1F – Successful

01-06-07-15_11-23 PM

It would be an understatement if I said that I was happy. I was ECSTATIC. Today, I received my very first promotion at work! My boss said,

“Joel, you’re doing a very good job. Here’s this, this and also this! I hope you continue working here.”

I hope so too, well that is until I get to the top of the career. I’ll no longer have a reason to stay there then. But, I’m not going to dwell on the future as I’m earning more money now! I’ll be able to make some big improvements to my life. I’ll be able to purchase more expensive food, I might actually be able to purchase my own cupcake machine! YES!

02-06-07-15_11-25 PM

I’d finally be able to redo the entire house! I mean, I’d get SummerFalls to redo the house for me, but honestly, this house feels lonely with only one bedroom. I want to have a guest bedroom so that I can have anyone I like stay over in my house rather than SummerFalls plopping them down in a random lot.

I’d also like to build a basement, one that’s filled with all of my achievements. Since SummerFalls is sending me on these quests, I do want to keep a momento of each of the quests he’s sent me on. Maybe he’ll give me one where I can do whatever I want! Or, a Photography Quest where I can take pictures with all my friends (I want a camera so the pictures come out big!)

Meanwhile, I walked into my study to finish off my first book of Short Stories! I called it “Rosey Cupcakes” and it’s about the friendship of two people who travel great distances and travel through different worlds and dimensions. Although, I’ve already reached half way through my writer’s skill, and my worry is that I’m going to finish this quest too soon.

03-06-07-15_11-26 PM

Are you here? SummerFalls?

I’m always here! What’s up?

Well, you obviously know that my skill level is halfway now. And, although I haven’t written any bestsellers yet or reached the top of my career–

You’re worried that you’ll have to stop writing after this quest is done?

Yeah, and that this quest will be finished sooner than I thought it would be.

Don’t worry! I’m going to space out your schedule so that even if you did reach Level 10 Writing, you’ll be too busy socializing and getting a lot of friends. Since that’ll be important for later on in your ageless life.

Ah okay!

I continued writing after that, I was determined to finish my book today!

04-06-07-15_11-26 PM-2

This time, the words flowed seamlessly to me and I was done within hours. The book materialised itself into my hands and I stared at it. I guess this is how book publishing is done, I take it to the mailbox and it magically disappears and gets published.

The book cover was so pretty, even though players may see it as a book that has the same cover as another, to us Sims, every cover is different and it holds a different story. I guess that is what makes us Sims special, we see the world players play in a very different perspective.

Hehe, I’m talking like I’m wise.

05-06-07-15_11-27 PM

I picked up my book from the desk, I got up and I walked out to the mailbox. I opened it and placed my book inside, I wanted to publish this.

06-06-07-15_11-28 PM

Afterwards, I closed the mailbox as the light on it flashed red. My book was now sent through cyberspace to everyone’s bookstore, and hopefully people would buy a lot of my books so I receive a lot of royalties!

Honestly, I also felt really refreshed after I sent that book out. I had finally completed my first book and now I have published my first book! Nothing can stop me now! I looked up to the sky as I breathed out.

07-06-07-15_11-29 PM

However, I knew my job wasn’t over yet and I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.

Where are you going?

I’m going to write another book silly!


Yeah! I’m insane right?

Only the best people are 😉

08-06-07-15_11-30 PM

Although, when I arrived back into my study. I opened up a word document and stared right at the page. A blank canvas, ready for me to pour out my soul onto the page, to write another amazing story that will touch the hearts of millions. Another story which I’ll love to write and love to be a part of.

The words were not forming. I couldn’t think of an amazing character. I couldn’t think of anything. The canvas remained blank.

10-06-07-15_11-37 PM

“What is going on?! Ugh!” I shouted at my computer before I calmed myself down.

09-06-07-15_11-31 PM-3

Although, before I knew it, I was teleported. Again, it felt weird and strange but I had gotten used to it by now. I was outside, right by my house by the pavement. I looked up to the sky, I’m sure where I was looking but I knew SummerFalls was out there somewhere.

Why have you teleported me here?


I will do no such— Yes, okay.

Stupid controlling of the sim feature. I laid down on the pavement and stared at the stars, where I managed to see everything. All the stars, all of the constellations and all of the nebulas. I’m not sure if this was SummerFalls’ doing but, it was inspiring and I was in awe.

12-06-07-15_11-40 PM

When I gazed up at the sky, I saw what SummerFalls wanted me to see.


Yes, you’re correct. It’s Orion’s Constellation.

This reminds me of your Wonder Child Character’s Father Orion! It’s too bad that he’s not here.

True! Although, I do have many versions of him thanks to my family saves.

That’s awesome! But, what’s the real purpose for bringing me out here?

