Final Thoughts – The Wonder Child

Where do I even begin? I think I’ll start with thanking each and every reader, commenter and supporter of this blog and my first story! It’s been a real journey through this and I believe that I have grown as both a story-teller and a writer. The first ever chapter of The Wonder Child was posted on the 18th January 2015 and ended on the 30th May 2015. That’s a whopping four months and twelve days (of course, I did take some breaks between), but still, it’s been quite some time! I think I’ll now talk about my thoughts surrounding the actual challenge this story was based upon!

Leliana ended up with a total score of 496 points! I did beat Pinstar which was my side-goal for this challenge! While playing this challenge, I¬†devised a sort of strategy during Leliana’s child phase which was to save the social butterfly aspiration until last since that was going to be the hardest to complete. Although, when I actually played through it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I also managed to get Leliana to build that ‘hidden homework skill’ so she could fly through her homework easy peasy.

In Leliana’s teenage years, I heavily focused on aspirations and skills while trying to fit some story plot in there! Luckily with the help of the amazing Jes2G, we even had a mini-storyline! In terms of aspirations, I chose the ones that were the easiest to complete, and because of the easter egg hunt at the time, the collector aspiration was perfect! I slowly built up her traits over time and her skills became easier and easier to level which took off a lot of pressure on me and allowed me to focus on the story.

Concerning the actual story… it was a blast. From the first chapter until the end, there was never a chapter I regretted posting or a chapter that I didn’t want to write. I loved all of the Frenlore Family and I loved that each member of the family acted in their own special way which really pieced the story together for me. Although it may have seemed I made Leliana out to be a lunatic to some sims, I feel that her amazingness convinced them that she is a Queen! Now, Danielle’s storyline came to me while I was trying to think of the ending to The Wonder Child. Originally, Danielle was going to be the big bad who wanted to kill Leliana so that she could absorb her knowledge using a machine… however I felt that was too… weird. So, I changed her and I think I like her better now than ever.

Question Time!

How much of the plot did you work out ahead of time, and how much evolved as you played the challenge?
Well, I didn’t start working on any plot until Leliana was born. After then, I knew that the voice would come to her yet I didn’t have an identity for the voice. However, when I thought about Danielle, I immediately knew she would be perfect for the voice. So, I would say the plot evolved quite a bit while playing the challenge but it also stuck to what I had planned ahead of time.

What was your final score?
496! You can find the full breakdown of her points in the Green Room of her Dollhouse!

What do you have planned for Leliana and her Pruett? ūüôā
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What did you find most enjoyable about writing this? Most challenging?
I felt that I found writing in Leliana’s child perspective most enjoyable as I could really let my imagination run wild with many different possibilities. However, I found that writing both Athena and Orion’s death was the most challenging because I had to convey the emotions right and to the point, which took a few revisions until I felt I had it.

How do you feel you’ve grown as a writer through your writing this novel?
As a writer, I feel that writing this first story has let me grow in many different ways. First of all, I feel that I’m more confident in writing in First Person than I used to be, I feel that I was able to take Leliana’s reactions to situations and convey them with just the right amount of emotion. I also feel that I’ve grown as a person from this story, as Leliana has taught me a lot of things while playing this!

What was your favourite chapter?
I feel that my that my favourite chapter overall would have to be Sunset. It allowed me, as a player and as a writer, to properly say goodbye to both Athena and Orion and actually allow me to make writing their deaths slightly easier on me.

Speaking of future stories, Leliana will now be living in The Pruett Family Legacy with Devan! You can catch her in her first chapter on July 2nd which will be an eventful day! She really did manage to find her happiness in the end. Also, what’s happening with her old world you say? Since the wormhole destroyed the world, I guess it would be right to start a…


I’m not sure what it’ll be called yet, but I’m excited to start playing this challenge. Although, it won’t be for quite some time as tackling a legacy and an apocalypse challenge might be hard to do at the same time! However, there’s something I want you to do!

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Thank you for joining me on this journey once again! ‚̧

The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty-Two – A Final Goodbye

The next day…

01-05-28-15_5-21 PM

Mr Roboto flashed the holographic blueprint that I designed on the Inventor Constructor. We both talked for several hours about what materials would be needed and what parts would be required.

Soon enough, we ordered materials from the Government and they came down a brass tube, and smashed on the ground. Classy.

02-05-28-15_5-22 PM

“Are you ready, Leliana?” Mr Roboto asked and I nodded. “Guide me well.”

And then we started to build the¬†Wormhole Frame. There was a lot of smoke and noise, but fortunately there was an air vent above the Inventor Constructor so I wasn’t going to die or anything.

03-05-28-15_5-23 PM

05-05-28-15_5-23 PM-3

04-05-28-15_5-23 PM-2

06-05-28-15_5-23 PM-4

After a few hours of construction, the final bolts and plates of Iron slammed into the wormhole frame as it stood on the Inventor Constructor as a finished product.

“We really did it.” I muttered as I stared at the finished product.

07-05-28-15_5-24 PM

“Yes, we really did.” Mr Roboto said as he nudged my shoulder. I guess it was his way of hugging people. I hugged Mr Roboto as well, he did have compassion and he was full of love.

“Hey, Mr Roboto.” I looked at Mr Roboto then with exciting eyes.

08-05-28-15_5-25 PM-2

“Yeah?” He said excitedly.

“Let’s test this out!” I suggested as he picked up the Wormhole Frame which we had compromised to name The Wonder Wormhole Generator. But anyways, he plopped down the¬†The Wonder Wormhole Generator and I felt it and examined it. It was warm to the touch, but that was probably because it was freshly built.

I withdrew a screwdriver from the tool rack that was in the science lab and I began to calibrate The Wonder Wormhole Generator.

09-05-28-15_5-26 PM-2

“A little to the left and a little to the right.” I kept saying to myself as I calibrated it. The way to calibrate this? I’m not even sure, but I knew that it probably took what I was thinking of into account of where¬†The Wonder Wormhole Generator was going to end up.

I thought of Sixam and the aliens contained within. We hadn’t really had a pathway to Sixam since it’s discovery other than a rocketship, but I could be the first one capable of building an easy passageway!

After it was calibrated, I stuck in an activity detector to see if there was any life where the Wormhole’s destination was.

10-05-28-15_5-27 PM

“Yes! There’s a beat!” I cheered excitedly. However, when I tested travelling through¬†The Wonder Wormhole Generator with an apple… it came back in grave condition.

“Mr Roboto. We’re going to have to upgrade this thing.” I explained to him as he picked up¬†The Wonder Wormhole Generator and dragged it over to the Inventor Constructor, where he started work on it once more.

