S-GAS (Simposium for Game Aware Sims) is an event conducted by various storytellers of the Stories and Legacies forum. It allows Sims who are aware of the player to come together and talk about various subjects while at this amazing event.

At this event, I hosted a topic about Simselves!

If you wish to read more about this topic and see much more  information than I can provide, click HERE!

Below is everything to do with S-GAS!

PROLOGUE – meeting yourself

Part 1
Part 2


 The Chain Letter Chapter Five

  Session 1 – Meet & Greet

Part 1
Part 2


An Email to Free-Jon
A Reflection of Karen
Romeo & Juliet
Sibling Bond
Advice from Cathy Tea
 Late Night Chat
Happy Cupcakes for all

 session 2 – Learning about yourself and your player

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


 The Bar
Honorary simself club
recruiting Joel
50 Faces of Karen

 Session 3 – becoming your own person

session 3



Participants of the simself simposium

BilMonaghan – Le Dynastie d’Angers
MsPhy – MsPhy’s Sim Stuff
Jes2G – Pruett Family Legacy – Stories by Jes2G
FloorRaisin – The Wolff Legacy
ARoseInBloom – ARoseInBloom Sims
Carewren123 – Carewren123 Sim StoriesWren’s NestAna Pringle
CathyTea – CathyTea’s Anthology
VanityHigh – VanityHigh Sim Stories
sunnyshay – Hella Good
Dougsbaby12 – Sims Tales Woven
Lovesstorms – There Goes The Neighbourhood
AkramA – Sims 4 Fletcher Legacy Challenge


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