Y1 – Treadmill Upgrade

07-30-15_10-05 PM

Yeah, this came for me. I ordered one from the same company that’s opening a Spa in Newcrest, since I wanted to get to know their company more and become acquainted with them before I join the Wellness course. I don’t really remember their name, but I know that they’re one of the most renowned Spa Franchises in the world and it’s apparently really hard to become a member there. However, no one has stopped me before, and they won’t stop me now. When I become a famous athlete, I’ll be sure to recommend their spa for great treatments, but for now, I’ll keep up with my regular training schedule.

It’s scary to think that half the year is almost over, with me and Neil spending the break between the two semesters in Granite Falls collecting plants ready for our herbalism projects. It’s going to be fun spending the vacation with Neil, and hopefully we can have some guy talk while we’re there because these girls really do rule the dorm. Speaking of girls, Adelaide wants to talk to me soon, so I better be prepared for whatever she’s going to say to me. I just hope it’s not terrible.

07-30-15_10-06 PM


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