The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty-One – Breakthrough

01-05-28-15_4-48 PM

I woke up to find myself in a very strange place.

“Hello Miss Frenlore.” A feminine voice said as I sprang up. Examining the place, it was very unfamiliar, but it had all the necessities needed to live in. However, I didn’t want to stay here.

“Where am I?” I asked, before I heard a laugh coming from the speaker. That plum nugget.

“You are underground. In a place where no one can find you. First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on finishing the Wonder Child Program but unfortunately, this isn’t the end for you. After becoming the top Wonder Child, you shall help us.” The woman explained and I laughed this time.

“What makes you think I’ll help YOU?” I shouted and the woman tapped the microphone.

“Your brothers’ safety depends on how you perform.” What? What have they done to them? They better not have touched them! I wanted to say all of these things but I knew it wasn’t the time. First of all, I dressed myself into a more comfortable outfit.

02-05-28-15_4-49 PM

At least this feels warm. I thought. This room felt too cold, and with the one sided windows, I knew that I was being watched.

“You can go through the orange doors, and go through to the other room.” The woman instructed. Having nothing else to do, I followed her instruction.

03-05-28-15_4-54 PM

A fountain? How thoughtful. I can drown myself in it and stop this whole thing from happening. However, I stopped myself from doing so as I thought about what might happen to Alistair and Demetri.

04-05-28-15_4-54 PM-2

I looked around as I saw the various science equipment in the room. The robot on one of the machines turned to face me.

“Miss Frenlore! How do you do?” The voice. That voice. The Government are a bunch of plum nuggets. How dare they take his voice and put it on this robot? HOW DARE THEY?!

“Hello, Robot with Orion’s voice.” I breathed out, I had to keep calm. In a way, it makes me feel more comfortable, but also more aware of how desperate and cruel the Government really are.

“Let me help you.” The robot said as it’s light-bulb-scanner-thingy scanned me and changed my clothes to the ones I liked to wear the most. I guess me and this robot can get along, but I had to remember. Even with Orion’s voice, this robot was the enemy.

05-05-28-15_4-56 PM

“What’s this?” I asked the robot.

“That is a pressure chamber. It will hold the pressure generated by the wormhole.” The robot explained and I nodded my head. After examining the rest of the equipment, I wandered over to the computer where I began to check out some websites.

06-05-28-15_4-56 PM-2

Restricted. Restricted. Restricted.

I guess the Government don’t want me to send any messages anywhere or spread the word of what happened to me. However, one website that did work was the Government’s own website, where they made a declaration.

To the citizens of the world,
We have been tirelessly working for the past couple of years raising children to be the future generation of intelligence. And now, with the top Wonder Child, we now have the means to change the world for the better. We will be able to harness futuristic technology and travel to the planet of Sixam where we will try and harbor a peace treaty between both of our planets. Should this be successful, you can expect amazing changes to our planet.

Until the next update,
President Plumbob.

What liars. Peace treaty? What plum. They’re going to invade and conquer and act like the peace treaty was refused. They aren’t interested in Sixam’s safety at all. Sixam have their own citizens, they have their own lives, children and memories. We have no right to take that away from them.

07-05-28-15_4-57 PM

This should help to stop the restriction on the websites, I thought.

Soon afterwards, I stood at the big machine contraption thingy where I held a conversation with the robot with the voice of Orion.

08-05-28-15_4-58 PM

“Hey Mr. Roboto.” I said as the robot’s head drew closer to me.

“Hello, Miss Frenlore.” It’s head looked like it was waving! I laughed a bit, before replying back to the robot.

“You can call me Leliana, you know?” And the robot nodded.

“Okay. Leliana.” It seemed happy by saying that.

11-05-28-15_4-58 PM-4

“So, I’m not even sure how to build one of these wormhole thingies that they want.” I admitted and the robot erupted in a weird, mechanical laughter.

“You have to have a breakthrough first!” The robot advised and I scratched my head. Breakthrough?

“What in the heavens is a ‘Breakthrough’?” I questioned and the robot’s light-scanner-thingy shone on the invention contraption.

“When using this machine, you may figure out certain blueprints in your mind or figure out the items needed to make what you want or both. This machine can put ideas into your head, Leliana. That is a breakthrough, when you realise a huge idea can be done and you know how to do it.”

Right! Time to use this machine then and hope something breaks through! Ha. Ha.

09-05-28-15_4-58 PM-2

“Can you help me start up this machine then Mr Roboto?” I requested and the robot nodded.

Suddenly, the machine hummed to life with power and a huge hologram appeared in front of my eyes.

12-05-28-15_5-00 PM

“Put it together using that.” The robot advised and I did as he said.

It almost seemed like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting pieces together and hoping they fit. One piece after another, the pieces fitted together and also came apart. After hours of working at this machine, the final part of the jigsaw fit into place and the hologram flashed green.

“YES!” I shouted, I knew how to build the Wormhole Frame. However, I immediately knew that this was only helping the Government do what they wanted. But inside of me, I wanted to build this portal and I wanted to know what I was capable of.

13-05-28-15_5-02 PM

But at the same time, I was incredibly scared. I was scared what would happen to me after I had finished the portal. Would they allow me to go home? Probably not. Would they kill me?



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