14-06-07-15_11-40 PM-5

Since you’re having a hard time figuring out this brand new book and all, I received an email from the lovely CathyTea!

You mean… the player of Free-Jon?!

Yeah! CathyTea said that she’s hosting a Summer Camp and that she wants you to participate as the camp’s counsellor!

Well, I could do so but—

Free-Jon’s going to be there.

I’M IN. Look at the lovely stars!

13-06-07-15_11-40 PM-2

I was so excited! It’ll be my first time seeing Free-Jon since S-GAS and I’m both nervous but also very very happy. I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to do this as I think I could help the kids at the Summer Camp learn a thing or two about life! Also, my cupcakes are going to rock the world.

I rose up from the pavement and walked down the pathway to my house. There was no time to waste, I had to make this the best Summer Camp ever.

15-06-07-15_11-55 PM

1E – Strong Connections

01-05-02-15_10-47 PM


You know, it would be useful if you helped me to write.

How so?

I’ve been trying to think of what to write for quite a while and I’m getting nothin’!

Breathe, and think about what you want to write about. Then, just write and maybe something might come out! Not like vomit or anything, or big rainbow pony unicorn explosions. Just… an idea!

I followed what SummerFalls said. I took a deep breath and focused on the topic of people and their relationships, connections and bonds. I set my mind on what exactly I wanted to write about, and when I opened my eyes, I slammed my hands down on the keyboard and wrote with a fast speed like a cheetah.

02-05-02-15_10-48 PM-2

However, the more I wrote, the more drained I became and the more the ideas in my head slipped away or I thought were utterly useless. My mind ultimately travelled to a place where my creative ideas could not blossom nor be created, in the hell that all creative people hate. More specifically, in the hell that all WRITERS hate.

I had Writer’s Block.

Oh… you’re a bit tense. AH. Writer’s Block.

Yeah, it’s really bumming me out. I only tried to write about relationships between people and their connections and I can’t even think of a single thing to say.

03-05-02-15_11-13 PM

You must be feeling pretty down then?

Sorta, it’s more or so like I’ve been stripped of my very essence and that I can’t do anything. It feels like plum.

I’ll excuse the language. But, A U! You should be smiling! There’s nothing better than having a huge smile on your face!

04-05-02-15_11-13 PM-2

Like this?

I honestly tried to have a bright smile on my face, but the emotion of happiness wasn’t there. No matter how much I wanted to be happy, this writer’s block was disabling that.

Yeah, you need something to make you happy. Luckily, I have two gifts prepared for you!

Gifts? What are they?

One second…

In the next moment, I seemed to have entered a pause mode. The next thing I knew, I was standing in an infinite space of blue surrounded by silence. My clothes seemed to rapidly change and new outfits were appearing. I was back in Create-A-Sim or more specifically, Editing-A-Sim.

06-05-29-15_8-38 PM

This is outfit #1! How do you like it?

What… how did you even get these clothes?

I have to admit, half the things SummerFalls put on me were ghastly. They were terrible and I’m not sure why people would like to wear them.

They came with the new Luxury Party Stuff Pack.

Ah. That’s the reason. To showcase their wealth off to people.

I do like this outfit! It’s waistcoat is very comfortable and I love the red shirt that goes along with it. Luckily, you didn’t think of any make up options since you might have gone crazy for a second and decided to put some on me!

Never! Here’s outfit #2!

07-05-29-15_8-38 PM-2

When the second outfit was placed on me, it felt luxurious. When I looked at it, I was blinded. Even though all of the colours suited me pretty well, I was blinded by the light reflecting off the shiny bits of the suit. I do have to admit, that I sense a good sense of fashion here.

This is adequate.

Really? I thought you’d love it. Guess no–

I was only kidding! I do love it, really.

Awesome! When you get out of Create-A-Sim your second gift should be making their way to your house. Have fun!

Wait, you’re not going to be here?

I’ll be playing you, but I think I shouldn’t interrupt what might happen between the two of you.

Even though SummerFalls wanted to help me by dressing me in new clothes, it didn’t help at all. I still had Writer’s Block and it was stressing me out to far ends. Although, SummerFalls did say that the second gift should be making their way here soon.

09-05-29-15_8-42 PM

I’m wondering what it is, since I don’t think it’s a thing. I think it’s a who. I wonder who could be coming to my house. Did SummerFalls plop someone down into this world without me knowing? Have I seen them before? Have I met them before? All these questions were running through my mind as time trailed on.

10-05-29-15_8-42 PM-2

I could hear the person’s footsteps coming closer and closer to my front door. And, they barged in without knocking. I looked to see who the rude person was but, I knew when I looked at them that they were not rude. I knew that I told them to barge into my house whenever they wanted to. I knew that we had a close friendship because…

11-05-29-15_8-45 PM

It was Jamie Rose!

