Eddie & Anna Brown

Eddie & Anna Page

 Eddie and Anna Brown first met after a singles bingo night at the local leisure centre. Eddie had been divorced for twenty years after his previous wife cheated on him while Anna had never found the man she wanted to make her husband. However, ever since they met each other, they went on a few dates and had fallen in love with each other and got married that fall.

However, the timing was too late and Eddie and Anna failed to produce any children which greatly saddened them. Everyone on Rocky Road felt sorry for them since they failed at every adoption opportunity possible since the local adoption agency thought that Eddie and Anna wouldn’t be able to take care of a child because of their age.

The pair of them enjoy their simple life together though, Anna loves to cook for everyone, especially when Fran couldn’t cook due to her husband’s death. Anna fed Fran and Luke for an entire year, she didn’t mind and both Fran and Luke were grateful to her.

There was no one nicer than Eddie and Anna on Rocky Road and the pair of them always opened their doors to anyone who needed food or a bed, they were extremely generous to people.

However, what things will happen to Eddie and Anna when they encounter the new girl in Rocky Road?