think my tastes have changed quite a bit.

“Maybe. I’ll see if I can find any inspiration online, if not then I’m probably not going to change it.” I smiled but Adelaide was too busy looking through me. Well, not through me but behind me.

10-27-15_6-52-21 AM

I turned around to find that girl standing behind me. The girl I couldn’t stop thinking about over the summer, the girl who invaded my dreams each and every night I slept, the girl who I couldn’t wait to see again. Piper Angelo stood before me, with a smile on her face.

“Hello.” She said to me while Adelaide went back to sit on the barstool next to Bobbi.

“Hi.” I replied before we took a few moments to stare into each other’s eyes. We both didn’t have the best summer, and we both didn’t want to tell the other person how bad it was, but we knew that we were back and that we needed each other. “I know you hate physical contact but…”

10-27-15_6-53-30 AM

“I’ll allow it, because I missed you so much.” Piper smirked as her chin dug into my neck. It hurt but, I really really enjoyed this moment we spent together. We separated after a couple of minutes, and Piper looked up and down my entire body. “I see you’ve adopted a new look.”

“Yeah, I felt like having something new and this fit the deal perfectly, do you like it?”



Piper came up close and whispered right into my ear. “I love it.”

We both erupted in laughter, it was fun having Piper around once again. It’s like we never had Summer Vacation and we we’ve been together all along.

10-27-15_6-54-55 AM

I felt weird though, there was something I had to get off my chest and out of my mind. It was hard for me to contain that thought since ever since I discovered what it was, it kept pounding in my mind and in my heart.

“Piper, let’s go outside.” I smiled towards her as I took her hand and walked outside with her near the fountain. Piper didn’t know why we were going towards the garden and she looked a little annoyed that I took her away from the food as well. “Don’t be sad! The extravaganza is about to begin!”

“Extravaganza? What the plum are you on about?”

“Piper, smile!” And she did.

10-27-15_6-56-43 AM

“It worked!” I celebrated and Piper hit my arm, hard. “Ow!”

“Just cut to the chase, smiley.” Piper smirked as I scratched the back of my head and thought of something to say quickly. I never did well in these situations, not that I’ve had a situation like this rise up before.

“Listen, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

“What exactly?” Piper asked before I grabbed both of her hands with both of my hands and held them tightly. “What are you doing?”

10-27-15_6-57-21 AM

“There’s been something on my mind the whole Summer, and I need to find out if it’s really true.” I stated and Piper shrugged her shoulders.

“What do you need me for then? If it’s for one of your te–“


10-27-15_6-58-35 AM

“Just don’t hit me.”

“I can’t promise that, Noah.”

10-27-15_6-59-48 AM

“Well, here goes.”

“Here goes wha–“

10-27-15_6-59-56 AM

“Please don’t hit me. Please don’t hit me.” I thought to myself as I looked frightened to Piper.

10-27-15_7-00-07 AM

“Did you find out what you were trying to figure out, Noah Chung?” Piper spat and I nodded my head.

I knew exactly from that kiss what I was trying to find out. I like Piper Angelo, I adore Piper Angelo, I enjoy Piper Angelo’s company, I missed Piper Angelo and I’m glad Piper Angelo is back with me.

“Y-yes. I d-did.” I stumbled to say and Piper looked right at me, smiling.

10-27-15_7-00-20 AM

“GREAT! NOW, I SHALL BE ON MY WAY. HAHAHA.” Piper blushed before walking away from me, up the stairs. I think she liked it.

“Piper wait!”

“Until tomorrow, smiley. Goodbye!” Piper shouted back but I laughed.

“We got the Greenwood Gathering tonight!” I continued to laugh and Piper looked back and waved, before continuing up the stairs.

10-27-15_7-00-48 AM

Yeah. This year was going to be a great year. I just knew it.

10-27-15_7-01-53 AM

Y1 – Another Casual Day

I guess, waking up on your birthday but also your last day can give you all sorts of emotions. I was feeling joyful, sad and energized all rolled into one, and I couldn’t even think about what today was going to entail. I had a feeling that today was going to be an awesome day, whether I had to make the day awesome myself or it was already going to be awesome.

I didn’t even bother with getting changed into my everyday wear as I walked down the stairs, I wanted my breakfast because I was starving and also, it was 5:45am, so I didn’t think anyone would be up yet. And, as usual, I was wrong.

“Oh, hi Noah!” I heard Adelaide say to me on the stairs before turning her head away, seeing me in my pajamas.

