Amelia Green

Amelia Page

Amelia Green had a nice childhood with her father, Michael and her mother, Annabeth since they managed to enjoy a peaceful life in Rocky Road together. However, after Annabeth passed away because of a fatal illness, Amelia and Michael were never able to get over her death for several years. Amelia suffered from depression for some years before finally being able to come back into her normal happy self.

Michael soon met someone else, Lucy, who he dated for two years before asking her to marry him. Amelia never liked Lucy because she always knew that Lucy was only dating Michael for his money, and whenever Amelia tried to tell Michael, Lucy would always get in the way. After Michael and Lucy’s wedding, Amelia distanced herself from her father and her new step-mother and only talked to them when she needed to.

However, after an incident occurred between Lucy and Amelia, her father thought it would be best if Amelia was taken to a mental asylum for her safety and the safety of everyone else on Rocky Road.

Two years have then passed and Amelia grew tired and angry at the fact that she feels that she was wrongly framed and taken into a mental asylum for no reason. So, Amelia waits and escapes the mental asylum, where she seeks revenge for what Lucy did to her.

The question is though, will Amelia succeed in her revenge?