2.48 – Brushed by Death

After studying her mother’s autobiography, June managed to pinpoint the exact coordinates of her mother’s home planet and as soon as she discovered this fact, she immediately ran over to her rocket and input the coordinates so the rocket could calibrate the journey overnight before she launches in the early morning. June was both excited and nervous, she didn’t know what her mother’s people were like, and how different they could be from Marisa herself. However, June wore a happy smile and held the familiar silver drink in her hand, the one that her father told her would prolong her life only once.

How could she travel in space if her back was beginning to ache and pain? Age was catching up with June and while she overlooked the garden, she held the drink in her hand and tipped the contents down into her mouth.

02-19-16_1-58-02 AM

After completing her Computer Whiz aspiration, June had moved onto becoming Leader of the Pack, which she thought was befitting of herself since she was the heir after all. While the morning arrived, June was giving herself a pep talk in the mirror, “June, you’re about to go on a journey to meet your grandparents. Let’s hope we don’t die!”

June changed into her astronaut gear, ran inside of the rocket and blasted off into space. She followed the coordinates exactly as her mother had described them; past the second star by the moon, then carry on until purple clouds your eyes and then lower yourself down onto the planet. June had done all of those things, but the more she lowered herself down, the more she flew downwards with nothing to stop her fall. Using her monitor, June had looked beneath the rocket to see what was there and there was nothing.

“What’s going on?!” June shouted as the red lights began to flash inside of the rocket, and everything began to malfunction. She slammed the return to home button while the rocket was blasted with a large space rock. The rocket was hurdling through space towards the ground, and there was no way that June was going to have a safe landing, there was no way that June could land this rocket at all.

She was going to die.

The rocket crashed into the ground, which woke up everyone in the household. They ran outside to find the crashed rocket, and screams were heard from Wesley, Veronica and Callum.

“Mom!!” Dorian shouted while they looked at the still burning crash site. “Please, don’t die on me!!”

02-19-16_2-11-39 AM

“Who said anything about dying? Surely, you know that a rocket ship crash cannot defeat your mother!”

“Are you okay, Junebug?” Callum watched as June stood up, threw off her astronaut gear and looked at the large space rock that she had acquired. Weirdly, it was the last rock she needed to complete her space rock collection so instead of cursing it for almost killing her, she thanked it for arriving into her possession in such a spectacular way. Although, June was acting a little out there, since the crash made her a little dazed.



To get over it, June thought drinking some juice would be okay! Callum and Veronica certainly disagreed but June adamantly told them that it will help her.

02-19-16_2-14-32 AM

She certainly looks calmer than what she was earlier…

Outside in the garden, Veronica had just finished explaining June’s near death experience to Nathan and Marisa while Alec had begun shouting Mom from the outside. From the weird fence glitch that happened, Veronica and Alec were able to talk across the shrubs to each other!

“Mom! Can you come over here please? Or can I come over and see you?” Alec asked and while Veronica loved her son, she didn’t want to show his messy tendencies in front of Nathan and Marisa.

“How about I come over and see you?” Veronica suggested and Alec shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m not sure, whatever’s best for you. BUT! Make sure you have something awesome to tell me if you’re coming around.” Alec led the proposition while Veronica laughed and replied back to her son.

"Oh, I have a few awesome things I could tell you."

“Oh, I have a few awesome things I could tell you.”

After meeting her son on the other side, Veronica crouched down to her son and looked at him in the eyes. “Hello, it’s me. I came from the other side!”

“Mom, stop quoting Adele! You’re way cooler than that.” Veronica felt overjoyed that Alec thought that she was super cool. Callum stared in disbelief as he was told by Alec that Adele was cooler than him, even after all of the heart-to-hearts they’ve had over the past couple of weeks. “Dorian’s birthday is tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“Yes! I was about to go inside to begin preparing the menu, do you want to help me?” Veronica wondered and Alec nodded his head before ushering his mother to come closer so that he could whisper in her ear.

"I think Dad's jealous of you."

“I think Dad’s jealous of you.”

“What makes you say that?” Veronica said and the pair of them turned around to see Callum staring at Veronica in envy and the pair of them played it off as they were looking at the birds in the sky.

“Woah, a pigeon! So cool!” Alec shouted while he leaned in to whisper his mother again, “Shall we really make him jealous.”

“Let’s do it!” Veronica laughed while she knelt down on the floor and her son started to hug her.

“Mom! You’re the best parent in the world!”

“You’re the best son in the world, Alec!”

"Has he noticed yet?"

“Has he noticed yet?”

And after, the Devines gathered for their weekly movie night! Maven and Savannah also came around to join in on the festivities, bringing over some sweets that Maven had designed the packaging for. Savannah and June were in the kitchen popping the corn ready for the movie while Veronica, Maven and Dorian were choosing the film for tonight.

Dorian had quite liked to watch Super Llama Man while Maven and Veronica were arguing over what genre of film they were going to watch.

"Let's hope it's not a Chick Flick tonight..."

“Let’s hope it’s not a Chick Flick tonight…”

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