A total of 100 Points can be earned from playing the Legacy Challenge, below is my current score for this challenge. Refer to THIS page for full details of the scoring for the legacy challenge.

overall score – 30/100 points

Family – 2/10 points

Generation One Founder: Nathan Devine
Generation Two Heir: June Devine
Generation that had 10 Children: N/A

Creative – 2/10 points

Generation One Memorialization: Nathan – Painting | Marisa – Painting
Generation Two Memorialization: N/A
Sim that completed two Creative Aspirations:  Marisa Devine

Fortune – 4/10 points

Household Worth: $360,699
Next Point at: $510,000
Current Business/Restaurant Perks: N/A

L-O-V-E – 2/10 points

Generation One Spouse: Marisa Devine (Squeamish, Music Lover, Genius)
Generation Two Spouse: Wesley Devine (Geek, Self-Assured, Goofball)
Sim that completed both Love Aspirations: N/A

Knowledge – 4/10 points

Skills that reached Level 10: 17
Next Point at:
 21 Skills
All Skills Reached Level 10?: Χ

Cooking – Nathan
Dancing – Callum
 – Nathan
Logic – June
Mixology – Nathan
Painting – Maven
Piano – Marisa
Photography – Callum
Programming – June
Rocket Science – June
Wellness – June
Writing – Marisa

Creativity – Maven, Dorian
Mental – June
Motor – Alec
Social – Callum

Athletic – 6/10 points

Aspirations Completed: 13
Next Point at: 21 Aspirations
All Aspirations completed?: Χ

Creativity – Bestselling Author – Marisa
Creativity – Musical Genius – Marisa
Food – Master Chef – Nathan
Food – Master Mixologist – Nathan
Fortune – Mansion Baron – June
Knowledge – Computer Whiz – June
Knowledge – Nerd Brain – June
Nature – Freelance Botanist – Nathan
Popularity – Leader of the Pack – June

Child – Artistic Prodigy –  Maven, Dorian
Child – Nerd Brain – June
Child – Rambunctious Scamp – Alec

Nature – 2/10 points

Deaths: 1
Old Age – Nathan, Marisa

Collections Completed: 1 (Space Rock Collection)
Next Point at: 2 Collection

Career tracks & branches completed: 0
Emotional Paintings collected: 0
All Consumable Aspiration Rewards Collected?: 

Food – 2/10 points

Most expensive Fridge & Stove bought and upgraded?: Χ
Highest Quality Baked Alaska / Highest Level Baking Dish made?: Χ
Sim maxed all food/drink based skills: N/A
Sim(s) that completed both food aspirations: Nathan Devine
Sim that got fat from cooking: N/A

Screenshot of six or more sims sitting at the dinner table:

I spy with my little eye, something saying

Sim(s) that reached the top of the food career branches: 
Meal cooked with two perfect ingredients?: Χ
Max-Quality Meal/Drink during date?: Χ
Max-Quality Party Meal and Drink served during a single party?: Χ

Popularity – 2/10 points

Gold Medals earnt: 14
Silver Medals earnt: 8
Bronze Medals earnt: 1

Medal Points: 59
Points needed until next point: 60

Sim that got gold medal on every party / date: N/A

Deviance – 4/10 points

Potions of Youth owned: 7
Potions needed until next point: 8

Penalties – 0 points

Any penalties will be recorded below;

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