Michael & Lucy Green

Michael & Lucy Page

After Michael’s wife, Annabeth Green died, Michael never thought he’d never be able to readjust back to his normal life. However, once he met Lucy, Michael finally thought he had found love once again in a woman. After many dates, they managed to get married under the moonlight in the Fall, much to his daughter, Amelia’s dismay. Lucy Adams, now Lucy Green was extremely happy that she married Michael, with all of the money he made with his business.

However, when Amelia disagreed with the marriage and tried to convince him of Lucy being a gold-digger, Michael didn’t believe Amelia due to his trust in Lucy and he thought that Amelia didn’t like that there was another woman in his life other than her mother. Michael thought that Amelia would come around soon enough.

However, to Lucy, she found Amelia extremely annoying due to her knowing everything that Lucy was. Lucy wanted to marry Michael long enough and then divorce him once he had enough money so that she’d be able to take at least half of the money and be rich for the rest of her life.

The rest of Rocky Road know Lucy and some like her while some don’t, but Michael believes that as long as he’s happy, it doesn’t matter, even if that meant sending his daughter to a mental asylum because he believed that she was going to kill Lucy due to a relapse in her depression.

Will Lucy’s Gold-Diggerness ever be exposed? And, at what cost?