“OH. MY. PLUMBOB.” I shouted as she caught her breath after barging through the door.

“Sorry. Was running. I’m here now. Said you needed company. Here I am.” Jamie smiled as she stood up straight.

“Hi!” I smiled back as we both stared into each other’s eyes. The last time I saw her on SummerFalls’ game was at the S-GAS event but I got a chance to read her blog post with me on her player’s side of the screen so we both kind of know where our friendship is at.

“Come here you.” I dragged Jamie into a hug.

12-05-29-15_8-45 PM-2

“I’ve missed you on SummerFalls’ game!” I said.

“I’ve missed you too.” She replied. We both let go of each other’s hug soon enough and sat down on the sofas.

13-05-29-15_8-49 PM

“This house is awesome.” Jamie complimented as she looked around the various details of the house. I admitted to her that it took some time to get the house the way it was since the walls weren’t listening to my player.

“So, I read your latest blog post.” I started and Jamie took a deep breath. Her eyes continued to lay upon me as I carried on with what I was going to say, “And, I love you too! We both talk about so many things with each other and we both are so real to each other that our friendship is transcendent. Well, not exactly transcendent but nearly!”

Jamie laughed and stood up. While looking at my clothes she shook her head.

“Is that your everyday clothing?” She asked and I shook my head, “Then get changed and let’s take a picture!”

And that’s what happened!

14-05-29-15_8-50 PM

15-05-29-15_8-51 PM

16-05-29-15_8-54 PM

17-05-29-15_8-55 PM

We both stared at the wall that contained the photo. It didn’t really seem to fit in where it did. Even though the photo was super adorable and cute, it didn’t make the area around it liven up. For now, we had SummerFalls move it to a temporary spot where if I move in the future, I can have a huge photo wall full of photos along my journey.

Meanwhile, Jamie moved up to the easel and stared at it. She stroked the wood of the easel before looking at the photo again.

18-05-29-15_8-57 PM

“Joel… let me paint you.” Jamie asked before looking at me. Her eyes were filled with inspiration and happiness, something that I’ve been craving this entire day.

“I’m not sure, I’m not in the best of–“ SummerFalls had already assisted with the referencing for the portrait Jamie was about to do.

“Too late! Thanks SummerFalls!” Jamie smiled upwards.

No problem!

Wait, Jamie can talk to you too?

“Obviously.” Jamie grinned before she began to paint.

19-05-29-15_9-01 PM

After watching Jamie for hours, it finally clicked. How could I have been so stupid?

20-05-29-15_9-02 PM

I know why you sent Jamie.

Alright then. Enlighten me, my apprentice and simself.

I’ve been struggling to write about relationships and connections. So to help me, you gave me the person I have the strongest connection with in the sims-verse. You gave me the talisman needed to ignite inspiration. YOU made me experience my own story.

B-I-N-G-O! Well done, you win absolutely nothing! But you do win personal satisfaction. Let’s play this again some other time.

21-05-29-15_9-02 PM-2


Even though I now knew the purpose of why Jamie was sent, I still didn’t have any inspiration for my writing and it sucked.

“Hey, Jamie?” I wondered if she was too focused on her painting or if she was able to multi-task.

23-05-29-15_9-08 PM

“Yeah Joel?” Jamie answered.

“What is a relationship?” I asked and hopefully I didn’t just seem really dumb like I did inside of my head. Jamie set down her paintbrush as she had finished the portrait of myself. She came over and sat down at the sofas and pointed to the painting.

24-05-29-15_9-09 PM

“Let’s start with you.” Jamie said and I scratched my head. “Do you know the proper definition of a relationship?”

I shook my head, and Jamie continued onwards.

“A relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. For example, me and you are in a friendly relationship or friendship while Bella and Mortimer Goth are in a loving relationship. Everyone has a specific relation to another person.” Jamie started onwards and I nodded my head, everything was starting to make some sense.

25-05-29-15_9-09 PM-2

“However, the way people see relationships is completely different. A relationship can be bad or good, full of hatred or full of love. But, I feel that a relationship is dependent on the people that are in it and if they truly treasure the relationship. You can’t have a friendship without talking to your friend once in a while, and you can’t have a loving relationship if you’re always arguing.” Jamie finished off, and I then completely understood what Jamie meant.

“Thank you so much.” I was so eager to write now, the creative energy was burning inside of me and I had so many ideas flowing through.

“I need to leave, since it is getting late!” Jamie said as we shared one last hug before she left.

