The Wonder Child – Chapter Forty – A Party to Remember

There was no time for a funeral. There wasn’t even time to properly say goodbye. The morning after, everyone was busy getting ready for my birthday party. Why are they looking happy? Why are they so excited? Nothing in this world made sense anymore, and me, on my own, would have to leave after this is all done.

When we all gathered at my party, my eyes wondered around the club.

01-04-11-15_6-38 PM

There’s multiple Government Agents here, I thought to myself. Thanks to Danielle hacking the system, I knew every single Government Agent involved with the project.

Even on the day I’m supposed to be happy, they’re here to try and bring me down. However, I knew what I had to do and I knew what I wanted to do. For the final time, I would party with my brothers, I would toast and sing, because this would be the last time I ever hear the Birthday Song. And because I knew that, I had to make this party count.

Meanwhile, Demetri was focused on trying to win money off two people that he didn’t know were Government Agents. Penelope White and Frank Littlewood.

“Sit down! You’re about to face against the champion of poker!” Demeti cheered as he dragged Frank down to the seat.

02-04-11-15_6-41 PM

I guess it was an extremely fun but extremely serious poker game as everyone’s poker face was focused on the game at hand. But, as I predicted, Demetri did win the game and won a grand total of $24563!! I guess he could do this to win his college tuition right? Hopefully this doesn’t become an addiction though.

Soon enough, everyone came and joined the dance floor. Even Grim came to the birthday party! I guess he felt regretful that he took my mother away one day before my birthday.

03-04-11-15_6-43 PM

I joined in the dancing soon after, and it felt pretty fun! Echosmith’s ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ came on and we had a pretty good dance session with that.

04-04-11-15_6-43 PM-2

“How come you’re here?” I asked Grim while he was still here. It was a popular fact that Grim didn’t like to stay in one place for too long.

“I heard it was your birthday today and I came to deliver you a present.” Grim whispered as he handed me a leatherbound book. When I looked down at it my eyes widened with surprise.

To my Dearest Daughter
By Orion Frenlore

“How did you…?” I was at a complete loss for words.

“He gave it to me the first time I came for him, after your brother left though.” Even though I couldn’t see Grim’s face, I knew that he was smiling.

06-04-11-15_6-43 PM-4

Even so, Grim shouldn’t be looking where he was looking.

“GRIM.” I demanded, and he looked up at me. We both laughed at the absurdity of the conversation before continuing to dance. Even for someone who is immortal, Grim had to be respected as someone who had to witness death, sadness and misery everyday of his existence. So, him having a day of happiness was the only reward that I could give him.

After, Alistair came to me and Grim and started dancing with us as well.

07-04-11-15_6-43 PM-5

“You will have time tomorrow right?” Alistair asked before smiling at me. We both knew the answer to that question. The Government would not allow it, that’s how villainous they really are.

“No.” I answered. I didn’t want to say anymore as I didn’t want to make him sad on my birthday. On the day that I’m supposed to be receiving gifts, I end up giving everything I have to everyone else.

To Alistair, I gave him my positivity. Death makes him melancholic for a long time and I do not want to have that happen to him again. To Demetri, I gave him my collection of Wonder Queen items. I will not need them anymore, the place where I’m going will not allow such items in there. And finally, to everyone else, I gave them the memories. Memories of how myself and how we met, memories of how I impacted their lives, memories of me as Princess and Queen of The Wonder Kingdom. I felt slightly more at peace with leaving now.

08-04-11-15_6-44 PM

11-04-11-15_6-47 PM

Luckily, the both of them won’t know why I had to leave or where I am going. Knowing the both of them, they would declare a personal mission against the Government to rescue me, but I know that it would be in vain and result in their deaths.

Then it was time for the candles and cake. They brought in the cake slowly as they sang;

“Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Wonder Queen!
Happy Birthday to you!”

And I blew out my candles while making my last  ever birthday wish in this world.
Please. Let them live. Demetri and Alistair, I want them to live for a long time.

My phone soon vibrated afterwards, and I picked up my phone to check the message. And as soon as I did, my smile which was present turned into both a surprised and grief-stricken face.

12-04-11-15_6-48 PM

It was from… Mom? How could she have sent this? Unless she scheduled it to be sent. Even so, I took a deep breath and read the message.

To my daughter Leliana. Happy Birthday! You must be having a lot of fun right? Don’t let Demetri or Alistair drink too much, they might not be able to handle the big dangers of alcohol so early in their lives! Also, you. Don’t forget who YOU are. Stop being focused on hating the Government and thinking with a cynical mind. Make the most of what you have left.

Love Mom xxx

How could she make my heart jump with one text? How have I been so plum? I’ve been too sucked into a sadistic way of thinking that I’ve forgotten what’s really important. Love and Happiness. I need my own personal happiness.

14-04-11-15_6-53 PM

I looked at everyone with eager eyes. Demetri. Alistair. Danielle. I knew what I had to do. I needed to run, run far away. The Government can’t come after the three of them without telling everyone why they have the reason too. They are too well known in this world and this time, the Government are powerless to do anything if I run away.

I finally had the power, and I was going to use it. I ran out of the club straight away and ran into the street.

10-04-11-15_6-45 PM-2

“FREEDOM!” I shouted.

However, if only things could’ve gone that way. Even if I tried to gain my happiness, the Government would always try and take it away in this world. The next thing I saw was a cloth being wrapped around my face and the whole world turning black as I lost the feeling in my limbs and crashed down to the ground.

13-04-11-15_6-52 PM

However, unbeknownst to Leliana, Grim knew. Grim knew what was going to happen. And he knew that his job was going to become a whole lot more popular.

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