The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty-Two – A Final Goodbye

The next day…

01-05-28-15_5-21 PM

Mr Roboto flashed the holographic blueprint that I designed on the Inventor Constructor. We both talked for several hours about what materials would be needed and what parts would be required.

Soon enough, we ordered materials from the Government and they came down a brass tube, and smashed on the ground. Classy.

02-05-28-15_5-22 PM

“Are you ready, Leliana?” Mr Roboto asked and I nodded. “Guide me well.”

And then we started to build the Wormhole Frame. There was a lot of smoke and noise, but fortunately there was an air vent above the Inventor Constructor so I wasn’t going to die or anything.

03-05-28-15_5-23 PM

05-05-28-15_5-23 PM-3

04-05-28-15_5-23 PM-2

06-05-28-15_5-23 PM-4

After a few hours of construction, the final bolts and plates of Iron slammed into the wormhole frame as it stood on the Inventor Constructor as a finished product.

“We really did it.” I muttered as I stared at the finished product.

07-05-28-15_5-24 PM

“Yes, we really did.” Mr Roboto said as he nudged my shoulder. I guess it was his way of hugging people. I hugged Mr Roboto as well, he did have compassion and he was full of love.

“Hey, Mr Roboto.” I looked at Mr Roboto then with exciting eyes.

08-05-28-15_5-25 PM-2

“Yeah?” He said excitedly.

“Let’s test this out!” I suggested as he picked up the Wormhole Frame which we had compromised to name The Wonder Wormhole Generator. But anyways, he plopped down the The Wonder Wormhole Generator and I felt it and examined it. It was warm to the touch, but that was probably because it was freshly built.

I withdrew a screwdriver from the tool rack that was in the science lab and I began to calibrate The Wonder Wormhole Generator.

09-05-28-15_5-26 PM-2

“A little to the left and a little to the right.” I kept saying to myself as I calibrated it. The way to calibrate this? I’m not even sure, but I knew that it probably took what I was thinking of into account of where The Wonder Wormhole Generator was going to end up.

I thought of Sixam and the aliens contained within. We hadn’t really had a pathway to Sixam since it’s discovery other than a rocketship, but I could be the first one capable of building an easy passageway!

After it was calibrated, I stuck in an activity detector to see if there was any life where the Wormhole’s destination was.

10-05-28-15_5-27 PM

“Yes! There’s a beat!” I cheered excitedly. However, when I tested travelling through The Wonder Wormhole Generator with an apple… it came back in grave condition.

“Mr Roboto. We’re going to have to upgrade this thing.” I explained to him as he picked up The Wonder Wormhole Generator and dragged it over to the Inventor Constructor, where he started work on it once more.

“As you requested.” Mr Roboto answered.

11-05-28-15_5-31 PM

The Next Day…


After calibrating The Wonder Wormhole Generator again to the frequency that I did yesterday, an alien travelled through! AN ACTUAL ALIEN! I’m lucky that this was in the middle of the night so that the Government workers might not be in the observation room.

I dragged him over to a blind spot where he wouldn’t be spotted by anyone.

12-05-28-15_5-34 PM

“Hey! So, what’s your name?” I asked, and he seemed to twist a dial device on his wrist.

“I am Pixel.” He introduced himself, “What’s your name?”

“I am Leliana Frenlore.” I’m not sure if Pixel knew the danger that was coming to him, I wished that he didn’t.

“Am I going to die?” He questioned and I froze.

“What do you mean?” Pixel moved over to the computer desk and sat down on the chair.

13-05-28-15_5-36 PM

“We’ve already been warned by our Government that your Government plans to destroy us.” He explained, as he showed me his planet’s Government website. However, it was in Sixamish and I couldn’t understand it.

“I’m not going to let that happen.” I said, and I smiled. Pixel smiled back as he walked back through the wormhole and went back home.

This had been my plan all along. I’d build the wormhole and make the Government happy. However, The Wonder Wormhole Generator has been made to only work for one journey, my journey. I will travel through the wormhole to a destination. I’m not sure where, but I must decide. I’m going to leave tomorrow.

The Final Day

14-05-28-15_5-37 PM

I knew where I had to go. My heart told me where to go. My mind told me where to go. I was focused on going there and only there. They’re probably waiting for me right now, they’re probably wondering where I am.

Every story stars a hero, one that makes great sacrifices so that everyone else can be happy so that they can eventually have their own happiness in the end right? Well, in my story, I want my own happiness. I’ve endured so much, lived through love, death and revenge. I’ve never had a choice in my life until now, and I’m going to take it.

I’m going to use it and I’m going to be happy.

15-05-28-15_5-39 PM

I took a deep breath.

“Leliana, where are you going?!” The female voice was back. Just in time.


16-05-28-15_5-40 PM

Goodbye Alistair. Goodbye Demetri. Goodbye Dad. Goodbye Mom. Goodbye Everyone.