27-05-29-15_9-11 PM

28-05-29-15_9-12 PM

And then I ran upstairs into my study where I turned on the computer and wrote like mad. I wrote for thirty minutes before finally realising I had actually written. What JRose said really helped me today and soon I hope I can finish this blasted chapter of this book and move onto the next one where it gets way better!

29-05-29-15_9-12 PM-2

This is the bit where I kind of sum up everything I’ve learnt right? Well, today I learnt that relationships are a connection, a strong bond between people. Although not all of them may be happy relationships, people are connected and weaved into a chain which connects everyone together. I feel that everyone is connected because of the relationships people have with each other.

I love the bonds that I have with people, and I love the people I have bonds with. And hopefully, I have many more strong connections in the future!

P.S I love all of you ❤

P.P.S I love all of you too ❤

1D – That One Friend

05-02-15_10-25 PM

Work was an outstanding experience! I walked in and my boss welcomed me while giving me a comforting hug, which was my first hint that my job would be awesome. My second hint was that everyone there got to do whatever they wanted, as our job is to literally write. So, I decided to practice my writing a bit more before it was time for lunch.

At lunch, I decided to sit with some person whose name I can’t recall. We managed to mingle during lunchtime and we’ve become acquainted with each other! I think we can invite him around and see if we can form a long lasting friendship with each other.

I walked through my living room and into my hallway, and began to call the guy!

05-02-15_10-26 PM

 “Hello? Tim? It’s Joel! Yes, the one that works with you. No, not the one that spilt coffee on you this morning.” I was lying, “Do you want to come over? You do? That’s great! Twenty minutes is completely fine with me.”

Twenty minutes was not fine with me at all! I have so much to do to prepare. I have to tidy up the house a bit to make it look a bit presentable, I also have to try and see if there’s any nice music to put on and maybe if there’s anything nice on the tv. Wait a second…

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no.


You need to learn to live without my amazing helpful skills.

They’re not helpful unless you use them to help someone.

Excuse me?

Nothing. I’ll get tidying u-

Just get ready, he’ll be here any second now. I’ll get everything else sorted.


And in less than no time at all, Tim had arrived at my back door. (I wonder if it had something to do with the door arrangements.)

05-02-15_10-28 PM

 “Joel, woah man! You scared me there.” Tim remarked, but he saw me come out of the front door.

“Hi Tim!” I smiled, and Tim stood upright and swung his arms around.

“You know, I hear that our boss is an alien. You know, she always kind of looked strange, and her being an alien adds everything up!” That’s a bit rude, but I laughed anyway because it sounded a tad funny.

“Maybe, but I’m not one to judge.” I scratched my head, the tension between the two of us was growing as the silences were becoming longer and longer. Waiting for Tim to say something felt like an eternity and I couldn’t wait an eternity for a conversation to erupt.

05-02-15_10-28 PM-2

“You know, Game of Gro-” I was about to say before Tim completely stole the conversation away from me.

“Game of Groans seems to be an interesting book and I hear they’re adapting it into a television show? How extastic!” Tim announced. What is ‘extastic’?

I believe it’s a combination between exciting and fantastic.


No, he can only hear you speaking and...

“Who are you talking to?” Tim questioned, both of his eyes fixated on me with curiosity as he was dying to know the answer.

“Let’s go inside. I hear that something might be on tv.” I suggested as I pushed Tim inside.

“How supazing!” He has to stop now with this mash-ups. I’m going to infer that ‘supazing’ is a combination of super and amazing. Just before we sat down, I pointed my finger over at Tim and made a questioning face.

05-02-15_10-30 PM

“Hm… there’s something strange. I can’t put my finger on it.” I then made my way over and sat down on the sofa next to Tim.

05-02-15_10-31 PM

However, the longer we talked, the more weirder Tim got. He started to talk about the Maker and how he can whisper into our minds and tell us to do things, he had this giant conspiracy theory that us Sims were part of a game… funny right?


If everyone found out about SummerFalls in this world, then SummerFalls would probably delete this world which would result in all my new friendships here being lost. I can’t let that happen!

I ushered Tim up quickly and walked him over to the TV.

05-02-15_10-31 PM-3

“Listen Tim. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, and to stop the risk of getting you ill as well, you should leave.” I sighed, and Tim smiled.

“It’s okay! I’ll just come over tomorrow!” I had to stop Tim before he got ahead of himself.

“We should wait until the illness goes, I’ll call you when I feel better.” I then showed Tim to the door and he walked out, waving along the way.

We all have that friend, the one who is slightly crazy. They can be fun and amazing, and they can also be really creepy. BUT WHEN THEY THREATEN EVERYTHING YOU LIVE FOR. THAT’S WHEN I DRAW THE LINE.


It’s time for bed!