“As you requested.” Mr Roboto answered.

11-05-28-15_5-31 PM

The Next Day…


After calibrating¬†The Wonder Wormhole Generator again to the frequency that I did yesterday, an alien travelled through! AN ACTUAL ALIEN! I’m lucky that this was in the middle of the night so that the Government workers might not be in the observation room.

I dragged him over to a blind spot where he wouldn’t be spotted by anyone.

12-05-28-15_5-34 PM

“Hey! So, what’s your name?” I asked, and he seemed to twist a dial device on his wrist.

“I am Pixel.” He introduced himself, “What’s your name?”

“I am Leliana Frenlore.” I’m not sure if Pixel knew the danger that was coming to him, I wished that he didn’t.

“Am I going to die?” He questioned and I froze.

“What do you mean?” Pixel moved over to the computer desk and sat down on the chair.

13-05-28-15_5-36 PM

“We’ve already been warned by our Government that your Government plans to destroy us.” He explained, as he showed me his planet’s Government website. However, it was in Sixamish and I couldn’t understand it.

“I’m not going to let that happen.” I said, and I smiled. Pixel smiled back as he walked back through the wormhole and went back home.

This had been my plan all along. I’d build the wormhole and make the Government happy. However,¬†The Wonder Wormhole Generator has been made to only work for one journey, my journey. I will travel through the wormhole to a destination. I’m not sure where, but I must decide. I’m going to leave tomorrow.

The Final Day

14-05-28-15_5-37 PM

I knew where I had to go. My heart told me where to go. My mind told me where to go. I was focused on going there and only there. They’re probably waiting for me right now, they’re probably wondering where I am.

Every story stars a hero, one that makes great sacrifices so that everyone else can be happy so that they can eventually have their own happiness in the end right? Well, in my story, I want my own happiness. I’ve endured so much, lived through love, death and revenge. I’ve never had a choice in my life until now, and I’m going to take it.

I’m going to use it and I’m going to be happy.

15-05-28-15_5-39 PM

I took a deep breath.

“Leliana, where are you going?!” The female voice was back. Just in time.


16-05-28-15_5-40 PM

Goodbye Alistair. Goodbye Demetri. Goodbye Dad. Goodbye Mom. Goodbye Everyone.

I’m leaving the past behind, and I’m travelling to my future. However, I will never forget you. This is my final goodbye.

17-05-28-15_5-40 PM-2

And with that, I was gone.

When I made it through to the other side, I fell. From the sky. Down to the ground. However, I stopped and floated for a second, just before hitting the ground, which stopped me dying.

“Lucky me.” I remarked¬†before I looked around and then at myself, “Hey! My clothes changed!”

However, nothing could stop the sad expression from forming. I couldn’t see them.


Wait. This neighbourhood is familiar. I looked around to discover that this was the neighbourhood I grew up in, but it wasn’t the same. My¬†old house wasn’t there, it was some other house, the house before.

I decided to look around and try to find someone.


“HELLO?” I screamed as I looked around for someone. Anyone. However, I was only greeted by silence. Even when the tears were forming, I ran around quickly. I needed to find them.




“Mom… Dad… I can’t find them. What do I do?!” I cried, but then, somewhere inside of me I heard both of their voices.

“Keep searching. You will find them.” They said. And I followed it, I persevered and continued to try and find them. I can’t be homeless, there is no one I know where probably. The world looks the same, feels the same, but I can tell it exists in a different universe. I wouldn’t be able to be out in broad daylight like this if this was my world.


“Come on Leliana, let’s keep trying.” I said to myself, which started a conversation with myself. First stage of insanity.

“Why? How do you know I’ll find them?”

“Because of how much you love them. Follow your dream to have your personal happiness and you will find them.”¬†


“Well… what about Alistair, Demetri and Danielle? Don’t they need me?”

“Leliana, inside of you, you trusted the three of them to live their lives by themselves. You know that they can live on without you, even if you feel like they need you.”


“You’ve done all you can for them, you’ve done everything everyone has asked of you. But even now, you have never done anything for yourself, never followed a dream because you were constricted by the program. You have your chance. Find them.”

Okay, best talk with my conscience ever.


Even if I did look like I lost all hope, it was because I was extremely uncomfortable. I needed to see them.

I started to walk once more, and I wandered for hours, looking for a hint as to where I could find them. Nothing. I decided it was time to ask for some help and when I found a house nearby, I thought they might know where I could find them.


Run. That was the only thought in my mind. I ran towards the house before stopping, my shoelace was untied. After tying it up, I stood up and looked towards the house.


“This house looks pretty awesome. I hope I can live in a place like this in this world.” I smiled as I made my way to the door.

I walked up the steps.


And I knocked on the door three times.


While gazing inside.


“This house looks amazing on the inside too!” And then the door was opened, and I froze. In this world, I knew they were here but I never knew I’d find their house like this. They looked at me and froze as well. I couldn’t believe it.


I couldn’t help but burst out into tears, I had finally found them. I had finally found him.


“I found you. My happiness.” I smiled.

And from that moment, my happily ever after had finally begun.

However, back in Leliana’s old world. Things didn’t go as she thought it would be.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” The feminine voice shouted as red lights and sirens boomed and beamed from the control room inside the Government.

“The wormhole is growing out of control! It’s energy is spiking and it’s too much to contain!” Another voice, masculine had explained.

“Then what’s going to–“ The feminine voice had asked but she couldn’t finish her sentence. She died before she could finish it. She died along with 86.5% of the world’s population.

The Wonder Wormhole Generator¬†had plunged¬†¬†Leliana’s old world into an apocalypse. And nothing would ever be the same again.

The end.

Thank you for reading ‚̧
There will be a ‘final thoughts’ post about this story and this challenge as a whole and I will also be answering questions about everything! So, be sure to submit your questions HERE!


The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty-One – Breakthrough

01-05-28-15_4-48 PM

I woke up to find myself in a very strange place.

“Hello Miss Frenlore.” A feminine voice said as I sprang up. Examining the place, it was very unfamiliar, but it had all the necessities needed to live in. However, I didn’t want to stay here.

“Where am I?” I asked, before I heard a laugh coming from the speaker. That plum nugget.

“You are underground. In a place where no one can find you. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on finishing the Wonder Child Program but unfortunately, this isn’t the end for you. After becoming the top Wonder Child, you shall help us.” The woman explained and I laughed this time.

“What makes you think I’ll help YOU?” I shouted and the woman tapped the microphone.

