On this page, you’ll be able to find all of the people who helped make Rocky Road happen! There will be links to the builds, and also their blogs if they have one! There’s also a few thank you speeches at the bottom, hehe.


1275 Violet Drive by imtater – Blog
Blue Ridge Cottage by silrosse – Blog
Suburban Dream Home by Carewren123 – Blog
Country Family Home by llmm007
Ophelia by PrincessVvn887
Lakewood House by leotrixy
Blue Family House by tennczowy
Glossy Apartment 2 No CC by Remi19900
Shop Newcrest by americnite
Newcrest Park and Gardens by ladyloial
Luxury Cabin Retreat by Zakiera

Thank you

ARoseInBloom – THANK YOU for looking at my ideas, helping me develop my story and my characters into what they are in the story today. Thank you for looking over my story outline and helping me develop that and also, thanks for the constant motivation you always give me!

RoryGilmore34 – You probably know I already say thank you a lot but seriously, THANK YOU. Thank you for literally checking over every inch of my pages and my cover image and just everything, you’ve seriously helped me become more confident with my story. Your LoTS really inspired me to get going on this story and I’m so glad I had your help with creating this!  P.S I really loved your little pep talk with me as well xD

eXokamikaze – THANK YOU for finding me those lots! I really needed them and you didn’t fail to provide me with the best ones you could find. Thank you so much.

Also, thank you reader for reading Rocky Road. You put so much confidence in me and that makes me smile so much. Thank you ❤