The Frenlore Family


Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Traits: Genius, Outgoing, Geek & Business Savvy

Orion Frenlore is your average masculine guy with a bit of a comical side to him.  However, sometimes he can be a little bit over dramatic. Joining this Government program was a bit of a rebellion against his parents for reasons that will be exposed. He also loves being a geek and a bit of a heavy reader at times, as he is OBSESSED with the Game of Groans series, both on the television and in the books.

04-11-15_3-29 PM-3

Aspiration: Soulmate

Traits: Cheerful, Family Orientated, Romantic & Alluring

Athena is a romantic, and loves the idea of being in love. But when in love, she will let no one stand in the way of her and her chosen lover. Even if that means she’ll have to get her love rival a job in Simberia, which she did do once, although the guy she liked went there with her! Athena became distraught over that. But, she has learnt from her past experiences and she keeps telling herself that once she HAS the man, then she can annihilate anyone trying to interfere with their relationship.

the wonder child

04-11-15_3-29 PM-2

(Refer to Scoring Sheet in Green Room for traits & aspirations)

Leliana Frenlore is the Wonder Child, who is tasked with learning as much as she van before she turns a young adult, where she will have to return to the Government to better the world. Leliana is a delicate soul with a wild side. She inherited her mother’s looks, but her father’s brain. Growing up, Leliana has learnt about taking responsibility for other people and also the way things work in this world. Through learning about different aspects of life, Leliana makes choices which affect the world around her and soon enough, one choice of hers will affect the entire world.

04-11-15_3-29 PM

Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid
Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Traits: Genius, Geek

Alistair was born as a twin to Demetri, however Alistair was born first which makes him the older twin. Alistair inherited his father’s trait of Genius, which made Alistair feel that he should be like his father. Although no one is sure where his red hair came from, he’s pretty sure that it’s a recessive gene in one part of his family. And when he grew up into a teenager, he became more of a geek because of his obsession with video games and the way computers work.

04-11-15_3-28 PM

Childhood Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Traits: Active, Cheerful

Demetri was born as a twin to Alistair, however he was the younger twin which makes him Athena and Orion’s youngest child. Growing up, he liked sports and playing around with fitness equipment which made him pretty active. He liked hanging round with Leliana and playing with her along with hanging around with his parents. When he grew up into a teenager, he inherited his mother’s trait of Cheerful, which made him proud to be who he is today.

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