The Wonder Child – Chapter Seventeen – The Stink Potion Prank

02-17-15_12-22 AM


I was going to try it on Mom, but she seemed too busy talking to herself. Ever since that talk with Dad yesterday, she thinks that talking to herself will reassure her that Dad will always be there.

“He’ll always be here to take care of you Athena. Orion will be by your side, and he will watch you die before him, because you couldn’t bear watching him die before you.” Mom repeated to herself over and over. It’s quite sad.

Instead, I had decided to do it to Dad instead. Luckily, he was in the kitchen and so I placed the item on the table, and I joined him by the counter.

02-17-15_12-29 AM

“Hey Dad! Can you do something for me?” I asked him. I made sure to use the best convincing face possible, I was going to need it.

“Sure Princess, what is it?” I led Dad to the table where I sat him down.

02-17-15_12-30 AM

“So Dad, I’ve been experimenting lately with potions… and I think I’ve finally made something that could stop your hair loss!” I giggled as Dad sternly looked at me.

“Hey! My baldness isn’t something to laugh at… but since you have a cure, give it to me.” Dad quickly said, but I had a condition.

02-17-15_12-30 AM-3

“No no, first I want $100 as a payment.” I ordered.

“What?” Dad gasped, but he eventually decided to drink it anyway. He grabbed hold of the cup, and he took a large sip of it.

02-17-15_12-30 AM-4

I began to giggle a little as Dad began to drink it, but I had to contain myself. The prank wasn’t over yet. After he had drunk it, Dad walked over to the sink to wash the plate and the cup, when I suspected he suddenly felt something.

02-17-15_12-32 AM

“Oh no.” Dad muttered as he blew gas, loudly. I had to run out of there as fast as I could because it was slowly stinking up the entire room. I felt Dad glare at me as I walked out of the house.

02-17-15_12-32 AM-2

“LELIANA FRENLORE!” Dad screamed at me, but I wasn’t taking it at all.

02-17-15_12-33 AM

“Shouldn’t have believed me.” I commented as I walked out.

02-17-15_12-37 AM

Later, when I was playing my violin, Dad totally ignored me. Maybe I went too far with my prank, but it was so funny to watch! Especially his reaction, it was Golden Puffs!

I feel that the residents of the Wonder Kingdom will have an amazing Princess who can pull secret attacks when she needs too. I still have another superpower as well…

I can conjure Mr Sparkle Man!

02-17-15_12-40 AM



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