1.3 – Comforting

Nathan kept reliving the conversation in his mind. He couldn’t stop thinking about how cool Marisa was and how much they connected with each other. He began to wonder when he would see her again, and if their relationship, if it was a relationship, would take off and soar through the sky.

“Home Sweet Home.” Nathan smiled, he breathed in the air while closing his eyes, “Such a beautiful day.”

I hope you didn't walk home with your eyes closed like that...

I hope you didn’t walk home with your eyes closed like that…

Soon enough, Nathan decided that it was time for him to return to his garden. He managed to find some strawberry and onion plants near his humble abode so he began to plant many of them into the ground.

“Grow my pretties! Onions, grow fast since you sell for a lot!” Nathan shouted to the plants, and many passersby might have thought he was crazy. Nathan didn’t really care, he just cared about having enough money so he could have four walls and a roof over his head.

After Nathan planted all of the seeds in the ground, he looked up to find Marisa standing before him!



“Hello there, Mr. Legacy.” She giggled as she looked around his lot. “So, you live… here?” 

Nathan’s head lowered. He thought she was judging the way that he lived, “Yeah.”

“I love it! It’s very urban.” Marisa took the time to examine each part of Nathan’s home, seeing why he bought the piece of furniture and the place that the placed them in. “It’s a smart design.”

“Why thank you!” Nathan grinned. It was the first time that his home had been complimented in such a way.

The pair of them moved away from the plants as they began to take root in the ground, and they moved to an untouched part of the lot, perfect for conversations.

We're all praying for you Nathan!

We’re all praying for you Nathan!

“You know, I  haven’t really gotten to know you as much as I should. What is your dream?” Nathan asked Marisa and she put her hand through her hair and placed it behind her ear.

“I love to write books, stories. Sci-Fi with Aliens and where they travel.” Marisa explained and Nathan nodded his head.

“Aliens are so amazing, but you have to get them right to be believable! You have done your research about aliens right?” Nathan replied, Marisa seemed to think about what Nathan said before replying to him.

“Yeah. You could practically say I’ve researched a lot!” She giggled afterwards and it perplexed Nathan as to why she did so which probably led him to what he said next.

“So, are you single?” There was nothing but silence and awkward coughing after that.

Smooth Nathan.

Smooth Nathan.

“Well yes. However, I don’t feel like being in a relationship right now.” What Marisa had just said slapped Nathan across the face like a ton of bricks. He walked closer to Marisa and stood right by her side.

“How come?” He questioned, she looked away from him but soon looked back.

“I’m not exactly in the right state to do so.” She stared down at the ground, filled with sadness that could only have been brought along by bad news.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan asked, this time he was coming even closer to her, and they were within kissing distance!

I believe that Ne-Yo would sing "Closer" in this situation!

I believe that Nathan would sing “Closer” in this situation. However, this isn’t the Glee Club.

“Well,  my parents called me a traitor. They believe that the life I’m living now is offensive to the way that they’ve raised me and, if I don’t return back home, I’ll be disowned. But I love the way I live my live! I love the way that I can interact with people! I don’t want to go back home and be forced to do things I don’t like.” Marisa explained, before sulking into Nathan’s embrace.

08-05-24-15_5-06 PM-2

“You can be whoever you want to be.”

Marisa was warm to the touch, her skin was soft and Nathan loved it. Not in a weird way, but Nathan knew a good person by their embrace, it was one of the many things his father told him before he passed away. One of the only good things.

“It doesn’t matter about what your parents think, it only matters about what you think. If you feel that living the way you are now is the one you want to live, then let no one else tell you that. My mother hated the idea of me starting a legacy, she said it was pointless. But honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve forgotten about my past, and now I’m looking towards the future.” Nathan comforted her, and his warmth started to shroud Marisa into a sense of security.

Marisa looked up at Nathan and smiled.

09-05-24-15_5-07 PM

“YOU. ARE. COMPLETELY. RIGHT.” Marisa hugged Nathan and he blushed. A lot. “I shouldn’t let anyone determine how I live. I decide how I live, I decide who I want to be with, I decide my destiny! I’m going to keep living the way I want to.”

“Exactly. Hehehehe.” Of course, Nathan would act a little childish in this situation, but with every good deed that someone does, there should be a reward right?

Marisa looked at Nathan and smiled.

"You know what..."

“You know what, let’s go on a date! Tomorrow!”

Nathan was taken aback by Marisa’s boldness, but of course he didn’t do the stupid thing and refuse.

“YES. I WOULD LOVE TO.” Nathan accepted, a little bit desperately. Marisa giggled again and soon left Nathan for him to gather his thoughts about everything that had just happened. Nathan went back to his plants, and started to weed them as he mindlessly thought about what was going to happen tomorrow.

Nathan, you better not mess this up. Getting her to go on a date with you took SO much effort.

Nathan, you better not mess this up. Getting her to go on a date with you took SO much effort.

“Hehe, I hope she can become my girlfriend. I should watch some romance shows on the tv that I bought!” And after that, Nathan became obsessed with creating the perfect date for him and Marisa.

Little did Nathan know, there was still a huge secret that Marisa was hiding away from him.


16 thoughts on “1.3 – Comforting

      • cathytea says:

        For sure you’ll be able to. All your Sims writing is such great practice. And I notice that you’re letting your words do the heavy-lifting: your stories don’t rely on the pictures (though the pictures do supplement the story beautifully), and so this is really good practice for writing your novel. You’re creating the pictures with your words.

        Liked by 1 person

      • SummerFalls says:

        Yeah! Although, I don’t do much descriptive writing since the pictures are there, but I’m definitely improving on that!

        Liked by 1 person

    • SummerFalls says:

      I feel that any relationship needs to have some development before anything major happens. This chapter was their relationship developing, and it led them to go on a date 😀
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! It made me smile a lot!


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