1.10 – WooHoo NooBoo

After some days had passed, Marisa and Nathan had finally made some progress with their aspirations. Nathan is almost done with the third stage to hs aspiration while Marisa made some great progress into her second stage! That morning, Marisa had the sudden urge to try for a baby with Nathan, and that became the driving force to discuss it with him.

01-05-26-15_3-01 AM

“Honey, let’s do it! Let’s Woo Hoo for a Nooboo!” Marisa pleaded and Nathan closed his eyes to try and stop the laughter that came upon him because of Marisa’s sudden poetic speech.

“Do you think it’s time that we Woo Hoo for a Nooboo?” This time, both Nathan and Marisa erupted in laughter as Marisa had finally caught onto why Nathan was laughing so much.

“Okay, okay! But come on, we’ve made enough progress and we should have enough money to raise them. What do you think?” Marisa argued her point, with Nathan taking it into careful consideration.

02-05-26-15_3-02 AM

What are they even imagining?

“Okay, let’s do it!” Nathan answered while Marisa silently cheered to herself.

Marisa and Nathan soon walked into the bedroom where they… started to make the baby by doing some woo hoo. (I’m sorry to all readers who have not been told about woo hoo yet.)

At least there's a blanket over them.

At least there’s a blanket over them.

After their Woo Hoo session, Marisa immediately got out of bed to go take a Pregnancy Test. She didn’t want to wait to see if she was pregnant, she wanted to find out there and then. Even though she was soon chased out of the bathroom temporarily due to there being a tiny bug in there, she managed to take the test.

After waiting and waiting for a result, Marisa looked down at the test.


The confetti cannon fired as Marisa walked out of that bathroom like a pro.

I am the best, when it comes to Woo Hoo.

“I am the best, when it comes to Woo Hoo. It’s out of this world… haha!”

Marisa made her way straight back into the bedroom, where Nathan was anxiously waiting the result of the pregnancy test. Marisa sat down beside him and patted his back, where he then looked up at her with eager eyes.

“So?” He asked.

“Well…” She led on, and Nathan held Marisa close to him.

“What was the result?” Nathan was clearly excited for Marisa’s answer as he probably heard the confetti cannon.

“Yes! I’m pregnant!” Marisa exclaimed as Nathan looked at her. Although it may have seemed that he looked very negatively, it was just his astonishment coming into play.


“I’m going to be a father? Oh my.” Nathan had suddenly realised the role he was about to take on. Luckily for him, Marisa was there for him.

“I’m going to be a mother too! We can tackle this together and raise our child up to be amazing.” Marisa assured Nathan and he smiled, she always knew what to say to make him smile.

“I’m hoping it’s a girl, so that we have our heir!” Nathan hoped, and Marisa laughed.

“Let’s actually tackle this pregnancy first, how about baby names?” Marisa suggested.

Let's hope for some normal sounding baby names...

Let’s hope for some normal sounding baby names…

“If it was a boy… I guess I’d like the name Maven. For a girl, I really think Cinder is a cool name!” Nathan suggested and Marisa nodded.

“Those names are cool, but you’ll never beat Callum for a boy and Georgie for a girl!” Marisa said confidently, while Nathan thought about it.

“I guess your names are cool as well. We’ll have to see what gender the baby is to see what name it shall have.” Marisa then rose up from the bed and left Nathan in the bedroom by himself since she had to go work on her book.

"I'm going to be a father. Woo!"

“I’m going to be a father. Woo!”

Nathan started to contemplate the changes that would have to be made to the house for it to be ready for the child. Of course, the house would have to be revamped again with a bedroom for the child, which would also cost money. However, Nathan knew that money would soon not be a problem due to his garden making quite a bit of money and Marisa’s book royalties coming into the hundreds per day.

"This one is going to be great!"

“This one is going to be great!”

Meanwhile, Marisa continued on with her latest book. It was about a couple who were trapped on an island with people who like to eat dragonfruit, and it just so happens that the couple possess the only source of dragonfruit left on the island, so chaos ensues. Marisa certainly had the knack for trying to think of an imaginative story.

Nathan slept.

09-05-26-15_3-18 AM

The day then continued on with Marisa editing her latest novel, which she had finished earlier that day. Even though she was proud of finishing the novel, she knew that it was far from actually being finished.

"Yes... NO! I don't like this bit, be gone terrible writing!" Followed by Marisa scribbling the paragraph out with a pen.

“Yes… NO! I don’t like this bit, be gone terrible writing!” Followed by Marisa scribbling the paragraph out with a pen.

Editing – Every writer’s nightmare.

After Nathan woke up, he was motivated to continue working on his garden since he knew that he needed to make a lot of money with these plants to make sure future generations had a happy life. Nathan began to harvest his spliced plants that he had made just a few days ago.

"Look how much this plant has given me! Good plant, well done! You shall be rewarded with more fertilizer soon!"

“Look how much this plant has given me! Good plant, well done! You shall be rewarded with more fertilizer soon!”

It soon occurred to Nathan that it was time. He was almost becoming an adult soon and it was time for him to use it. He brewed the Potion of Youth a couple of days ago, following the recipe that he was left with, and placed it into two glass cups, which Nathan and Marisa kept on them at all times.

Nathan took the glass, and consumed it.

12-05-26-15_3-29 AM

The clocks reversed on Nathan as his life force became renewed. Nathan had become a freshly turned Young Adult once more.

“That felt, surprisingly like I sipped a drink and it tasted fine.” Nathan described as it having no effect on him at all. However, he knows that the Potion did work as he feels younger somehow.

Marisa took it upon herself to tidy up the lot a bit by placing some books back on the bookshelf that they had.

Work that Pregnant look!

Work that Pregnant look!

Marisa had also been reminded that the time had come for her to become young again as well. After asking Nathan roughly four million times per day if the youth potion will affect her pregnancy, Nathan firmly denied it and reassured Marisa that her pregnancy will continue as normal.

With that in mind, Marisa took a deep breath as she swallowed the silvery liquid of youth.

*glug glug*

*glug glug*

Marisa didn’t like the taste at all, she thought it felt metallic and tasted like stainless steel mixed in vanilla ice cream. Like Nathan, Marisa’s life force reversed back to the beginning of her Young Adult life.

However, that didn’t stop her pregnancy hormones from coming in.




8 thoughts on “1.10 – WooHoo NooBoo

  1. cathytea says:

    I love that final shot of her yelling at the screen! And they’ve really got such a sweet relationship. Hmmm…. I’m wondering if the baby will be considered an alien. You know Corey Pace (alien dad, nonalien mom) is not… What if the mom is alien?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. raerei says:

    Woohoo nooboo….how did I never notice that rhyme before. And I think Marissa is awesome at thinking up story plots, I’d read any and all of her books.


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