09-06-15_4-05 PM

“Adelaide, it’s fine to look at me! You’ve seen me with my shirt off, so I don’t think my pajamas make a difference.” I smiled and she turned her head to face me.

“I guess you’re right. Oh, by the way, Piper is up.” Adelaide mentioned as she walked past me on the stairs. I shrugged my shoulders as I got my breakfast and got changed into my everyday clothes before heading into Piper’s bedroom. Actually, I knocked beforehand since she got mad at me for not knocking the last time.

“Oh, you’re here.” Piper sighed as she finished packing her suitcase. I sat down on the bed with her and pulled her face into a smile. “HEY!”

09-06-15_4-12 PM

“What? It worked, didn’t it?” I laughed, and she realised that she was actually smiling.

“It did… thanks.”

“No problem, it’s what I’m here for!”

“Gee, I can’t believe that the year is over now.” Piper looked down onto the floor as she stood up, and I walked over to her again.

“Yeah, I’m going to miss everyone for the six to seven weeks we have off. It’ll feel like an eternity!” I took Piper’s hand with both of my hands, and she almost felt a bit… I can’t describe it but she looked very shocked.

09-06-15_4-15 PM

“Was that a bit–“ I tried to say but Piper already launched herself into hugging me, which took me completely by surprise.

“Just. Don’t forget about me while we’re home for the summer, okay?”

“Okay.” I smiled as I tightened my hug with Piper.

09-06-15_4-17 PM

“Now, you should probably be wanting to go and say goodbye to other people now, right?” Piper smiled as she opened the path to the door.

“Nope, I already said my goodbyes, you were last.” I teased.

“Really?” Piper said, looking hurt and I laughed.

“Kidding! You were first, as always.” I smiled as I slapped her wrist lightly.

“Hahaha! Do that again and you’ll die.” Piper laughed as well as she smiled brightly towards me. Her smile is something I won’t forget while I’m gone.

09-06-15_4-20 PM

I made my way to Neil next, who was busy tending our garden. This boy, he’s always still learning and trying his best and I could never fault him for that. Even though I’ll see him soon, being away from him is just something I could never think about. He’s like a brother to me, and I’m sure I’m the same way to him.

“Noah! I just finished watering the plants, I think I’m going to get to weeding next.” Neil smiled as he put down the watering can.

“Shut up and hug me, man!” I shouted as I embraced Neil, with all my manly-broness. Okay, maybe there was a hint of love in there too.

09-06-15_4-26 PM

“I’m going to miss you.” I whispered to Neil in our hug, and he nodded his head in agreement. We let go soon after and we both shared a bit of mutual laughter.

“What’re you getting up to this Summer?” I asked Neil and he tapped his chin in thought, before coming up with an answer.

“Well, my brothers are probably heart-broken with losing their bachelorette and so I’ll probably be spending half the Summer comforting them but then I’ll probably be looking up fun things for us to do when we get back.” Neil explained, “How about you?”

09-06-15_4-29 PM

“Well, I’ll probably be relaxing all Summer while studying Wellness slowly to catch up with the Second Year course. Maybe I’ll go meditating on a mountain or something.” I shrugged my shoulder and then Neil clicked his fingers.

“That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You could totally do it!” 

“Really? I never thought about it, but maybe.”

“Promise me one thing though.” Neil said, holding out his pinky.

“You still do that? Okay, what?”

“We have to meet up over the Summer!”

“Okay!” I laughed, taking his pinky and sealing the promise. I definitely wanted to see Neil over the Summer, even if it meant crossing the ocean or flying in the sky.

09-06-15_4-29 PM-2

Adelaide was my final stop, she was in the kitchen waiting for me since we were going to share the last bit of the cake together. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the bar stool, and Adelaide came into the room soon after, sporting a mischievous expression on her face which made me instantly think what she was up to.

“What have you done?” I laughed as I drew in closer, Adelaide meanwhile, had her head turned and was looking out towards the main hallway.

09-06-15_4-42 PM

“So, what are you getting up to this summer, Adelaide?” I asked her as she turned her head back around to face me.

“I think I’m going to take a holiday somewhere, paint a few portraits, pictures. You know, capture the perfect image.” Adelaide replied as she nodded her head to herself.

“That sounds really awesome, I can’t wait to see you when we get back after the holidays.”

“When Summer Falls?” Adelaide winked.

“Yeah.” I laughed, and she joined in too.

09-06-15_4-45 PM

After washing the plates of the remaining cake that we shared, we shared a hug too!

09-06-15_4-46 PM

Suddenly, my phone began to ring and vibrate and so I quickly answered it.