I’m leaving the past behind, and I’m travelling to my future. However, I will never forget you. This is my final goodbye.

17-05-28-15_5-40 PM-2

And with that, I was gone.

When I made it through to the other side, I fell. From the sky. Down to the ground. However, I stopped and floated for a second, just before hitting the ground, which stopped me dying.

“Lucky me.” I remarked before I looked around and then at myself, “Hey! My clothes changed!”

However, nothing could stop the sad expression from forming. I couldn’t see them.


Wait. This neighbourhood is familiar. I looked around to discover that this was the neighbourhood I grew up in, but it wasn’t the same. My old house wasn’t there, it was some other house, the house before.

I decided to look around and try to find someone.


“HELLO?” I screamed as I looked around for someone. Anyone. However, I was only greeted by silence. Even when the tears were forming, I ran around quickly. I needed to find them.




“Mom… Dad… I can’t find them. What do I do?!” I cried, but then, somewhere inside of me I heard both of their voices.

“Keep searching. You will find them.” They said. And I followed it, I persevered and continued to try and find them. I can’t be homeless, there is no one I know where probably. The world looks the same, feels the same, but I can tell it exists in a different universe. I wouldn’t be able to be out in broad daylight like this if this was my world.


“Come on Leliana, let’s keep trying.” I said to myself, which started a conversation with myself. First stage of insanity.

“Why? How do you know I’ll find them?”

“Because of how much you love them. Follow your dream to have your personal happiness and you will find them.” 


“Well… what about Alistair, Demetri and Danielle? Don’t they need me?”

“Leliana, inside of you, you trusted the three of them to live their lives by themselves. You know that they can live on without you, even if you feel like they need you.”


“You’ve done all you can for them, you’ve done everything everyone has asked of you. But even now, you have never done anything for yourself, never followed a dream because you were constricted by the program. You have your chance. Find them.”

Okay, best talk with my conscience ever.


Even if I did look like I lost all hope, it was because I was extremely uncomfortable. I needed to see them.

I started to walk once more, and I wandered for hours, looking for a hint as to where I could find them. Nothing. I decided it was time to ask for some help and when I found a house nearby, I thought they might know where I could find them.


Run. That was the only thought in my mind. I ran towards the house before stopping, my shoelace was untied. After tying it up, I stood up and looked towards the house.


“This house looks pretty awesome. I hope I can live in a place like this in this world.” I smiled as I made my way to the door.

I walked up the steps.


And I knocked on the door three times.


While gazing inside.


“This house looks amazing on the inside too!” And then the door was opened, and I froze. In this world, I knew they were here but I never knew I’d find their house like this. They looked at me and froze as well. I couldn’t believe it.


I couldn’t help but burst out into tears, I had finally found them. I had finally found him.


“I found you. My happiness.” I smiled.

And from that moment, my happily ever after had finally begun.

However, back in Leliana’s old world. Things didn’t go as she thought it would be.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” The feminine voice shouted as red lights and sirens boomed and beamed from the control room inside the Government.

“The wormhole is growing out of control! It’s energy is spiking and it’s too much to contain!” Another voice, masculine had explained.

“Then what’s going to–“ The feminine voice had asked but she couldn’t finish her sentence. She died before she could finish it. She died along with 86.5% of the world’s population.

The Wonder Wormhole Generator had plunged  Leliana’s old world into an apocalypse. And nothing would ever be the same again.

The end.

Thank you for reading ❤
There will be a ‘final thoughts’ post about this story and this challenge as a whole and I will also be answering questions about everything! So, be sure to submit your questions HERE!


14 thoughts on “The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty-Two – A Final Goodbye

  1. cathytea says:

    Awesome! I’m so happy to see where her portal to her dreams led her! I feel like I’ve been part of an epic adventure in SimLit reading this! And… maybe it’s not over! I mean, we need at least two spin-offs, right?

    Congratulations on completing this story and thank you for writing it! What a grand adventure!

    Liked by 2 people

    • SummerFalls says:

      It’s not over nope! I’ve got one spin-off planned but I’m not sure about another…
      No problem as well! It was a grand writing adventure for me too 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. ARoseInBloom says:


    Honestly…I had my suspicions she would end up over there, but it was wonderful to read. You did such an amazing job with this story!

    Your creativity is inspiring 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. raerei says:

    Awesome story! I like how you were able to use the portal to get her to go between worlds and give her a happy ending, fit for a queen. (hopes she does live happily ever after). Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to go back and catch your other stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad you liked the ending and I hope you’ll like the continuation over into the Pruett Family Legacy by Jes2G as well. I also hope you have a happy time catching up on my other stories 🙂


  4. JJFABBY says:

    “And then, the world exploded, and almost everyone died. The end.”
    Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming-

    I’ve been binge-reading this for three days, and it was really awesome!


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