05-02-15_10-35 PM

Tomorrow I need to get some more writing done, it’s time that I start to buck up my ideas and get this first quest done. ALSO, I should try and meet some more people and maybe throw a housewarming party soon!

P.S This cologne is the bomb.

05-02-15_10-35 PM-2

1C – Foodie Wake-Up Call

I awoke the next morning with a yellow plumbob shining above my head! I was only asleep for a couple of hours in that comfortable bed, but now I feel super hungry.

05-02-15_10-11 PM

I swear, this story is just going to turn into you cooking every chapter!

You don’t have to take screenshots of everything I do. How about giving me a day with no screenshot taking?

Ok, you can have Friday off!

Awesome! Now, to the kitchen!

Once again, I took the ingredients out of the fridge but more delicately this time since the last time I got the ingredients out, I feel that the way I treated the ingredients lowered the quality a bit. As a result, I handled them with extreme care.

05-02-15_10-12 PM

They look like the same ingredients as yesterday! Are you making the same meal?

No, I’m making scrambled eggs…

Oh. So why do you need flour?

Uh, the knife dropped oh no!

I think I saved myself from that one. Honestly, I’m not completely sure why half the things happen in this world, it’s strange to think that there’s another way that things work and my world is the stranger one. Maybe their world is the stranger one, although they did create this world so maybe this is the stranger world.

I skilfully then add the ingredients to a mixing bowl which I then start whisking. The mixture slowly blends together and turns a very sunshine yellow kind of colour.

05-02-15_10-12 PM-2

“Whisking Whiskers. Whisking Whiskers. Whisking Whiskers.” I love repeating tongue twisters sometimes. It’s always fun to hear your own, or someone else’s voice trip up on a tongue twister!

After the mixture became smooth, I lit the flame on one of the stove hobs and a frying pan appeared on top. Oil had already been applied to it as it usually is in this world. I started to pour the mixture in “gently” into the frying pan.

05-02-15_10-13 PM

I used a spatula to separate the mixture into little parts so that the mixture could scramble and form my scrambled eggs. I also made sure to regularly turn the scrambled eggs a couple of times to be sure that everything was thoroughly cooked and well made.

As soon as the food was ready, I cupped it up using a plate while the frying pan disappeared. Again, another amazing thing about living in the world of The Sims! I also managed to feel the same tingly feeling and knowledge gaining that I felt when I leveled up in Writing.

Did I just level up in Cooking?

Yeah! Congratulations, maybe this will help you in the future.

Really? How?

You can make tastier food which will not make your hunger bar lower as quickly as it does!

Oh, you!!

I took a seat down at the counter islands where I gently took a whiff of the food I had just prepared.

05-02-15_10-14 PM

I’m now sure how bacon appeared on my plate, but the smell of it was defining. You could tell that it was well prepared because of the whiffs of meatiness you got from the bacon, but also the eggs provided the perfect accompaniment as you can smell the hint of eggs along with the bacon which makes a double team of yumminess!

I took a bite of the food and instantly enjoyed it! The bacon was crispy but tender while the eggs were easy to eat and to enjoy. It took next to no time at all to finish this plate of scrambled eggs, and I finished it all off by washing up the dish!

05-02-15_10-15 PM

After washing the plate, an electric shock passed through me as I realised that I’m missing one of my favourite cooking shows at this very second! I ran into the living room and launched myself at the sofa and sat down as quickly as I could. After rummaging around and finding the remote, I turned the TV on to my favourite cooking programme; Master Sim-Chef!

05-02-15_10-20 PM

You do know you have wo–

SH! It’s starting!

But I have to tell you tha–



I resumed watching the TV show after that rude interruption and I watched how they introduced the contestants of the programme.

“In Red, we have Bradford Robertson, a chef with both daring looks and a daring choice of meal. This week, he will be preparing le poulet avec le escargots. Any French speaker will know what that means. Meanwhile, the Blue chef, Patrick Thompson will be cooking a traditional sunday meal with a modernistic twist!” The announcer said as the image of the two contestants flashed upon the screen.

05-02-15_10-20 PM-2

However, I’ve noticed that the people in the TV show don’t actually look like us.

Who are these people, SummerFalls?

They’re Sims from The Sims 4’s Predecessor, The Sims 3.

Oh! So, Sims television programmes always feature sims from it’s predecessor?

I think so, I’m not entirely sure if I’m honest.

Is there a Simself of you in the Sims 3?

There was, but he’s gone now.

Ah okay, but— FIRE!

Fire blazed upon the television screen as the chef did some fancy tricks with the chicken.

05-02-15_10-20 PM-3

However, watching this television show did make me feel weird. It made me feel like something was missing, something important that I had to do and now I’m forgetting that I had to do it. I sat there for a while and wondered about what that thing could possibly be. Thinking face time!

