Alexander King

Alexander Page
Alexander King was born and raised as an Artistic Prodigy by his parents. They believed that his art pieces would one day be showcased around the world and Alexander would become rich beyond his wildest dreams because of his art. However, once his parents die in an awful car accident, it became hard for Alexander to pick up the brush again and begin painting once more. It was hard for him to think about colour and think about even art without being reminded by his parents.

However, Alexander soon learnt that when he paints, it’s a way of memorizing who they were and not their deaths which made him afraid of painting. His artistic talents were nurtured and had grown thanks to his parents’ efforts and he shouldn’t let that be put to waste. So Alexander continued painting and continued being his usual self.

Alexander loves to talk about art and other geeky things such as comic books, superheroes and he even likes to gossip about the latest happenings around Rocky Road. He’s geeky and smart, and he also knows how to dish out a few sassy remarks here and there.

However, Alexander is usually alone after an awful incident made up by Penelope that Alexander used to stalk her, which is entirely untrue. From then on, Alexander’s social circle got smaller and smaller until it only contained himself.

However, with a brand new arrival heading into Rocky Road, Alexander’s social circle might become one person bigger.