Secondary Characters

Karen & Owen Page Karen and Owen Parker raised Evelyn like the child that they always wanted, full of their expectations and also full of things that they wanted their daughter to be. Also, they hate the fact that their daughter became obsessed with Rocky Road, and wished that she never watched the show at all. However, when Evelyn decided to drop out of University to become an artist, they never accepted it and instead only allowed it unless Evelyn made money from it and never spoke to her much since.


Fran Page After her husband’s death, Fran Knight wasn’t able to get over her death after the amount of grief that she was put under. Because of that, the only reminder of her husband, her son Luke, was put under pressure by Fran to perform well like her father. After being helped by Anna Brown in terms of her food situation, Fran has always felt greatly indebted to Anna and thus has always supported Anna if she ever needed money or if she needed to go somewhere special. Fran;s life in Rocky Road has only just returned back to normal.


Heather & Carl Page

Heather and Carl Waters enjoyed a happy marriage with their daughter Penelope, giving their daughter whatever they wanted and making sure that Penelope was always happy. However, when Heather learnt something about her husband, it tore their marriage apart and they became stuck in a whirlwind of arguments and misery for the pair of them. However, their arguments might soon come to end when something happens between the both of them that changes their lives forever.


Elliott Lyons Page Elliott Lyons has always desired to become the Chief of Police, and thus he always took on the big cases with the biggest rewards. Not much is known about Elliott’s life since he keeps it strictly classified. He became recently assigned to take care of the Amelia Green case after she escaped from the mental asylum, and Elliott is only one case away from becoming the Chief of Police, so he’s desperate to find out where she is. However, a new case will come to him soon, and it will affect Rocky Road forever.


Alison Winters Page Alison Wilson has been Penelope’s best friend ever since they met when they were four years old. Alison’s parents and Penelope’s parents get along very well and so do Alison and Penelope, although, Alison doesn’t agree with how Penelope acts towards some people but knows it’s because it’s for her own protection. Alison loves Penelope like her own sister, and they do everything together. Alison loves fashion and she hopes that one day she could become a fashion designer which designs clothes for famous celebrities.


Peter Winters Page Peter Winters enjoyed a simplistic life in High School, being the unpopular kid. That was until, he met Luke Knight and instantly received a makeover which turned him into a super popular kid. Peter always reminds himself of Luke’s kindness and decided to stay by him always as his best friend because Luke likes to hang around with Peter because he’s so natural and down to Earth. Peter desires to become an author one day, writing books about fantastic creatures and witches who cast spells.