Evelyn Parker

Evelyn Page

Evelyn Parker hasn’t had the best life. From being raised and nurtured by parents who don’t care about her ambitions and her artist career falling down hill, Evelyn has had bad luck follow her like a dog follows a bone. However, even through all of that, she has managed to keep her head held high and make the best out of the moments that make her the happiest.

Evelyn loved to paint, write and also make sweet songs to herself as she tidied up her small studio in Willow Creek. Her obsession with Rocky Road started when she was still in High School and she was alone with no friends at all. Evelyn was tormented by Chanel Weaver, the ‘it’ girl of the school and Evelyn was left to suffer. That was until, she watched the first episode of Rocky Road and learnt that there’s more to life than school, there’s a whole other world out there of freedom and possibilities. She just has to wait.

Being the Ultimate Fangirl of Rocky Road, she usually liked to write fan fiction about various characters of the television show and also since she was a Platinum Member of the Rocky Roadies, the Rocky Road fan club, she was able to get a ton of bonuses including starring in the actual show.

However, when the show is cancelled and it’s final episode airs, Evelyn is left in a wreck and struggles to get back into reality and that’s when she gets involved in a car accident and her life is never the same again.