“Your brothers’ safety depends on how you perform.” What? What have they done to them? They better not have touched them! I wanted to say all of these things but I knew it wasn’t the time. First of all, I dressed myself into a more comfortable outfit.

02-05-28-15_4-49 PM

At least this feels warm. I thought. This room felt too cold, and with the one sided windows, I knew that I was being watched.

“You can go through the orange doors, and go through to the other room.” The woman instructed. Having nothing else to do, I followed her instruction.

03-05-28-15_4-54 PM

A fountain? How thoughtful. I can drown myself in it and stop this whole thing from happening. However, I stopped myself from doing so as I thought about what might happen to Alistair and Demetri.

04-05-28-15_4-54 PM-2

I looked around as I saw the various science equipment in the room. The robot on one of the machines turned to face me.

“Miss Frenlore! How do you do?” The voice. That voice. The Government are a bunch of plum nuggets. How dare they take his voice and put it on this robot? HOW DARE THEY?!

“Hello, Robot with Orion’s voice.” I breathed out, I had to keep calm. In a way, it makes me feel more comfortable, but also more aware of how desperate and cruel the Government really are.

“Let me help you.” The robot said as it’s light-bulb-scanner-thingy scanned me and changed my clothes to the ones I liked to wear the most. I guess me and this robot can get along, but I had to remember. Even with Orion’s voice, this robot was the enemy.

05-05-28-15_4-56 PM

“What’s this?” I asked the robot.

“That is a pressure chamber. It will hold the pressure generated by the wormhole.” The robot explained and I nodded my head. After examining the rest of the equipment, I wandered over to the computer where I began to check out some websites.

06-05-28-15_4-56 PM-2

Restricted. Restricted. Restricted.

I guess the Government don’t want me to send any messages anywhere or spread the word of what happened to me. However, one website that did work was the Government’s own website, where they made a declaration.

To the citizens of the world,
We have been tirelessly working for the past couple of years raising children to be the future generation of intelligence. And now, with the top Wonder Child, we now have the means to change the world for the better. We will be able to harness futuristic technology and travel to the planet of Sixam where we will try and harbor a peace treaty between both of our planets. Should this be successful, you can expect amazing changes to our planet.

Until the next update,
President Plumbob.

What liars. Peace treaty? What plum. They’re going to invade and conquer and act like the peace treaty was refused. They aren’t interested in Sixam’s safety at all. Sixam have their own citizens, they have their own lives, children and memories. We have no right to take that away from them.

07-05-28-15_4-57 PM

This should help to stop the restriction on the websites, I thought.

Soon afterwards, I stood at the big machine contraption thingy where I held a conversation with the robot with the voice of Orion.

08-05-28-15_4-58 PM

“Hey Mr. Roboto.” I said as the robot’s head drew closer to me.

“Hello, Miss Frenlore.” It’s head looked like it was waving! I laughed a bit, before replying back to the robot.

“You can call me Leliana, you know?” And the robot nodded.

“Okay. Leliana.” It seemed happy by saying that.

11-05-28-15_4-58 PM-4

“So, I’m not even sure how to build one of these wormhole thingies that they want.” I admitted and the robot erupted in a weird, mechanical laughter.

“You have to have a breakthrough first!” The robot advised and I scratched my head. Breakthrough?

“What in the heavens is a ‘Breakthrough’?” I questioned and the robot’s light-scanner-thingy shone on the invention contraption.

“When using this machine, you may figure out certain blueprints in your mind or figure out the items needed to make what you want or both. This machine can put ideas into your head, Leliana. That is a breakthrough, when you realise a huge idea can be done and you know how to do it.”

Right! Time to use this machine then and hope something breaks through! Ha. Ha.

09-05-28-15_4-58 PM-2

“Can you help me start up this machine then Mr Roboto?” I requested and the robot nodded.

Suddenly, the machine hummed to life with power and a huge hologram appeared in front of my eyes.

12-05-28-15_5-00 PM

“Put it together using that.” The robot advised and I did as he said.

It almost seemed like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting pieces together and hoping they fit. One piece after another, the pieces fitted together and also came apart. After hours of working at this machine, the final part of the jigsaw fit into place and the hologram flashed green.

“YES!” I shouted, I knew how to build the Wormhole Frame. However, I immediately knew that this was only helping the Government do what they wanted. But inside of me, I wanted to build this portal and I wanted to know what I was capable of.

13-05-28-15_5-02 PM

But at the same time, I was incredibly scared. I was scared what would happen to me after I had finished the portal. Would they allow me to go home? Probably not. Would they kill me?


The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty – A Party to Remember

There was no time for a funeral. There wasn’t even time to properly say goodbye. The morning after, everyone was busy getting ready for my birthday party. Why are they looking happy? Why are they so excited? Nothing in this world made sense anymore, and me, on my own, would have to leave after this is all done.

When we all gathered at my party, my eyes wondered around the club.

01-04-11-15_6-38 PM

There’s multiple Government Agents here, I thought to myself. Thanks to Danielle hacking the system, I knew every single Government Agent involved with the project.

Even on the day I’m supposed to be happy, they’re here to try and bring me down. However, I knew what I had to do and I knew what I wanted to do. For the final time, I would party with my brothers, I would toast and sing, because this would be the last time I ever hear the Birthday Song. And because I knew that, I had to make this party count.

Meanwhile, Demetri was focused on trying to win money off two people that he didn’t know were Government Agents. Penelope White and Frank Littlewood.

“Sit down! You’re about to face against the champion of poker!” Demeti cheered as he dragged Frank down to the seat.

02-04-11-15_6-41 PM

I guess it was an extremely fun but extremely serious poker game as everyone’s poker face was focused on the game at hand. But, as I predicted, Demetri did win the game and won a grand total of $24563!! I guess he could do this to win his college tuition right? Hopefully this doesn’t become an addiction though.

Soon enough, everyone came and joined the dance floor. Even Grim came to the birthday party! I guess he felt regretful that he took my mother away one day before my birthday.

03-04-11-15_6-43 PM

I joined in the dancing soon after, and it felt pretty fun! Echosmith’s ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ came on and we had a pretty good dance session with that.

04-04-11-15_6-43 PM-2

“How come you’re here?” I asked Grim while he was still here. It was a popular fact that Grim didn’t like to stay in one place for too long.

“I heard it was your birthday today and I came to deliver you a present.” Grim whispered as he handed me a leatherbound book. When I looked down at it my eyes widened with surprise.

To my Dearest Daughter
By Orion Frenlore

“How did you…?” I was at a complete loss for words.

“He gave it to me the first time I came for him, after your brother left though.” Even though I couldn’t see Grim’s face, I knew that he was smiling.