“Hi Noah. It’s Dad.” Oh great. I forced a smile upon my face as his deep husky voice continued. “How are you?”

“I’m feeling alright, I’m just in the kitchen at the moment. How’re you?”

“I’m good! I’m just preparing to leave with your mother.” Yeah, I can hear her nagging in the background. “Happy Birthday, by the way.”

“Thanks. I only turn 19 once in a lifetime, haha!” I laughed and Adelaide and Piper immediately noticed what I had just said. SHOOT.

09-06-15_4-50 PM

“Birthday?” Adelaide asked as I continued to talk on the phone.

“Who’s that? Is that a friend? Can I speak with them?” Dad asked and I immediately hung up the phone. The last time Dad spoke with one of my friends, they never spoke to me again. I sighed as I placed my phone in my pocket and stretched out my arms.

“It’s your birthday today?” Adelaide asked me and I nodded.

“Yeah, but sh. I don’t really want to have it overshadow today.” I smiled as I continued to discuss things with Adelaide.

09-06-15_4-50 PM-2

Soon, I left the kitchen to see Gabrielle walking right up to me.

“HEY YOU!” Gabrielle shouted to me, and I walked right up to her.

“What’s up?”

“I have orders from Dean Cavanaugh to give to you.” Gabrielle giggled slightly as she adjusted herself into a mini pose before speaking out her request.

09-06-15_4-54 PM

“Go get changed into something formal! We’re having a celebration for the end of the year!” Gabrielle ordered and I laughed.

“Like Brad said in Lookout: Willow Creek Edition…” I started before adjusting myself into a familiar pose that Gabrielle would recognise from the show. I’m going to miss mine and Gabrielle’s ranting sessions over the latest season which takes place in Oasis Springs.

09-06-15_4-54 PM-2

“How could I deny something so fly?” I laughed as I ran upstairs and searched my suitcases for the suit I had been keeping in there all year. I never really had a chance to wear it until now, and I thought it would be best to wear it today since you know, it’s an occasion worth wearing a suit for.

I have to admit, I did look pretty handsome in my suit.

09-06-15_4-59 PM

When I walked into the kitchen however, I was immediately greeted with something unexpected.

“SURPRISE!” I heard everyone say left right and center. I finally realised that everyone had thrown a surprise birthday party for me and I couldn’t believe that they had the time to put this together under short notice.

“Oh, Piper stole your phone and found out earlier.” Adelaide laughed as Piper stood on her foot.

“Shh! He wasn’t supposed to find out!” I really should change my passcode sooner or later.

09-06-15_4-59 PM-2

Even Sasha Rapp made it, and she even got to making a few concoctions!

09-06-15_5-01 PM

Dean Cavanaugh made a cake as well, and even put candles on it too!

“Noah, come and sit down and blow out your candles, it’s your birthday!” She beckoned as she called me over to the barstool. Unable to refuse, I made my way over and sat down as everyone surrounded me and smiled.

“Happy Birthday Noah!” Everyone shouted to me.

09-06-15_5-03 PM

However, JUST as everyone was about to sing Happy Birthday and I was going to blow out my candles and turn 19 officially, this happened.

09-06-15_5-05 PM

However, me and bartender lady came to the rescue.

09-06-15_5-06 PM

I wish we could’ve saved the stove and the counter though.

09-06-15_5-07 PM


Another Casual Day, how ironic. Poor Sasha Rapp though, I guess electronics and The Hermit don’t mix well together.

“I’ll just be using Grills from now on! No more trying to use those fancy stoves!” She vowed in her burnt fashion. Hey, at least her hair looks revitalised!

09-06-15_5-09 PM

But, nothing stopped me from singing Happy Birthday to myself. I sang it so quickly, just incase anything else should happen.

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday dear Noah!
Happy Birthday to me!

I feel like, the trait that I’ve gained through this year is that I’ve become more self-assured. I feel like I’m confident enough to put myself out there more and give myself more power in situations. It’s safe to say that, I’m feeling fabulous right now.

09-06-15_5-11 PM

Hi! I’m Noah Chung. I’m 19 years old and I study at Briarwick University and I say at the Greenwood Dormitory. I’ve just completed my first year and I’ve had a lot of adventures throughout, but I still have three more years ahead of me and I’m pretty sure there’s going to be more adventures and more fun! With a new student coming here next year, who knows what’ll happen, and who knows what’s to come? All I can say is, I’m looking forward to what the future provides me.

09-06-15_5-16 PM-2