Greenwood Dormitory

Titlecard #3


(A UUC based on the rules by capturedmuse)

Noah Chung is the latest student to attend Briarwick University, studying Health and Physical Fitness. His mother, father and older sister were excited to send him away so that they couldn’t be bothered with him anymore and Noah was hoping for a quiet, simplistic time at the University. However, when he arrives at Greenwood Dormitory, his life is about to become extremely complicated when he meets his fellow dorm mates, Piper Angelo, Neil Ramsey, Adelaide Gibson, Bobbi Rivera, Gabrielle Boston and Emma Lockhart who are all studying different majors.

Through many difficulties such as studying, homework, friendships & relationships, can the seven students graduate from Briarwick University with a bright future ahead of them?

I’ve adapted this challenge slightly after discussing with CathyTea about the aging problem that came with the rules.

  • The Students will play the first year as teenagers and at the end of the first year, age up to young adult as the challenge states. HOWEVER, aging shall then be turned off for the rest of the University experience to let the students graduate at the Young Adult life stage, which allows the creators of the students to play them from YA till they die.
  • I’ve also bent the ISBI rule a little bit to allow me to only instruct the students twice a day to do some type of skilling, and that will be it. Any other interaction is purely autonomous!

18 thoughts on “Greenwood Dormitory

  1. cathytea says:

    Oh, I like your ISBI variation, too! I use a similar variation in my Hippie game. Have fun! I’m really looking forward to reading this! (And now I’m excited to get back to my own University Challenge game! Maybe I’ll play it tonight!)

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