06-04-11-15_6-43 PM-4

Even so, Grim shouldn’t be looking where he was looking.

“GRIM.” I demanded, and he looked up at me. We both laughed at the absurdity of the conversation before continuing to dance. Even for someone who is immortal, Grim had to be respected as someone who had to witness death, sadness and misery everyday of his existence. So, him having a day of happiness was the only reward that I could give him.

After, Alistair came to me and Grim and started dancing with us as well.

07-04-11-15_6-43 PM-5

“You will have time tomorrow right?” Alistair asked before smiling at me. We both knew the answer to that question. The Government would not allow it, that’s how villainous they really are.

“No.” I answered. I didn’t want to say anymore as I didn’t want to make him sad on my birthday. On the day that I’m supposed to be receiving gifts, I end up giving everything I have to everyone else.

To Alistair, I gave him my positivity. Death makes him melancholic for a long time and I do not want to have that happen to him again. To Demetri, I gave him my collection of Wonder Queen items. I will not need them anymore, the place where I’m going will not allow such items in there. And finally, to everyone else, I gave them the memories. Memories of how myself and how we met, memories of how I impacted their lives, memories of me as Princess and Queen of The Wonder Kingdom. I felt slightly more at peace with leaving now.

08-04-11-15_6-44 PM

11-04-11-15_6-47 PM

Luckily, the both of them won’t know why I had to leave or where I am going. Knowing the both of them, they would declare a personal mission against the Government to rescue me, but I know that it would be in vain and result in their deaths.

Then it was time for the candles and cake. They brought in the cake slowly as they sang;

“Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Wonder Queen!
Happy Birthday to you!”

And I blew out my candles while making my last  ever birthday wish in this world.
Please. Let them live. Demetri and Alistair, I want them to live for a long time.

My phone soon vibrated afterwards, and I picked up my phone to check the message. And as soon as I did, my smile which was present turned into both a surprised and grief-stricken face.

12-04-11-15_6-48 PM

It was from… Mom? How could she have sent this? Unless she scheduled it to be sent. Even so, I took a deep breath and read the message.

To my daughter Leliana. Happy Birthday! You must be having a lot of fun right? Don’t let Demetri or Alistair drink too much, they might not be able to handle the big dangers of alcohol so early in their lives! Also, you. Don’t forget who YOU are. Stop being focused on hating the Government and thinking with a cynical mind. Make the most of what you have left.

Love Mom xxx

How could she make my heart jump with one text? How have I been so plum? I’ve been too sucked into a sadistic way of thinking that I’ve forgotten what’s really important. Love and Happiness. I need my own personal happiness.

14-04-11-15_6-53 PM

I looked at everyone with eager eyes. Demetri. Alistair. Danielle. I knew what I had to do. I needed to run, run far away. The Government can’t come after the three of them without telling everyone why they have the reason too. They are too well known in this world and this time, the Government are powerless to do anything if I run away.

I finally had the power, and I was going to use it. I ran out of the club straight away and ran into the street.

10-04-11-15_6-45 PM-2

“FREEDOM!” I shouted.

However, if only things could’ve gone that way. Even if I tried to gain my happiness, the Government would always try and take it away in this world. The next thing I saw was a cloth being wrapped around my face and the whole world turning black as I lost the feeling in my limbs and crashed down to the ground.

13-04-11-15_6-52 PM

However, unbeknownst to Leliana, Grim knew. Grim knew what was going to happen. And he knew that his job was going to become a whole lot more popular.

The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Nine – I Wanted To Say

01-04-11-15_3-58 PM

Today was the day and we all knew it. We decided to keep quiet about it to avoid any unnecessary sadness throughout the day. Mom only wanted happy thoughts today, and she wanted to leave with happy thoughts in her mind.

I wanted to say a lot of things to Mom, and I think she also wanted to say a lot of things to me too. But, we had a silent agreement not to bring them up, it didn’t matter anymore.

For once, we sat out in the front of the house and we talked for hours. We talked about the past, present and the future, the boys’ future of course since I wouldn’t be here. Mom had opened bank accounts with money for the boys’ college funds in there and after she… departs, I’ll be in charge of them until I have to leave. Obviously, I’ll make sure the Government and Danielle supports both of the boys until they die.

Meanwhile it finally happened. I had finally completed Mom’s perfect garden.

02-04-11-15_4-01 PM

A bunch of perfect plants, a cowplant and the potential for every plant in history to be put here. Mom started it and I finished it, the perfect way to send her off into her happy place where she’ll be content with Dad, watching over us all. And also, I’d suddenly gotten the urge to start collecting things, gems, rocks and even frogs! So, off I went.

06-04-11-15_4-21 PM

07-04-11-15_4-35 PM

After finding some amazing things, I retreated back home where the thought suddenly occurred to me.

“Has Devan replied to my email?” I ran into my Wonder Queen room and sat down at the computer where I searched for Devan’s email. He had replied. I took a deep breath and opened it, it was a long email and I didn’t miss a single word of it.

10-04-11-15_6-05 PM-2

Dear Leliana,

I am very sorry to hear about your father. By the time you see this, it may be too late. I hope that you are doing well with it. Just know that my thoughts are with you, and you have my deepest sympathies.

You know…hearing about your father made me realize some things about my own parents. If they had not taken the Potion of Youth, I think you and I would be experiencing the exact same thing right now! I shudder to think about it. I told my mom how special she is. I’ll have to talk to my dad too. 

Ok‚ĶI have to be honest with you right now. I was upset to learn that we may not be able to communicate anymore. Why? I know you said you don‚Äôt know where you‚Äôre going, but‚ĶI don‚Äôt know. I hope that‚Äôs not code for‚Ķsomething terrible! I hope whatever plan you come up with will work. I would hate to never hear from you again. Can I help at all? Do you think this would be a good time for us to meet? I would totally understand if you don‚Äôt think so. I‚Äôve never met anyone from the Internet either. I could be a 40-year-old, 800 pound llama‚Ķor YOU could be! :-p I‚Äôm sure¬†you’re¬†who you say you¬†are, and I hope you believe I am who I am too.¬†

I hope to see your beautiful face soon. But, if you do disappear, and I never hear from you again, remember that we will always be friends in my dreams. Take care!

‚Äď Devan”

Plum. He cares about me too. This is so hard. At this point, fighting back the tears was useless and I let everything out. I’m going to lose everyone and everything to some big Government who thinks it’s okay to play with people and make them do whatever they want as long as they get good results. They are twisted, corrupted and evil.

