Penelope Waters

Penelope Page

Penelope Waters is your average rich girl who has everything, desires everything and regrets nothing. She’s the type of girl who is like ice, cold on the outside and colder on the inside. Her parents, Carl and Heather Waters have always showered her with everything she ever needed and because of that, she grew bitter and arrogant towards other people.

Penelope is like the Queen Bee, if you don’t obey the Queen Bee then you’ll get punished one way or another. Although, in Penelope’s home life, people don’t know the other story. Penelope usually hears her parents arguing during the night about money, business and sometimes Penelope herself. Sometimes, she wishes she could interfere but she knows that she would only make matters worse for herself.

She also has a big crush on Luke Knight, who lives three doors down from her on Rocky Road. She’s had a crush on him ever since he helped defend her one time from a nasty guy in High School who tried to hit her. Penelope keeps the crush to herself though because she lacks the confidence to talk to him. She may be confident and cold to people, but on the inside she only does it to protect herself.

So, what will happen to Penelope when Evelyn comes into Rocky Road? Nothing in her life will ever be the same again.