Rocky Road

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(An Original Story by SummerFalls)

Evelyn Parker is known to be the biggest fan of the TV show Rocky Road, which displays the everyday life of five families who live on a straight road. Evelyn literally knows every episode off the top of her head and she’s capable of coming up with the best theories surrounding the show. However, she wasn’t prepared to theorize it’s cancellation and then it’s finale episode. Evelyn has a minor breakdown and is left to struggle with getting back to reality, but before she even has a chance to begin, she is involved in a horrible accident and is left unconscious.

That is until, Evelyn wakes up. She doesn’t know where she is until Luke Knight, one of the main characters of Rocky Road comes into the room and she begins to come to terms with the fact that she knows where she is. She’s in Rocky Road.

Evelyn begins to live inside the TV show, gradually forgetting her past life with her family and friends. That is, until Evelyn realises that she is changing things about the TV show that she couldn’t have imagined and the perfect ending that she originally wanted for the TV show might not come around at all.

Will Evelyn change the future of Rocky Road or will she learn that everything really does happen for a reason?