05-02-15_10-21 PM

What am I missing?

Can I tell you what I was trying to tell you before you began ignoring me?

What is it? Is it important?

Work. Writing Work. It begins in roughly 30 sim minutes!

That’s not a lot of time.

Yeah I know. Now hurry and get ready!

05-02-15_10-22 PM

I pulled a huge smile on my face. Eek! My first day of work, it’s really exciting. I have to try and meet someone at work today so that I can invite them over after work so that I can socialize with them since my social need is a bit lacking this days.

When it was time to leave, I rose up from my sofa and walked to the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door gently.

“Remember Joel — Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” I muttered to myself before walking out of the door.

05-02-15_10-23 PM

And off I went, into the open world and into the career of writing!

05-02-15_10-23 PM-2

Hey! SummerFalls here 🙂 I wanted to know, how are you enjoying (or maybe not enjoying) the story so far? Is there anything you want to see Joel do? Comment down below!
Thank you! 😀

1B – Settling In

To get started with my first ‘quest’ and to also settle into this environment, I decided that I should try and look for some inspiration to help me decide on what my first book should be. Although, just before I was about to go and get a book from the study room bookshelf, I felt like I had just been through another pause mode.


I built all of the other rooms, plus your house is finally completed! There may be a few changes though. Go and check it out, there’s a bookcase in the living room!

Yay! Thanks SummerFalls… where is the living room?

After he directed me to the Living Room, I picked out a book from the bookshelf. It was titled something along the lines of, ‘A Legend of Maesters.’.

05-02-15_8-16 PM

I only picked it up because it looked like the longest one out of the ones that were available. I should try and buy more interesting books when I have the chance. I made my way over to the sofa where I opened the book and began to read it.

05-02-15_8-21 PM

Why were my eyes closed for that screenshot? Was it the flash? I’m usually bad with the flash, like SummerFalls. The book honestly did seem interesting at first, but as I read on the book kept dragging and dragging plot point after plot point. And then there was a random fight in the ballroom when no one did anything to agitate anyone?!

Logic was definitely not used in the writing of this novel.

However, joy was soon brought to my face when the death of the character I hated the most, Markerlarth died! He was killed in a really gruesome way, but he deserved it since he killed the main character’s true love, and also ruined their chance at a happy ending. I felt so happy, but my eyes were still closed slightly in the screenshot!

05-02-15_8-22 PM

I would rate this novel probably a 4/10 just because it’s plot was really confusing to get my head around but the death of Markerlarth just made the book more enjoyable for me to read. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone to read though.

My stomach soon grumbled as my plumbob slowly turned yellow.

You’re hungry.

Oh really? I never knew.

Was that sarcasm? Did you just use sarcasm on me?

No! I wouldn’t dare.

Oh shush Rochdale. I’ll starve you!

No you wouldn’t, you enjoy my company too much!

True, now let’s go feed you.

My stomach grumbled again while I held the book in my hand.

05-02-15_9-25 PM

“Food!” I muttered to myself before I placed the book down and walked right into the kitchen through the archway. The kitchen took a little while to get used to, since I had to find out where everything was.

I also noted the absence of the Cupcake Machine which made me a little upset, but maybe I’ll be doing something in the future which will be cupcake related? Hopefully so! I wonder what I’ll be able to do… moving on.

I decided that I wanted Macaroni and Cheese for dinner so I walked over to the fridge and took out the ingredients.

05-02-15_9-27 PM

“Cheese, Pasta, Flour and Eggs.” I kept repeating to myself. As soon as the fridge door shut, I made my way over to the counter where I began to sort out the ingredients into a saucepan.

I made sure to use a non-stick all slick saucepan since it’d be easier to clean when I’m finished with it. As soon as I finished with the chopping board, it disappeared once all the ingredients were in the saucepan. That’s one of the useful things about being a sim, most things disappear after you use it and reappear when you need it.

05-02-15_9-27 PM-2

So, do you usually cook your own food?

Keep your eyes on the pot!

Answer the question!

Sometimes, it depends on what I feel like having. I can’t cook everything but I can cook some stuff.

Nice! I guess when you become a Young Adult like me, you’ll be able to cook like how I’m cooking now.

The Mac & Cheese soon became cooked and I dished it right into a bowl before the saucepan disappeared from my grasp. I took the fork which appeared into my hand and ate the food without a problem. It tasted so good!

05-02-15_9-29 PM

You should try this! This is so tasty and it has sparkles coming off of it!

Wait, you made an excellent meal and you’re level 1 in the cooking skill. Is that possible?

Maybe… you did give me an amazing stove.

Oh yeah, I did.