I decided that I needed to tell Devan everything. From when I was named a Wonder Child to now, but obviously I’m going to paraphrase it. ¬†I switched to a Private Browser that the Government can’t trace, and sent a message to Devan.

09-04-11-15_6-05 PM

“Devan, it’s Leliana.

Ignore the title of this message, I know it says “Llamas are fun.” but there’s something more important to tell you. But first of all, I am not an 800 pound llama! I am an honest Wonder Queen with feelings and emotions who loves you. Yes, I’m being completely honest with you, handsome man.

You may be questioning why I said Wonder Queen, and I shall tell you everything.

My parents were tasked by the Government with the job of conceiving a child with great intelligence, conceiving it using the perfect genetics both my parents possessed. It was all to help envision a bright future for the world. They conceived me. And I lived, learning skills that no one else should ever learn. While the normal child was learning how to colour, I was learning how to build advanced circuitry and design a robot. I was creating a cure for a stuffed animal and actually made it come alive. I became what the Government had wanted.

However, what the Government had told us was not exactly true. The Government may have wanted me to go along with them, but envisioning the future is far from what they had desired. My best friend from High School turned out to be an Ex-Wonder Child who had to endure great sacrifices to protect me. She was the one who told me about the real plan of the Government.

They want to use me as a weapon. They want to invade the world of Sixam and conquer it. They want to pool it of it’s resources and drain it’s world of everything that it has. I don’t want to be a weapon, I want to be with you.

And that’s my story. You may be kind of shocked right now, and you may actually be scared of me but don’t. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, and¬†I’m sure that being honest with you is the best thing I’m doing right now. I love you Devan Holmes and I hope you won’t forget that. I know what I have to do and… if I do see you or talk to you again, the stars will have blessed me with the opportunity to do so.

Loving you always,

P.S Here is a photo of me at my little brothers’ birthday party to prove I’m not an 800 pound llama.

10-04-11-15_3-01 PM

And send. That was officially the longest email I have ever written. However, what happened next was a complete blur and, it took me a long time to process what occurred.

11-04-11-15_6-15 PM

“It’s time. Take me now, I am ready. I’m finally happy with the way I have lived this life.” Mom muttered.

12-04-11-15_6-15 PM-2

13-04-11-15_6-16 PM

14-04-11-15_6-16 PM-2

I ran over to Mom as quickly as I could, my heart paced as I shook her body numerous times.

“MOM! MOM, IT’S NOT YOUR TIME TO LEAVE YET! MOM!” No matter how many times I shook her, she would not come back to live. The Grim Reaper refused to give me her life back, and he left with her soul.

15-04-11-15_6-19 PM

“I was… powerless.” I spat in response. I wanted to be there with her as the fell, telling her that it’s okay and that she could pass peacefully. But, I was even denied that. I’m losing everything and I can’t stop it.

16-04-11-15_6-19 PM-2

“I will make you proud, Mom.” In that moment, I reminded myself. This was no time to be sad, this was the time to be strong. There is one day left, Leliana. You have to be prepared for what comes next, what comes for you.

17-04-11-15_6-21 PM

There were now two urns on the table, peacefully resting together for eternity.

The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Eight – Twin Birthdays

01-04-11-15_2-04 PM

I’m used to sleepless nights for skilling, but party planning was not on my list of things to do before leaving. The boys’ birthday was almost here (tomorrow!) and honestly, I feel like plum. I’m seeing everyone around me grow older and with that, I become more attached to them and then I won’t be able to say goodbye…

No no. Let’s not focus on the bad things. We must have great moments leading up to my saddest day… my birthday.

Tending the garden, my Cowplant had finally sprouted from the ground and has grown into a fully fledged cowplant! It’s name is Blarffy 2.0, since Blarffy¬†should be present at the boys’ birthday party. Blarffy 2.0 has a really cute face as well.

02-04-11-15_2-11 PM

After tending to the plants, night took it’s toll and I became tired. After managing to find my bedroom again, I¬†walked in to find someone unexpected on my bed. He laid there so peacefully and quietly and he obviously forgot to take off his glasses.


05-04-11-15_2-22 PM

I tucked him into my bed soon after and walked downstairs to the living room. After making the sofa comfortable enough, I managed to fall asleep on it… after a few hours.


06-04-11-15_2-30 PM

“IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” Alistair shouted so loud that everyone in the neighbourhood woke up from their beds. Great alarm clock! As Mom managed to be helped down the stairs by the other birthday boy, we gathered in the living room where Alistair and Demetri opened up their presents from me, Mom and some things that Dad got before he passed away.

Alistair was given some cash, a collection of books and artworks, clothes, a couple of dvds and a photograph of him and Dad. Of course, Alistair treasured the picture deeply, but he seemed to value the cash even more.

“Eek! Thank you Mom, Leliana and Dad!” Alistair’s smile beamed up to the sky… cute kid.

When Demetri opened up his presents, he was only given two things. A charcoal black stellar telescope and a poster that was a map of space.

“That was all you wanted bro? How silly!” Alistair seemed to laugh, and I admit I’m a bit perplexed as to why Demetri only wanted those things.

“I can find Dad now.” Demetri smiled as me, Mom and Alistair stared at Demetri. How…? He pulled out the poster of the map of the universe¬†and pointed to the one labelled Orion. “Hopefully I can get a map of Orion’s Nebula.”

Demetri is special. There’s no doubting that. Another Wonder Child? Luckily, I was the first born so he wouldn’t have to go through all the things I have. Speaking of which, Belle– Danielle arrived at the house soon enough as Mom invited her to the boys’ birthday party. Although, we both knew it would be some time until I felt ready to talk to her again.

07-04-11-15_2-33 PM

She could’ve cleaned the grill after she used it though. Soon after, everyone began to arrive one by one to the party and one by one, they became infatuated by Blarffy 2.0. This time, everyone could see him move and this time, he didn’t have CMS. Although, everyone certainly did become… how do most people put it? All in one and one in all?

09-04-11-15_2-57 PM

HOWEVER. The pinnacle of this event has arrived. I might be mean, trying to steal the attention away from my brothers but come on, I am the Queen of the Wonder-verse! Maybe even Queen of all the Wonder Children, and I do have to dress up for the occasion.

Now, I did spend at least three hours finding the perfect dress and such, but hopefully, this will be the one that can take his breath away when I send a picture to him.

Voil√°! (I’m not sure what happened in the background)

10-04-11-15_3-01 PM

When I walked outside, it did seem that everyone’s attention was on me. Perfect! When the music began to play, I danced with many people, including Danielle.

“Hey Danielle.” I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

“Hello my Queen.” She whispered back in a mocking tone. Heeey!

