Red Room

important information


02-17-15_8-02 AM-2
This was the day before I met Pamela, she seems to be here with one of her old lady friends. But that lady fishing seems so out of place.

02-17-15_12-36 AM-3
This was a couple of nights later and that lady is walking by our house again. I saw her eyes eye the house as she passed it. I’ll have to keep tabs on her.

02-17-15_12-56 AM-3
A couple fishing.

02-17-15_7-53 AMRose Jones was jogging by my house! I wonder why she was watching me play though.

My theory:

Following the events that occurred while in my teenage years, I now know of what is going on.
But that doesn’t mean I know everything.

Theories from Friends:

“My theory about the “Voice From No One” in the Red Room is that it’s YOU, Joel! :)”
– CathyTea

“My theory (and I’m going very conspiracy theory here) is that the government is behind the murders that were on the news a few chapters back. They’re setting something up to test the Wonder Child/Princess :)”
– Carewren123

“My first theory is that is is another wonder child in the area and figures if the two work together they can do better within the program. Second theory is that the notes are from Leliana herself. There is something Leliana doesn’t know about the government project and her older self came back from the future to warn her about it and protect her.”
– dougsbaby12

“#1 – Someone in the government who works in the sector that runs this project doesn’t like it and wants to shut it down. (S)he thinks that Leliana is special and is trying to reach her because (s)he things she can help him/her do it.
#2 – The note are from her mom!! dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn
– Jes2G


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