I continued to eat the Mac & Cheese, and after I finished I washed the plate. The bubbles that form while I wash plates always seem so interesting to me, they like to move around the sink and it’s mesmerising to watch.

Even so, I decided to give myself my first change of clothes since returning back to this world. SummerFalls gave me some brand new outfits since Get To Work came out and I think I know of one that I definitely want to wear. And so… here it is!

05-02-15_9-31 PM

I do look mighty fine, if I say so myself. I walked right into my study afterwards, but not before looking into the amazing wardrobe that SummerFalls always seems to like making for some reason.

05-02-15_9-32 PM

“I like that shirt, and I like those jeans and I also think those shoes would look so great on these feet!” I began talking to myself again before throwing myself back into the study.

I sat down on the chair and turned on my PC and while it booted up I began thinking about what my first story would be about. Would it be a crime novel? Or would it be a story about a deadly betrayal?

I propose that you practice writing first, since it seems that you won’t be able to write stuff like that until level 3. Where you’ll write short stories.

Oh really? What could I write now then?

Children’s books.

Oh, then I should practice writing then! Thanks for the tip!

05-02-15_9-32 PM-2

I began to just write about anything that came to mind. Stuff about a lost person, stuff about losing your memory and even stuff about a monster from hell coming back from the dead to hunt the living and steal their souls.

You can blame my extreme thinking on SummerFalls since I do think he has a hidden insane trait. But because of SummerFalls too, I remembered to email someone that he actually helped me meet along the way!

05-02-15_9-38 PM

“Hey Free-Jon! It’s Mr. Cupcake here and I wanted to first of all say that it’s been a while! Well, at least it has for me.
I’ve moved into a brand new world and my house is really awesome. If you decide to come here one day, we’d have so much fun! Although, my player hasn’t put in a cupcake machine into this room which makes me upset but he wouldn’t have done that without a reason to.
The story I’m in now, it’s sort of a quest / freestyle type story. I’m working towards certain goals but I can take however long I want to do them! It’s kind of nice since I’ll be able to meet people and maintain relationships with them while I do each of my quests.
Don’t tell SummerFalls this but, it’s really exciting that I’m part of this story.

Talk to you soon!
Joel Rochdale”

And then I pressed send! I hope he receives it soon so that I can receive a speedy reply, although I wouldn’t mind if he took longer. I closed down the tab to reveal my word processor on the screen.

05-02-15_9-50 PM

I continued writing afterwards, leading onto getting myself my very first story idea! It’s a collection of short stories about a detective who solves crimes by using cupcakes. It’d be called ‘Cupcake Crimes’. I like the sound of it already!

Suddenly, I feel a little tingly and I suddenly begin to type faster than usual. More and more ideas flow into my brain than before and it feels like I’ve been enlightened more in writing.

05-02-15_10-03 PM

You gained a skill point!

So that’s what that was just now?

Yeah! You felt tingly and you’re getting better at writing right?

Exactly! This feels so awesome, I want to gain more and more skill points! But…

Oops, I accidentally yawned in the middle of our conversation! How rude was that? But… I am talking to myself so I guess I would be able to understand.

Let’s put you to bed.

I turned off the computer monitor after he said that.

05-02-15_10-06 PM

I walked out of the study and into my bedroom, where I walked over to my bed and span around, changing into my sleepwear. I opened up the duvet and jumped inside!

05-02-15_10-07 PM

“This has been a successful first day.” I thought to myself before falling asleep. I kept dreaming about what it will be like to actually do this first quest and what amazing things await me in the future quests.

I couldn’t help but notice that my social need was growing more and more, which means that I need to talk to someone other than my player soon because it doesn’t count as filling up my social need. I guess I’ll go and meet some people at work tomorrow and then invite one over after work!

But for now, it’s time to sleep!

05-02-15_10-07 PM-2

1A – A Whole New World

I felt like I have been travelling through the Gallery and Create-A-Sim ever since S-GAS ended. It’s more or so SummerFalls editing me since the Get to Work expansion pack came out, and it’s pretty exciting for me too since I get new things! Oh? You don’t know who’s talking… or maybe you do? Nevertheless, I should introduce myself.

02-21-15_1-50 AM-2

Hello! My name is Joel Rochdale and I’m the official Simself of SummerFalls. What you’re reading now is the official record of our adventures together and how we talk and collide. It’s going to be a bit weird at first, but hopefully you’ll be able to get used to it!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

It seemed that I had landed on an empty lot when I finally materialized into the world. I was not impressed as I thought there would be some kind of house waiting for me to fully explore and enjoy it’s secrets!

01-04-30-15_5-49 PM

“Home Sweet Home.” I muttered to myself before walking down the sidewalk. Then came the booming voice inside of my head.

