The Wonder Child – Chapter Twenty-Five – Pen-Pal

04-05-15_3-36 PM

Belle Menteur had decided to come over after school, as we were both partnered up together for a Social Studies project. I’m not sure what it is about Belle, but when she speaks to me, it seems so familiar… but that’s just probably because I’m used to her voice by now.

“So yeah, Feminism was one of the biggest protests in history! Along with Civil Rights, many people fought for what they believed in, and they fought for a cause.” Belle explained. Our social studies project is on Inspiration and Fights for Society. Of course, everyone is going to do the obvious Civil Rights and Feminism, but we’re doing something outside the box.

04-05-15_3-36 PM-4

“So, what we’re doing is the inspiration inside of us and the fight that we’re describing isn’t a fight for society as such, it’s the fight inside of us that contributes to society?” I asked and Belle nodded.

“Yes, clever girl.” Meeting Belle every day was awesome, because we both knew what the other needed before the other even asked. I guess this is what you call a Bond, I’ve never really had one before. It’s an awesome feeling!

“Perfect. So, I’ll message you later about some of the stuff we should do because for now, I just want to relax and chill.” I admitted and we both kicked back on the sofa, it was probably time for us to relax as we had been discussing this project for a solid two hours.

04-05-15_3-37 PM

“Ah… that’s better.” Belle said as she relaxed her arms. I watched her blue hair as it fell back, it’s so mesmerising.

“I know. My blue hair is symbolic you know. I was born near a lake, so my hair was naturally blue.” Belle explained and I nodded. I was born in a bedroom so why is my hair black? Oh… genes, duh.

“That’s pretty amazing. I should try and see what I look like with many different hair colours!” I suggested and Belle agreed, she thought that it was an amazing idea as I never really know when I need to change my style.

04-05-15_3-37 PM-3

“Are you ok?” I asked as Belle’s head lowered, she was breathing deeply in and out as I asked. I worried for a second but then she looked up at me and smiled.

“I’m fine. Jus’ some bad memories coming back from the grave.” Belle said and I looked to her and patted her on the back.

“It’s okay. I’m here when you need to talk about it.” I consoled her a bit, and Belle had an even bigger smile on her face.

“Thanks Leliana.” Belle said.


“What is tha-“ Belle tried to ask, but I ran to my computer before she could even answer.

04-05-15_3-38 PM

“SOMEONE ACTUALLY REPLIED TO MY REQUEST?!” I screamed as I tried to find the message from the person who sent it to me. I scrolled through countless pages in order to find it.

“What are you talking about?” Belle asked from the sofa, and I turned around to her.

“I sent a request for a Pen-Pal, you know, someone who I can talk to who is either near to me or far away. And now, someone has replied to my request!” I answered and Belle turned around instantly.

“So, who’s it from?” Belle further questioned and I was still trying to find it. I looked and I finally found the page where the person responded, they must have received my email by now and they’re emailing me. Eek!

04-05-15_3-39 PM

“His name, the person is a he, is Devan Holmes.” I said pacefully, his name seemed very enticing indeed. Belle seemed to giggle as she turned around again to the computer.

“So, do you like the sound of his name, Leliana Frenlore?” Belle asked and I gave her a glare. I never really contemplated the idea of an online relationship, but I haven’t even started to talk to this guy so I can’t say anything yet!

“Shh you! You’ll make my Dad come over here.” I scolded her a little bit, but not too much for her to get angry with me. I looked back on the profile to see his profile picture, I completely missed it for a second, but then I spotted it finally. It was captioned with;

“I’m the one on the left, but homework!”

Ooh, now that’s a MAN! He does look mighty fine, and I wonder if we’ll ever get to meet. And I say it again, he looks amazingly handsome. Suddenly, my phone beeped with an email message. HE’S SENT ME AN EMAIL! I quickly opened it and read it aloud.

04-05-15_3-39 PM-2

“Hello beautiful!

I thought I’d write to you because I’ve never had a pen pal in Willow Creek before. All my other pen pals are from all over the world. You look like you’re around my age, so that’s cool. What do you like to do? I love computers. I’m pretty good at programming and hacking stuff (don’t tell my mom, he he he), and I love video games too. I hope you write back so we can be friends.


OMG. HE THINKS I’M BEAUTIFUL. I might die from happiness right now. But… what am I going to reply with? I need to be able to have something amazing to write! And… I have nothing.

Nevertheless Leliana, you cannot be swayed by one message! Ok, you are a Wonder Queen who is talking to a boy who is not in your family. It’s like the time you were at the park with those boys. BUT HE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL. Ok, now I can shut up.

I sat back down on the sofa, I’ll reply back to him on the computer tomorrow, I need to think about what I’m going to send to him. Belle went onto the computer to find some research material for our project, while Dad came and sat next to me.

04-05-15_3-41 PM

“Devan Holmes? Who is he?” Dad sounded like he was interrogating me for some reason. I wonder if this is one of those overprotective Dad moments.

“He’s my Pen Pal who’ll I’ll be writing to up until my Young Adult birthday, because then I won’t be able to talk to anyone because the Governm-“ I immediately stopped, since Belle was in the room I didn’t want to accidentally say anything I shouldn’t.

“RIGHT. I’ll allow you to talk to him, but no funny business! I wonder who are this boy’s parents, maybe I know them.” Dad wondered but I immediately shut down the idea of him doing a background check on Devan.

“Dad, just let me talk to who I want to talk to.” I demanded and Dad started to wave his hand around.

04-05-15_3-40 PM

“Fine. But, anything bad happens and I’ll settle him straight.” Dad said and he left soon afterwards. It felt really warm to have this kind of protection, but I knew that it would be gone before he could even do anything with it.

The next day, after school, I hopped back onto the computer to start writing my email to Devan. I wanted to sound sincere, but also very intellectual and classy.

04-05-15_4-49 PM

“What do I write? What can I write? How about, ‘Hey Handsome’? That sounds good.” I silently kept whispering to myself while I was trying to type this email up. Of course, it felt amazing that I was finally talking to someone through the power of email, but it also felt intimidating as I didn’t know what would happen.

My fingers glided across the keyboard at the speed of light, as I was thinking about what to say, but also typing at the same time. I gave my email a few proof reads before attempting to send it off, and then I added a couple of things to it. I didn’t want it to sound long either, so I took away a few parts. It resulted in the following.

04-05-15_4-50 PM

“Hey Handsome!

I’m kind of scared writing this email, so I hope you won’t laugh at me email. I’ve never really had a pen pal either, actually, I’ve never really had many friends. I have one, Belle Menteur, but that’s probably it. But, you’re friend #2 so congratulations and it’s amazing that we’re both around the same age. I wonder who’s older? What do I like to do? Well, since I am a-  I’m kind of all rounded with my skills, but I’m very good at playing the violin and logic mostly, followed by video games! Maybe I’ll send you some music through the post, or a painting. You’ll have to give me your address though, and I’ll give you mine. Hope you write back soon!

Leliana xox”


04-05-15_4-50 PM-2

Oh, and I did manage to paint something… just incase he did want me to send him something special. It’s a flower, I’m not sure what kind but it really intrigued me when I walked past it. Me being me, I had to paint it.

04-05-15_4-52 PM

Thank you to Jes2G for providing Devan’s email! You can view her Legacy starring Devan HERE!


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