“I am a Queen.” I insisted and we both laughed. I think that even though she lied to me about who she was, she did it to try and protect me from the Government. And, that must’ve taken a lot of courage, so I thank her for saving me.

Meanwhile, the boys were playing on the monkey bars. Great birthday party for them, no kids came!

11-04-11-15_3-02 PM

However, it soon became time for the boys to age up! First came Demetri.

13-04-11-15_3-28 PM

I’m still not sure where the Ginger-ish hair came from. Afterwards, Alistair stood up to the candles and blew them out.

14-04-11-15_3-29 PM

They’re both so handsome, I bet they’ll get a lot of girlfriends when they start high school! Lucky! I did get the attention of some boys, but I was distracted by another man.

Me and Demetri stood near each other as the night arrived once more. We both smiled at each other and hugged. We both knew that the end of the Wonder Child program was coming soon and the way that he hugged me, it felt tight and constricting but it also was a message. One to tell me not to go.

15-04-11-15_3-36 PM

“Big boy now, ey?” I laughed, Demetri never really had a sense of maturity in him and the way that he was going about being a fresh teenager amused me.

“Yep! I can’t wait to join the Rocket Science club! I’m going to go to space and see Dad! WOOO!” Again, that boy is going to go places!

Meanwhile, Alistair came out of the house where he threw a tennis ball and it hit Demetri across the head.

17-04-11-15_3-39 PM

“OW!” Demetri cried. He ran after Alistair where they engaged in what looked like to be a cat chasing a mouse. Funny. I also saw Mom in the distance, who seemed to be looking up to the sky. I didn’t hear what she said but… it made her cry.


18-04-11-15_3-39 PM-2

We raised them well, didn’t we Orion? Soon it shall by my time to leave this world and join you up there. However, I believe that in all of the years I’ve lived, I couldn’t be more prouder of our children. They’ve lived through countless events and struggles but they’ve somehow managed to stick together and keep their sibling bond strong.

Orion, I think that’s what makes a Wonder Child… wonderful. It’s not intelligence nor skills. It’s love, and the way they love people. And, the Government doesn’t see that which is why they will ultimately fail in what they want to achieve. They can never get what they want because they rely too much on intelligence and not on emotions.

Leliana will win, and I swear on my grave that she will succeed.

The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Seven – Mother Knows Best

The first thing Mom saw when she walked into the living room was Dad’s Ashes. The renovators treated them with great care and placed them in a place where he could receive much love. At that moment, Mom stared right at the¬†ashes and descended into tears. I think she begun to remind herself of all the great memories we’ve all had with him.

15-04-11-15_1-45 PM

I rose up from the white sofa I sat on and moved closer towards Mom. I embraced her and walked her over to the sofa where she managed to let it all out on my shoulder. I had become her shoulder, and her pillar.

“Thanks Leliana, I really needed that.” Mom wiped away her tears, as she gestured herself upright.

“No Mom, thank you. You’ve always been the strong one and you’ve always tried to do things to give me and the twins the greatest life. I’d expect you to let it out sooner or later.” I replied. Mom is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, and her optimism always keeps me going.

13-04-11-15_1-33 PM-3

“On the topic of loved ones, have you found anyone special?” Mom smiled eagerly at me. To be honest, with everything that’s been going on I haven’t had the time to process my feelings. However, I knew that there was someone.

“Yeah, I think I have.” I blushed and looked down. Mom took me by the shoulders and started to shake me forwards and backwards.

“Tell me who it is! Can I meet them?”

“His name is Devan Holmes. I’ve been talking to him for a while through my Pen-Pal account that I set up at the start of my teenage years. He is a little older than me, but I think we could make it work.” This was the first time I was sure of my feelings.

Mom laughed. Is that good?

12-04-11-15_1-33 PM

“So you like a boy you’ve never even met? Sounds romantic! I bet you’re like, ‘Hi there handsome man. You look so dashing! I’ll send you music, bla, bla, bla.’ How did she even…?

“You’ve been reading my emails!” I was lost for words. My own mother invaded my privacy and has been reading everything that I’ve ever sent.

“Well, it’s not that I read them. Your father did. He wanted to see if he could send your pen pal an email before he left but I guess it was too late.” Mom glanced at the urn and then focused her eyes back on me. Dad really wanted me to be happy and he was going to extreme lengths to make sure of that… it was a useless effort. I’m going to be taken away, and there’s nothing that can stop tha–

11-04-11-15_1-32 PM-2

“Mom, do you think it’s possible if–“ I wanted to say more but I then noticed the many cameras present throughout the house. I better be more cautious. And then came my robotic voice.¬†“Mom, you should come with me outside. I want to start Gardening. You should help me learn.”

Mom seemed to sigh at my poor acting, but she knew what I meant. She also began to play along with my little scene.

“Okay Darling, I’ll be out in ten minutes so try and get some seeds from the vegetables in the kitchen and I’ll be there.” I rose up from my seat and left towards the kitchen. However, I could hear Demetri walk past me and sit down on the living room sofa where I then heard Mom speak in a low whisper.

10-04-11-15_1-26 PM

“That girl is going to need all the help she can get.” Well, that is true but she could have said that in front of my face!

Mom soon joined me outside where we both began to tend the garden together.

“Do you think it’s possible for me to tell Devan about everything? He might be worried about what I sent him last time.” I looked up at Mom and she seemed to be thinking about it carefully.

“I wouldn’t recommend it since you’d literally be giving everything away and telling someone everything that could potentially put their life at risk. However, if you feel that you want to, you’d either have to send it hand-written or through a different IP address so the Government can’t track it.” Mom is seemingly good at this stuff. I wonder what she used to do before she came into this Wonder Child Program.

09-04-11-15_12-57 PM

“The maid seems to be doing good work.” I smiled, but Mom looked even more cautious.

“He’s a Government Agent, he’s wearing a wire. It travels through his collar and into his ear. I’d be careful if I were you.” When did Mom even get to analyse half this stuff? How the… has she been working secretly undercover this entire time?

“How did-“ Mom coughed, and the maid came over and took Mom away. I continued to tend the plants to keep away suspicions, I also managed to receive a Cowplant Berry from Mom as we returned from Granite Falls! So, I planted it inside the ground.

“Grow my little one and become a nice little thing.” I couldn’t wait to grow myself one of these Cowplants!

05-04-11-15_12-33 PM

06-04-11-15_12-33 PM-2

And I then enjoyed a nice little chess game with Alistair after my workout on the treadmill.

“You should do something nice for Mom today.” Alistair scratched his head, and moved his chess piece.

