Luke Knight

Luke Page

Luke Knight, being the only son and reminder of his father to his mother, he’s always had high expectations forced upon him. His mother wants him to become a doctor but Luke really wants to become a detective and solve badass crimes and save damsels in distress, but he knows that his mother would think it would be too dangerous for him as it would only serve a constant reminder for what happened to Luke’s father.

Albert Knight, Luke’s father was killed while on duty in the downtown area of Willow Creek when he tried to arrest a man for attempted murder. Albert managed to disarm the knife of the man and tried to go in for the arrest but the man had another knife, and it did murder someone that time around.

Luke likes to be perceptive and also very curious about everything. When something out of the ordinary happens in his life, he always tries to find the cause of the issues which usually causes most of his issues in life. Luke is a very popular boy especially in his high school years and he usually attracts the attention of many girls, including Penelope Waters.

Life in Rocky Road is simplistic and bliss for Luke and he enjoyed his lovely life in his small world. He knows everyone and everyone knows him and Luke liked that.

However, how will he react when a strange and unknown girl appears into his small world?