Part of Me

Part of Me

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At first, Joel Rochdale found that being a simself wasn’t great because he was only a copy of his player. But, he soon learnt that it isn’t bad being a simself at all, since you probably get a lot of attention and after Joel learns about cheats that are within the game, he wants to try and get the Player to use them on him.

However, what the Player has in store for Joel might change the way Joel thinks forever. With each situation the Player launches Joel into a new environment or career which allows him to grow in various ways, but also make new friendships and bonds and eventually become the greatest guy.

  • Aging Off (until my simself wants it off)

8 thoughts on “Part of Me

  1. Jes2G says:

    This is a good idea (a place holder with a summary). I’m gonna do this too because I just (literally, like ten minutes ago) had THE best idea for a SimSelf story!!! I’ll have to do something like this so in case someone has a similar idea (they won’t lol), I can say I had it first. lol

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