“Why?” He questioned, and I sighed.

“How many times has Mom done something nice for you?” He seemed to have given it a bit of thought as three minutes later (and three movements of chess pieces), he finally had a reply.

“More than I can count!”¬†

02-04-11-15_11-43 AM

“How many times have you done something nice for Mom?”

There was a silence as Alistair moved his chess piece once again.

“Exactly. Mom has done a lot of things for us and given us a lot of great advice. So tonight, we’re all going to do something nice for her. And it will be amazing!”¬†I suggested.¬†And together we did every little thing Mom asked plus we managed to do everything she wanted for her. As a result, Mom’s heart felt more at ease.

She must be proud to have children like us.

happy mother’s day, americans! ūüôā

The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Six – A New Home

We soon returned from Granite Falls to discover that we have moved lots but also we’ve got our brand new house! I made sure to take some pictures for memories sake.

Here's the front of the house in it's exterior. Class-ay!

Here’s the front of the house in it’s exterior. Class-ay!

And then here's the hallway, it's just a hall with lots of ways out.

And then here’s the hallway, it’s just a hall with lots of ways out.

Finally, Me and Mom had enough time to go and get our makeovers done! Here’s what we both look like now. I’d say we’re pretty hot ūüėČ .

25-04-11-15_3-29 PM-2

26-04-11-15_3-29 PM-3

The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Five – Cured

04-06-15_6-06 PM-2

Laying down on the ground made me feel one with nature. The ambience the gentle winds created made me feel quite at peace. It was the first time in my entire life that I had ever experienced such feeling before, and I also felt that I could just remain here and forget about everything.

But could I really? Could I just leave everyone and everything and depart from this place and find somewhere I could remain forever. I thought about it for a couple of minutes before the image of a peculiar animal ran past my eye. I poked my head up to glance at it running past.

04-06-15_6-09 PM

Is that a squirrel? Or is that some mutation of another creature? Did it come from another planet or even… dimension? It might just be me but… it looks like it’s skin is made of plastic. It looks like it’s a toy but… it’s alive? That’s a weird thought.

I couldn’t remain there any longer. I hopped up from the ground and started to run around a bit more. I managed to stumble upon a rock in the ground with some bones sticking out. It looked very interesting so I started to excavate around it.

04-06-15_6-11 PM

To my surprise, I was given a map with directions to somewhere with ‘X’ marking the spot. I decided to follow the treasure map of sorts because what Queen doesn’t like searching for treasure? This reminds me of the time when I played at the pirate ship in the park, and I kept looking for treasure around the park. That was some fun times.

Following the treasure map, I discovered what looked like an entrance. It was shrouded with leaves and had vines dangling down from it. It looked very intriguing and it dragged me in to have a look.

I moved closer to the entrance, and like I usually am, I went through with style.

04-06-15_6-14 PM

04-06-15_6-14 PM-2

04-06-15_6-16 PM

After I came out of that passageway, I fell off of a cliff and stumbled down! I was fortunately quick to act and I positioned myself for a rocky landing. When I fell down, I managed to land safely without any major damages to my body.

04-06-15_6-18 PM

“Aish! Plumbob.”¬†I called out. I rose up from the ground once again and took in my surroundings. It seems that I can climb back up the cliff if I need to and it will be easy to get back home. That’s some good news to hear.

I also managed to see some interesting fruits and berries around, so I went over to a couple of the plants and took some of their produce away from them. They’ll grow back sooner or later so when someone else comes along they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits and berries as well!

In the distance was a peculiar shape. It looked like a house, but it was hard to tell from a distance. I went to go take a closer look at it.

04-06-15_6-21 PM

It was a house! And might I say so myself, it was a pretty darn nice looking house. I ran as fast as I could to it and ended up at the front door. I knocked on it numerous times to see if anyone was there.

04-06-15_6-47 PM

“Hello? Bonjour? Hola? Is there anyone in there?” I called as I knocked on the door. There was no reply so I walked up to the door and turned the knob… it opened. I wonder if this is a trap or something. Nevertheless, I walked into the house and inspected every element of it.

It was a vintage old-age house. Although, it also had that nature ambience I felt earlier, but also a friendly atmosphere. It almost seemed like I knew the person that lived there. I took a seat at the nearest front door and waited an hour to see if someone would walk in.

04-06-15_7-15 PM

And someone did walk in. I tried to see who it was beforehand, but I could only tell who it was when they sat down. And when they did, my face froze. This person who sat in front of me was once not a person, or anything. I thought they were only a figment of my imagination and that I was imagining everything they were saying. I thought the things I was feeding them was not doing a thing to them, but maybe it did? Maybe there’s something I have that gives me this kind of power.

Because, the person I’m now talking to isn’t just a person. He’s my bestest friend in the entire world.

04-06-15_7-16 PM-2

“Hello my Princess.” Blarffy smiled at me. The way he’s moving and talking almost seems so lifelike.

“I’m a Queen now. And hello Blarffy.” I smiled back. Blarffy relaxed into his chair as we caught up with each other about where he went after he disappeared.

“Slowly, I started to be able to move again. And there was something in that potion that made the potion not activate for a while. When I figured it out, I managed to bring a couple of other toys to life as well.” Blarffy giggled.

“So the Squirrel I saw earlier…?”

“Yeah, it was one that I brought to life!” Blarffy giggled. To think, I did all of this just from one idea in my little mind.

04-06-15_7-16 PM-3

“But this whole world, you can’t prepare them for what the Government are doing.” Blarffy said. Does he know?

“You know? How?” I asked eagerly.

“Who do you think helped me get this house? I’ve met Danielle, my Queen.” Blarffy explained and I turned my head to the side.

“Oh, the liar.” I remarked.

“She lied because she knew that you wouldn’t have believed her until you gained her trust! And I knew it too.” Blarffy commented, and I had to admit defeat.

“I know.”

04-06-15_7-16 PM-4

“But still, this wormhole isn’t something that you can easily make. Because you have that inner power inside of you to know how make things come to life, they’re going to use that to make you know how to build the perfect wormhole teleporter.” Blarffy explained further. So that’s what the Government have been looking for this entire time. Someone that can make a complicated thingy!

“I’m guessing you’re not finished?” I asked as Blarffy looked at me when I thought about his previous statement.

“No. They’re going to use everything they’ve got to convince you to work for them. Even if it means killing those you love the most. The Government are emotionless people that you can’t convince. In the end, you’ll be the one to make the sacrifice, never them.” Blarffy sighed. He took a sip of the water that I brought to him before moving the glass back over to the sink.