Okay, you can stop being sarcastic now. I’m going into build mode soon enough so hold your horses! I’m just giving myself some building money!

So, you’re cheating?

It’s not cheating. I’m getting my payment for hosting S-GAS.

Ah! Okay. I was wondering what they were giving you.

Really? Moving on, what kind of house would you like? I’m leaning towards mediterranean or even mid-century modern.

He really needs to shut up, he’s going to go on for ages if he’s like me.

02-04-30-15_5-49 PM-2

Just get building.

Oh. Right. Okay. I’ll do that.

And then I entered the Pause Mode. It feels weird at first but then I slowly get used to it over time. I can’t watch SummerFalls build the house but it does suddenly appear when I come out of Pause Mode. Also, items sometime disappear and materialize into thin air. Build & Buy Mode is truly magical.

And then suddenly, I could feel myself being able to move again. And the lovely beauty of the house was before my eyes.

03-05-01-15_10-11 PM

There you go! But two things. One, it’s not completely finished as I still have to do your bedroom and the living room. Two, the back garden still hasn’t been designed yet either and I’m unsure about window placements around the house.

It was still beautiful.

It’s okay, I guess. So, how did you even come up with the idea for this house?

Well, I had been stuck on house ideas for you for the past 24 hours. So yes, you have been stuck in pause mode for 24 hours my time.

04-05-01-15_10-12 PM

I looked right at the camera with a tiny bit of worry on my face. I was a block of ice for 24 hours?!

But then I saw a design like this house but it had a garage and not enough foliage so I mixed and matched it up.

Nice. So… can I head in?

You can walk to the door, but then I’ll teleport you up to prevent spoilers!


And off I went! I walked right down the little isle right up to the front door.

05-05-01-15_10-13 PM

Let me tell you! Teleportation is one of the weirdest experiences that I’ve ever had in my life! One minute you’re in one place and the next second you’re completely staring at a new environment that’s different to you. I seemed to be in the study area of the house due to the computer and bookshelf being present.

I found the sofa quite easily where I then threw myself at it and sat down on it as quickly as I could.

06-05-01-15_10-17 PM

The room just tied itself in nicely together… there was no way SummerFalls could have made something like this.

You got this from the Gallery didn’t you?

How did you know?

It has that Gallery Pixel smell all around this room.

There’s a smell to go along with the Gallery?

Yes. Of course there is!

Dumb plumbob. I did take a chance to fully take in my surroundings though and get used to all the locations of the many new things that were in this room.

07-05-01-15_10-18 PM

I love the little display case full of boxes, it looks like that I’ve just recently moved in and haven’t put away anything yet which is always cool. Also, the oil lamp brings together the natural furniture elements around it and turns the entire area into an eccentric vibe! The PC could use a couple of upgrades but later on, and finally the noticeboard which is already full. I should probably take some of that stuff down.

08-05-01-15_10-18 PM-2

Moving on, the bookcase in an alcove was a nice touch by whoever made this room. Various Simlish books were on the shelf followed by other Miscellaneous items which makes my heart twinkle. I love collecting Miscellaneous items for no apparent reason!

Now, there was a more urgent matter that I needed to attend to.

09-05-01-15_10-19 PM

So, why exactly am I having my own story?

Easy! You’re my simself and you’re going to be set a mission.

A Mission?

This wasn’t in the contract!

Yeah! I’ll be giving you a mission and once you complete it you can earn a reward. It might be a bigger lot, or more money or even… another mission!

So, I’m not just living life?

You can live life… just while doing these!

I looked up to the sky hopelessly. I wonder what the first mission SummerFalls has for me, will I be able to complete it or will it be something so extreme that I don’t even know how I would begin it.

10-05-01-15_10-19 PM-2

What would you require me to do?

Your first mission is simple. Reach the top of the Writer’s Career, Skill, Complete the Writer’s Aspiration and write a total of 10 bestsellers! Easy right?

Easy for you to say! I guess I’ll be here for a while.

Don’t worry, you also have friends in this world! You just have to find them. You can spend some time away from the main goal and go meet some people. That would be cool!


What’re you doing?

Applying for the writer’s job. Excuse me.

11-05-01-15_10-20 PM

I talked to someone named Doris over the phone about the Writer’s job. I just have to read books and get a good writing skill to be able to increase job performance and get a promotion. I should save a day where I can go meet new people this week.

Well, I’ll be leaving you to it then!

Wait, you’re not going to be controlling me?

I am, but I want you to write the story from your point of view. It gets annoying when I talk all the time so you go ahead and write! I’ll pop in from time to time.

Okay bye! Ew, Frozen moment.

And that’s how Book One of Part of Me began.

writer quest accepted 

12-05-01-15_10-21 PM