04-06-15_7-16 PM-5

“I know you have a lot of questions. But you can talk to me after you stop the Government’s plans. We can be proper best friends then.” Blarffy smiled.

I know that the Government is bad and all that but… why exactly do I need to stop this wormhole from being built? What is the actual purpose of this wormhole? No one even knows that yet they’re already saying that it’s a bad idea!

I rose up from my seat and left, saying bye to Blarffy in the process.

04-06-15_7-20 PM

I returned to my cabin hours later and it was just about time for us to leave.

Before I left, I took one last look at the cabin we stayed at, and thought about everything that I learnt.

“When we return home. I will be determined to become the most intelligent kid possible. Dad would have wanted that from me. I will not work for the Government but I will look for the reason why they’re building this wormhole. I also want to know about WHY the Government needs this wormhole.” I breathed out before whispering to myself.

“This is my final mission as queen. And I only have Ten days to complete it.”

04-06-15_7-27 PM

The Wonder Child – Chapter Thirty-Four – Healing

It didn’t take long for the contractors to arrive early next morning and kick us out. We decided to comply with the renovation since it was something that a Dad wanted… before he left us.

I would by lying if I told you that we all sang songs along the way and we arrived happily at the campsite. The Officer didn’t dare come near us as our negative atmosphere was putting a downer on even the animals. However, Alistair always seems to put on a performance in any situation.

04-06-15_5-29 PM

“It’s too tragic!” Alistair shouted to the sky, and I dragged him in along with Demetri and Mom. Mom hadn’t said a word to any one since she saw the Urn when she walked into the house… I’m getting worried.

Nevertheless, I decided to upgrade the local applicances just to upgrade my skills with using my hands. Dad used to call it, “Handiness.” He was always the joker.

04-06-15_5-33 PM

Demetri gave Mom an emotion potion, something that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I was wondering what affect it would have on Mom since she is really grieving right now, plus she hasn’t got long left herself but she’s fighting. She wants to live long enough so that we can all cope on our own.

Mom held the potion in her hands.

04-06-15_5-34 PM

She gulped it down and while I upgraded the oven, I kept looking over at her to notice any changes and…

04-06-15_5-35 PM

Nothing. At this point, I think I was fed up with Mom moping around and as a result, I threw her my phone and told her to call 0800-SAD-NESS, apparently it’s supposed to help sad people get over their worries and become happy again. Mom rang the number as quickly as she could.

04-06-15_5-36 PM

“Hello?” I heard Mom speak. It seemed that the person on the other side was also saying some stuff.

“Athena Frenlore… my husband recently passed away.”¬†

“No, I can’t bring his ghost back. He wanted to be released to the netherworld.” Did he really? Why didn’t Dad tell me?

“I do! I need to be stronger don’t I?” Apparently this conversation was making some progress or something since Mom actually started speaking in her normal tone again!

“Yes! I’ll do that! Thank you so much!” And from the corner of my eye, I saw a smile appear on Mom’s face.

04-06-15_5-36 PM-2

Mission Successful! 

“Thanks for giving me that opportunity Leliana.” Mom hugged me tightly, it was the longing warmth that I had been desiring since the cold breeze of Dad’s death. I was finally at peace once again.

Mom marched herself out soon after and I watched her through the window. She walked over to Demetri and patted his head.

“Hey little man. I want to tell you that Mommy’s going to be here from now on. Mommy will now be Daddy too, or Leliana can be Daddy sometimes. I’m trying to say that if you need someone to talk to… Me and Leliana are here for you.” Mom lunged down and hugged Demetri like she hugged me.

04-06-15_5-37 PM

It seemed that Mom’s hugs were a supernatural force of happiness. But, it also showed that Mom is actually starting to try and adjust this family to a life without Dad.

Alistair decided to distract himself by playing a game of horseshoes. I would say that his game face could use some work, but it has the great makings of a fine horseshoe player, even if he couldn’t get any of the horseshoes where they’re supposed to be.

04-06-15_5-38 PM

“This picture?” Mom asked Demetri. They had taken some selfies to put on Simstagram and they were trying to find the right one to put on there.

“Yeah! I really like that one, put that one on there.” Demetri said, as he pointed to it.

04-06-15_5-38 PM-2

I thought it originally was a selfie of the two of them, but when I checked Demetri’s Simstagram page, it was a picture of him, mom and dad followed by a profoundly moving paragraph which almost brought tears to my eyes. That boy has talent.

The two of them were soon joined by Alistair, who still was acting like a Drama King as per usual, but he has that as his special talent too!

04-06-15_5-39 PM

“I SEE BIRDS. I SEE THREE EYED RAVENS.” Alistair shouted into the air. What’s this? Game of Groa–. Oh Alistair, you sweet boy.

After I upgraded everything, I wanted to make dinner for everyone to celebrate our first day here but also the memories of Dad. And so I made his favourite meal… Scrambled Eggs!

I even prepared it the way he did it!

04-06-15_5-42 PM

04-06-15_5-42 PM-2

When everyone gathered at the dinner table, we all began to eat. Alistair was the first one to finish which was unusual, so he cleaned up his plate before returning back to the table. We all began to talk about our favourite memories of Dad, with Alistair starting. His face created a sad expression before he spoke.

04-06-15_5-45 PM

“I remember when me and Dad were in the living room when he first met me and he was so shocked to find two new boys in his living room. The expression on his face was the funniest!” Alistair smiled after finishing. Demetri continued soon after.

“Yeah, that day me and Dad had an argument about The Elder Sims and Plumbob Age. It was frightening at first but then I knew what Dad was trying to teach me. I need to be able to stand up on my own to be able to fight for what I believe in.” Demetri breathed out, Mom had decided to go next after Demetri.

“Well, your father and I didn’t meet naturally. We are actually part of a Government Program that creates a Wonder Child.” Mom confessed to Demetri and Alistair. It was about time that we told them anyways, “Your father and I met in the funniest way possible. I believe I said something along the lines of… Or he said it… ‘Hi, I guess we’re supposed to make a baby?’”¬†

We all couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that. Oh, Mom and Dad are so funny! And then it became my turn to talk.

“My fondest memory of Dad would probably be the last chess game that we ever played. We both talked so much, and I feel that is when I really felt Dad’s emotions and thoughts touch my inner self. What’s important is that we all have learnt something from being with Dad and that we use that to change for the better.” I smiled, and Mom smiled back at me.

“To My Dearest Daughter.” She muttered under her breath, but it was loud enough for me to purposely hear. I wonder what she means by that…

However, it was too late to dwindle on it as soon after the sun set and we all head off to bed. But the next morning, I was off on a hike.

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